Workshop #005  [At 23rd Annual Convention of ICNA at Pittsburgh]  July 4, 1998


[Through Q/A Process]




Q.1.         What is DAWAH ILALLAH? Can you define it?


Q.2.         What are the prevailing CONCEPTS of Dawah in American perspective? Can you compare them with the definition?


Q.3.         Pinpoint how far these CONCEPTS are incomplete?


Q.4.         Is Dawah a means or an end in itself? What is the first step and what is the last?


Q.5.         What is the Goal and what is the objective of Dawah Ilallah?


Q.6.         Is Dawah obligatory on Muslim men and women?


                Q.6a.       What do you understand from the Kalimah you recite every now and then?

                Q.6b.       Do you know what the Kalimah demands from you?


Q.7.         Do you know that Dawah is an obligation of the Muslim Ummah? Can you quote verses from the Qur’an?


Q.8.         Do you know that Dawah Illallah has a great preference to Allah? Can you quote the Verse?


Q.9.         Do you know that Allah categorically ordains in the Qur’an about Dawah Illallah? Can you quote the Verses?


Q.10.       What emphasis Rasulullah (S) gave to Dawah Illallah?


Q.11.       Rasulullah (S) is our Role Model. What he (S) did as Da’ee Illallah and through what Process?


Q.12.       Can we deviate from the Process of Rasulullah (S)? If so, with what results?


Q.13.       What are the PRIORITIES of Dawah Illallah?


Q.14.       What are the TOOLS of Dawah Illallah?


Q.15.       What is the key point to success? [A trillion Dollar question for you to answer]


Q.16.       Do you agree that you can be the best tool of Dawah Illallah? If so, how far are you prepared for the attainment of the Goal of your life? [This is your homework. Put this question to yourself and see how far can you change yourself, your family and your environment for the sake of Allah and His Deen].


Please go through this Verse very carefully. It will help you in accomplishing your objective:


                “And say (unto them); Act! Allah will behold your actions, and (so will) His messenger and the believers and you will be brought back to the Knower of the invisible and the visible and He will tell you what you used to do.”                                                           [The Qur’an. Al-Tawba: 105]