[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Unfortunately, “terrorism” has become the greatest abusive word of the human history. What to say of people, heads of the states like the USA, UK, Spain, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia and many more use it without understanding its meaning and concept. They have no idea what are they talking. Who are they accusing and what for? If someone goes to “Bush-Blair & Co.” and asks them to define “terrorism”, I am more than sure they will cut a sorry figure and speak in utter “inaudible” language and fumbling in mouth. The entire world is trembling with its far reaching vibrations; the criterion of friendship has changed altogether”; if you do not tow “my” lines [George Bush] and follow “my” vague understanding of “terrorism”, you are against me; and governments are falling in its wake. It has now become the axis of world polarization – the “axis of evil”- whose epicenter lies in the “White House”.  


In spite of the Bush-Blair’s’ declared “war” against terrorism, it is rampant. From Bali to Madrid and from Moscow to Iraq, “bomb-blasts” are becoming a daily routine tragedy. Hundreds of humans have lost their lives and many more hundreds have suffered brutal injuries around the world. Israel is the greatest benefactor of this propaganda campaign of the USA and with vengeance, it has let lose a “daily-war” of state terrorism against the innocent people of Palestine in “retaliation” against “Intifada” and suicide bombing within its forcefully “occupied” land. India is following the footsteps of Israel in its occupied land of Kashmir and killing innocent Kashmiris daily in the name of “counter-terrorism” but no respite is in sight at either of the places or elsewhere in the world.  The trend indicates that these “acts” of terrorism will continue unabated and may “capture” new grounds in “virgin” lands in near future.


The question arises: why is it so? Why the greatest power on earth in hegemony with others could not succeed at all to weed it out? The answer is quite simple but the vested interests do not want to understand it as it would expose their game of world domination and give a death-knell to their hegemony of global “exploitation”. The reasons to perpetuate the bogy of “terrorism” are obviously as follows:


1.  The world leadership, especially of the dominant power is “dishonest”. They no longer can play the old naked game of imperialism and that of colonialism in twenty first century, so they want to subjugate others’ lands in the name of “fighting” terrorism, resorting to “preemptive’ attack on the “axis of evil” that “promotes” it. They have already occupied Afghanistan, Iraq, the heart of Muslim world, Pakistan and “terrorizing” others to submit to their game plan of subjugating the world or face their sanction and socio-economic boycott. Terrorism and its “promotion” around the world has now become their “need”, a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” [WMD] to capture the world, intimidate the power and countries who  dare to oppose the superpower of the time and resolve to stand by themselves. What the “idiot” and tyrant Saddam could not do by his presumptive and fake “WMD”, Bush-Blair-Sharon hegemony is fast acquiring in the name of the so-called “state-terrorism”. The under-developed and undemocratic countries around the world are being put at the gallows of terrorism. Libya, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are now in line to be swallowed by the propaganda stunt of the “epicenter” of terrorism. The rest may meet the same fate, if they dare to oppose the “self-imposed horror” of terrorism being unleashed from the Rose Garden of White House. Unfortunately, there is no body on earth to declare: President Bush, “You are wrong. First look after the real “culprits” of the tragedy of September 11 who are “definitely” sitting on the “same” side. Why are you spoiling the peace of the world just for power, supremacy and controlling of the world oil resources for your supporters and henchmen? History has already “marked” you as “war-monger” and “enemy” of world peace.”


2.  Terrorism is now a tool in the hands of the incumbent President Bush for his extraordinary efforts to capture Whitehouse for the second term. He wants to attain by hook or by crook what his father could not do. He is calling himself as “war-time president” and “posing” as the only person who can fight “terrorism” around the world. However, as the ill lick would have it, terrorism has become his election “need” and he has geared up the entire state machinery around it. World has no choice except to see him defeated in the forthcoming Election-2004, otherwise the very peace of the world would remain shattered for a considerable long time.


3.  Denial of human rights, in fact, is the supreme root cause of resorting to the so-called “terrorism” by the oppressed, subjugated and exploited people of the world. Human rights are being denied to the people of Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Balkan States, Gulf countries and many more parts around the world:  right of freedom, self-rule and even necessities of life. The people of these lands are protesting and campaigning for the restoration of their fundamental rights but they are duped as “terrorists”. The occupiers of these lands are constantly denying their rights, crushing these cries ruthlessly and calling these just and rightful demands as “terrorist” oriented. Can any thing be more farther than truth? These usurpers and their collaborators, sitting in Moscow, Delhi, Paris, Tel Aviv, Washington and London have conspired to call these freedom fighters for human rights as “Islamic Terrorism” as most of the fighters are the Muslims by faith and name only and the occupied lands belong to Muslim. What a strange thing it has become: you fight for your own home and rights, you will be “pronounced” as “terrorist”. What a strange phenomenon it is: “the untruth has become truthful” [Iqbal]


 Do President Bush and his henchmen think that the world does not understand their game plan? Can he avoid the wrath of his Creator and Sustainer who is watching him and his game mates sitting close to their jugular vein? Does he know that the Creator of this cosmos can tolerate anything but not the game of oppression that he has let lose on His innocent people around the world in the name of war against terrorism? His so-called “war” against terrorism, in fact, is the war against the values that America cherishes. He is waging a war against peace, democracy and human rights that he was committed to promote and uphold as the President of the USA. It reminds me the editorial comments of NY Times of November 2000 that “some day some one will say that a wrong person is sitting at a wrong place [Whitehouse]”. It has come true by all means.



Shamim A Siddiqi

March 19, 2004