[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]



It was on May 1, 2003 [exactly a year before] President of the United States of America, George W Bush declared on the board of warship, SS Abraham Lincoln, that the “mission” in Iraq has been “accomplished.” He announced that the major combat in Iraq is over, yet this April was the deadliest month for American troops. Bush says the mission of removing Saddam was completed but the U.S. is facing a “hell” of ''difficult work ahead.''


In fact, it was an extremely “loaded” declaration from President Bush as a prelude to his election campaign 2004. People today are not judging the validity of this statement only in terms of the “removal” of tyrant Saddam from power. No doubt, he is gone with the wind for good whereas the major objective behind this “occupation” was to “bury” the clutches of subjugation “permanently” deep in the heart of Muslim Iraq.  It was to “remove” the “possible” obstacle on Zionist march towards attaining its century’s old dream of “Greater Israel.” Only in this sense, President was correct and has “paved” the way towards the domination if Israel in the ME. For the rest of his “declared” objectives, his preemptive attack is a total failure: Peace and security is nowhere visible. Bloodshed of both Iraqis and that of young American men and women in uniform is rampant. Facilitating the common man with the amenities of life is a distant dream. Job opportunities are scarce. Chances of getting food and clean drinking water are still remote. Delivering an “agreed” constitution to the people of the land is in jeopardy. Any trace of WMD is nowhere. Western democracy could not be made acceptable to the people of the land as the "permanent” minorities are reluctant to accept it. Last but not the least, the promised honorable “withdrawal” of American troops from the land of Euphrates and Tigris appears to be practically next to “impossible” to be achieved as the real "objective" of "occupation" is still obscured in "future." It would be, therefore, most appropriate for President Bush to acknowledge total failure of his foreign policy, in the Middle east, especially about Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine at the occasion of the completion of one year of his captioned declaration except that he had “well” serve the cause of the Jewish strong lobby, “occupying” both the Whitehouse and Pentagon.


Now the game plan of Bush-Blair-Sharon has taken a new turn, creating a deep quagmire of “no--exit” from Iraq. The American “warmongers,” having no alternative and no “intention” to get out of Iraq are making abortive efforts to “dissolve” the thorny “knot” of “Sunni-triangle” of central Iraq have retreated in the background and brought a Bathist General of Saddam regime in the forefront to maintain “peace” in the region of Fallujah with his 1100 Iraqi militiamen in command. The so-called allied forces are thus creating a “buffer” zone between them and the Iraqis, retaining the “command" in their own “hands” at the rear and using the Iraqis as the “fodder” of the war.


The Bathist were the “killers” of the Shiia community in Iraq. As such, this latest move of Anglo-Americans allied forces is likely to antagonize the Shiia against the Sunni. The old game of British: “divide and rule” will dominate the political firmament for a considerable long time. It would give a death-knell to the emerging signs of unity amongst Sunnis and Shiia. If there is no unanimity amongst these two major communities in Iraq, the constitutional crisis will remain unresolved, perpetuating a constant cause of friction and dissension in the country creating a permanent ground for the Americans to stay in Iraq for good. It will create distrust in the hearts of one community against the other, frequently creating the question of law and order for the “third-party” [the Americans] to remain in “saddle” with controlling reins in their hands, an eternal trap to justify the existence of “allied forces” in Iraq. It would help the dominant forces of Zionism to proceed ahead with their ever-zealous game of expansion in the “heart” of the Muslim world.


Thus, the brutal killings of Muslims will continue ceaselessly. Only Muslims will suffer in hundreds and thousands at the hands of the "civilized butchers" of twenty-first century, no Arabs, no Shiia and no Sunnis. Had these two communities remained united as the signs were visible, I am more than sure, a new chapter of "hurriat" – [people's struggle], would have been written by innocent blood of Muslims of Iraq? This is the time, both Shiia and Sunni brothers must forget their age-old political differences and resolve to stand, in the words of the Qur'an, like a "Bunyanun Marsus" [solid wall - Ref: Surah Al-Saf] to defeat the growing treacherous game of using “Sunnis against Shiia” and vice versa to prolong the “occupancy” of Iraq. American forces are “destined” to stay in Iraq in the name of “peace and security”, progress and freedom, human values and gender equality and "promoting" western style democracy in the Muslim lands, a beautiful “trap” that gives “fragrance” all around but enslaves the human liberties to secular values of the West.


 If the Muslims of the region do not realize the "evil game-plan" of Bush-Blare-Sharon axis, Iraq and its "vicinity" will fall into slavery of International Zionism for decades together. Iraqis, both Shiia and Sunnis [including Kurdish brothers], will bear the stigma of “slavery of others" on their "foreheads", for the "first" time in human history. It would be worst than the slavery of the tyrant Saddam who "invited" the so-called allied forces to make "preemptive" attack on Iraq, as he was the "man" of CIA through and through, "supplanted" in Iraq at the threshold of the cruel Bathist regime. [This entire episode I have elaborated in detail in an article: THE END OF A DICTATOR." It is now available on my website: Section "C." Interested brothers/sisters can go through it and learn in detail about the conspiracy behind this episode]


The leadership of Iraq, including Imam Al-Sistani, must rise to this "deadliest" occasion; otherwise, “all” will miss the bus. Poet Iqbal of the East has rightly warned us [the Ummah] for such occasion in a couplet: "Rise, there will be no resurrection afterward; Rush, time has played its most treacherous trick."  People who refuse the captioned declaration of President Bush as “unsuccessful” are wrong as wrong could be. President Bush has succeeded beyond any shadow of doubt in “accomplishing” the game plan of the International Zionism on whose “altar” President Bush has already sacrificed the life of over seven hundred American solders. It would be “meaningless” for these vested interests if some hundreds or a few thousands more are killed at the feet of the goddess of “Jewish conspiracies” to complete the dream of the “Elders of Zionism.” It has already “entrapped” the entire world of Christendom to fulfill its nefarious “designs” what to say of Bush-Blair-Sharon’s political “hegemonies.” 


May Allah help the Ummah of Rasulullah (S) at the darkest moments of its history.



Shamim Siddiqi                                   

May 1, 2004