[Shamim A. Siddiqi, New York]


INTRODUCTION: This world is running on the principle of  “Cause and effect”. Terrorism is the effect. It is the product of a lot of causes. The clever media, the power-drunk superpower and its henchmen-nations, and the vested interests of the time are knowingly beating about the bush and avoiding to pin point the causes, lest they themselves are caught and exposed to the world. The cannons of hate may turn towards them and their hegemonies, for usurping and denying the fundamental human rights to different people and lands. They fear that lest they may become the targets of world condemnation.  


What is going on today in the world as the hate campaign against terrorism would have been justified had it not been a determined effort or a “crusade” [as correctly propounded by President Bush himself] in disguise against the emergence of Islam as a political entity any where on the surface of the earth. “Antiterrorism” is the political expression of joint hegemonies of Christian missionary zealots, Jewish hierarchy, secular countries and dictatorial regimes that are nurturing hate against Islam, Muslims and Islamic state for centuries together. This assertion needs some historical probe. 

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: In fact, Jews never accepted the Islamic State of Madinah at the time of Rasulullah (S). Jews who were the signatories of the Covenant of Madinah willfully acted against its provisions that were agreed upon between the Jews, the tribes of Madinah and Rasulullah (S). For the breach of this Covenant, he (S) had to oust the Jews from the outskirts of Madinah and later on from Khaiber after the Treaty of Hudaibiyah. The last Hadith of Rasulullah (S), before he breathed his last and as narrated by Aisha ® tells that two Deen cannot live in Arabia. As such, Jews had to vacate Arabian Peninsula at the expense of the Islamic State during the time of Caliph Omar ®. Jews never forgot their history and they are aspiring even to this day to recapture the land up to Madinah. It is quite evident from the map of the Greater Israel painted on the forehead of their Parliament in Tel Aviv. Since then they are bent upon to take revenge and have always hatched conspiracies against Muslims and their political institutions.

Abdullah Ibne Saba, a Jew and resident of Yemen accepted Islam for his convenience and managed to move to Madinah during the time of Caliph Uthman ® [Abu Bakr ® and Omar ® did not allow him to come to Madinah] He conspired to get the third caliph Uthman assassinated. The innocent murdering of the third Khalifah culminated in the battles of Jamal [camel], Suffain and created factions like Khawarij, Shiites and a permanent dissention in the Muslim Ummah that continues to this day. Throughout the rules of Umayyah, Abbasids and Ottomans, the conspiracies of these factions continued one way or the other unabated. The Muslims had to fight two Crusades from 1096 to 1292 AD for holding control over the land of Al-Qudus [Palestine]. It was the conspiracy of Anglo-French-Russian that demolished the Ottoman Khilafah and along with it the institution of Khilafah in 1924, creating a secular sate in Turkey by a group of Freemasons, headed by Mustafa Kamal Pasha. The American historian, George Antonius has discussed in detail about these conspiracies leading towards the establishment of the State of Israel in his book, The Arab Awakening.


THE THIRD CRUSADE: In fact, it started with the declaration of Belford Award [the then foreign minister of Britain] in 1917. It illegally and immorally permitted the Jews to have their homeland in Palestine. In its wake, a reign of terror was let lose on Palestinian Arabs by the organized Jewish terrorists groups and factions. The Palestinians were ousted from their centuries old homes and hearts by force, by temptation and by innumerable coercive methods. Millions were ousted through illegal and illicit means and now they are not allowed to come back to their homes and lands that stand occupied by immigrant Jews from all over the world. The presence of these Jewish habitations or settlements in Palestine has become the main cause of unrest in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. It has officially bean recognized by Mitchell Commission too.

The sordid game of the Zionists under the garb of Anglo-French-American-Russian hegemony came to its zenith when these conspirators managed to establish the state of Israel in 1948 in the very heart of the Muslim world. That was the climax of the Third Crusade. The entire world of Christendom is at the back of this illicit child of the Western hegemony and the USA has become its champion and the foremost nourisher and sustainer. The entire western secular media is bent upon to blindly champion the cause of Israel, irrespective of the fact whether it is right or wrong. 

The tragedy does not end here. For the protection of the beleaguered State of Israel in the heart of the Arab world and to satisfy their own unquenchable thirst for cheap Arab oil, the Anglo-American forces conspired to give birth to Gulf War in 1990. With great mockery and traversity of facts, they fostered the menace of Saddan Hussain by building up and maintaining his status, placed the army of USA in the heart of Saudi Arabia under the plea to defend the Royal Kingdom, without giving the least consideration to the fact that their stay in Saudi Arabia is against the crystal clear directives of Rasulullah (S) and no Muslim worth his or her name will ever tolerate their presence under any condition. USA is paying its price and Allah knows for how long and how much. The earlier USA vacates the land of Saudi Arabia, the better it would be for its people and for the peace of the world.


DOUBLE STANDARD DIPLOMACY: The West loves democracy, democratic values and human rights uncompromisingly within the domain of their own frontiers. They unequivocally advocate the same values from the world platforms and international institutions. But when they come in contact with the underdeveloped countries of Asia, Africa and South America, especially with the Muslim world, their standard about democracy and human rights takes a 180-degree turn around. Against their established norms, they support the dictatorial and undemocratic regimes of Africa and Central Asia, protect the Sheikhs and Kings of Middle East and side with the oppressive governments of Turkey, Egypt, Tunis and Morocco. Human conscience did not prick their hearts when the democratic forces in Algeria were thwarted to come to power by the pro-French military regime and the military Junta of Turkey ousted the democratically elected Justice Party from power.


They kept their mouths shut; rather connive with the military regimes in power.   Who is to be blamed for the human sufferings and relentless atrocities that are being perpetuated on the people of these lands? The Western powers have to bear the burnt of it; if and when anywhere it explodes and retaliates that knows no bounds.  Everywhere, throughout these regions and countries, there are lying hidden time bombs and powerful dynamites. Whenever they will explode, it would destroy not only the peace of the West but it may engulf the entire globe. The time of explosion is fast approaching. Will the West not take a lesson from their own foolish and selfish game of expediencies and political mockeries? This double or multi faced diplomacy must be stopped forthwith. It has produced and is susceptible to produce worst types of terrorism around the world. Hence, the West should blame itself and none else.


THE ONLY WAY OPEN TO THE WEST: I have tried very briefly to pin point the fundamental events that are the root causes of mistrust against the Big 7, Russia, India and China. The oppressed people of the world rightly take them responsible for their decades old sufferings. Let these powers learn from the human history to respect the right of freedom fighters in Chechnya, Kashmir, ‘Kurdistan’, Tibet and ask the State of Israel to live and let live respectfully and at peace within its own bounds and help in building the independent State of Palestine without any further lapse of time.


Simultaneously, the West must learn to be respectful to Islam that is the fastest growing religion of the Abrahamic faith. Their tall talk of the “clash of civilizations” has only added fuel to the fire. They are allergic to Islam mostly due to their self-imposed ignorance. They are determined to crush the Islamic Movements of the world and get the emergence of Islam anywhere as a political entity curbed, either through their own efforts or through the proxy governments in the Muslim world. This game is perpetrated in Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Turkey, Sudan, Tunis, Morocco, Indonesia, Central Asia, Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan and now latest in Afghanistan.  Bin Laden or Taleban are just the scapegoats.  In fact, the West is determined to destroy the Islamic Government of Taleban in Afghanistan, come what may.  The West by its own hasty action and in eagerness to destroy the Islamic State of Afghanistan has now created the greatest cause of turmoil and tension in the world. No body knows its outcome, even the aggressors. History of the wars in Afghanistan suggests that the aggressors have always vacated their land in grief and disarray. I wish the USA would have learnt a lesson from the past. 


THE ONLY HOPE: The values promoted by Islam are much superior than what are being advocated by the West. They should see the emergence of Islam somewhere in the world and then witness what boon and benedictions, what peace and order, what respectability and tolerance, the human society will enjoy in its wake. Islam has the potential to fill the earth with tolerance, peace, justice and fair play. What the West could not deliver to mankind for centuries together, Islam will administer the same practically within a few years time of its appearance. Let all the three Abrahamic faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims work together jointly and concertedly for the emergence of the Kingdom of God on earth. All the three faiths are committed to struggle for it. The Western people and powers have to work for it, if they are really interested to transform the world as a cradle of peace and see TERRORISM DYING ITS OWN DEATH for good.



Shamim A. Siddiqi

Dated: October 10, 2001