[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


In the morning hours of June 28, 2004, a silent “drama” was staged somewhere in the “green-belt” area of Baghdad under extreme secrecy and “hush-hush.” Only five or six character “actors” were present: The supreme “monarch” of Iraq, Mr.  Paul Bremer, the “appointed” President, the Prime Minister of Iraq and 2 deputies. Delivering and receiving of “sovereignty” took place within a few minutes, two days ahead of the scheduled time. Immediately after that, Bremer took to his heals to airport on his way to Washington where he reported the “story” of the “conquest and retreat” to Bush and received “pat” at his back from the “boss”.  Was it the end of the “occupation” of Iraq that was “conquered” by President Bush in March 2003 on false grounds or its continuation in different garb? Definitely, it is not the end but an articulately planned “prolongation” for the attainment of the objective for which the preemptive attack was envisioned and executed in haste. Even the UN and American close allies of Europe were ignored. This “drama” leaves behind 140,000 men in uniform in a state of limbo with no roadmap as when to be withdrawn. 


In its wake, there are a lot of provocative questions that President Bush and his regime “occupying” White House must answer before it “vacates” it in November next. People of this country have every right to put these questions to the people who are sitting at the helm of their affairs.


1.  Why you conquered Iraq so hastily and why you have now left it in utter chaos? Was it your election “need” or fear of increase in insurgency or both?


2. If you were to leave Iraq without accomplishing your declared mission of “restoring” peace and democracy and making it as a “model” for other despots of the region, are you not a bitter failure on all the counts? Why could you not solve the constitutional problems of Iraq and the question of giving protection to its permanent minorities and left these issues unresolved for the would-be parliament to wrangle with and fight and ultimately “accept” the partition of the country?


3.  Was it not your declared policy to train and equip the army and security forces of Iraq on solid grounds to take over the reigns of the country and control the peace of the land and security at the boarders, roads, lanes and by lanes of the country? Why have you left the country in a state of “accumulated” mess? Now you are begging NATO to do that “neglected” job for you. It has already turned a very cold ear to your frustrated appeal. Result: Are you not leaving the people of Iraq, its leadership and your own beloved young men and women in uniform at the mercy of the insurgents who are blasting rockets on your most secured green-belt areas every night?


4.  Have you not destroyed Iraq and its infrastructure then declared with fanfare to restore peace and tranquility, people’s respect and honor and the “lost” human rights? However, your own men in ‘uniform degraded them everywhere, what to say of Abu Gharaib. The ordinary men, women and children were humiliated, doors were broken, veiled-clad women were forced to come out openly crying for safety, houses were ransacked, holy places in Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala were desecrated.  Masajid were attacked. Do you know that the insurgency in Iraq is the sum total effect of your above listed “crimes” against humanity? Only our solders are paying the price and the fair name of America has been darkened.  Now will your puppet “regime” left behind not continue the same game in the name of restoring peace? How long? Only God knows. Will history curse you not as well the people of Iraq for your legacies?


5.  Are the basic necessities of life like electricity, water, food, job opportunities and security still not rare 0in Iraq? You went there to restore these prime amenities of life but why after “occupying Iraq for 15 months with 135,000 American troops, spending 150 billions dollars and giving the sacrifice of more than 850 beautiful American lives and thousands of innocent Iraqis, Iraq, unfortunately, could not make any progress whatsoever? Never in history, had an occupied force cut such a sorry figure in the conquered land as you have carved out for you. President Bush, have you not left Iraq in a mess? Will you not feel ashamed of it during your “last days” in the white House?         


6. It would be not out of context to acknowledge your “achievements” in Iraq. You have served the interests of the corporate America well. They are now busy in making billions of dollars in profit in the name of restoring these “services”, eating away your so-called announced AID money and the proceeds of Iraqi oil. Have they not helped you in “raising” your election funds and you are paying them back in granting generous contracts in Iraq? Oil-hungry tycoons are also hovering around you to capture their lion share out of the booty of Iraq. Is it not true?


7. The greatest benefactor of your “war against terrorism” was the fulfillment of the Zionist agenda and giving free hand to Sharon to do all kinds of atrocities in Palestine to usurp their land and create the seeds of eternal division between the two communities by raising the “wall of hate” against each other. Is Sharon not enjoying your open and tacit approval to play hell with the lives of Palestinians? Will you not be accountable for that before your Creator? Israel has already started its game of creating dissension in Kurdish people that may culminate in the partition of Iraq and thereby establishing a pro-Israel state in the region. Will the Iraqi people ever forget it?


8. However, the hidden agenda that made President Bush and his entire regime “mad” to attack Iraq was to prepare the stage for Israel to maneuver for the emergence of its centuries-old dream of the Greater Israel. That would not have been possible without removing the powerful anti-Israel regime of Saddam in Iraq and presence of American forces in its place in the area on “permanent” basis. The USA “occupied” Iraq and had “left” after a namesake ceremony of transfer of “sovereignty”, leaving behind a “mess” to be cleared by an inept regime that is through and through American handpicked  and a vast sense of discontentment in Iraqi people. That will always keep them agitating for their complete “independence”, providing a constant “need” to the puppet regime to keep the American forces in the country at hand for an indefinite period. This was and is the ultimate agenda of “Bush-Wolfowitz-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Zionist axis and they are hundred percent “successful” in their pursuit. It was the demand of this strategy to keep the “sovereignty” of Iraq in limbo too like the American forces for an indefinite period.


The UN too has now become a party to this game by providing sanction to the entire episode through adopting its latest Security Council Resolution on Iraq in May 2004. That is the end of the UN itself, as it could not upheld its own Charter that has been brutally violated by its permanent member, the USA. There is already a demand in the air to create another world body now in the name of “Alliance of Nations.” The UN has “fulfilled” its objective towards creating a “World Order” being dominated by American-Jewish hegemony. Therefore, it must now wither way. Meanwhile, let Iraq remains “contented” with its namesake “sovereignty” and Israel planning how to “control” the affairs of the ME for the fulfillment of its cherished “dream”.      



Shamim A Siddiqi