[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The extremely shameful acts of stripping naked the “political” prisoners in the prison of Abu Gharaib, torturing and abusing them physically and sexually and the beheading of an “innocent” American civilian, both must be condemned out right by the civilized world with no exception. This sadistic development in Iraq is the crisis of morality that is lacking on both sides. The person who has brought this catastrophic situation is hiding his face in the canopy of Bush-Cheney-Rice-Wolf coterie that is dominating the political arena of Washington. In fact, it is a particular school of thought that has been “breeding” silently within the premises of the University of Chicago for more than two decades. It needs elaboration as what this “group” is doing and what they are conspiring to achieve through Bush administration. President Bush is so much surrounded by these “Neo-Cons” and is so much under their “grip” that he could not dare to meet the September 11 Commission alone unless the Commission agreed to his joint appearance with Dick Cheney. The Impact, London in its issue of Nov – Dec 2003 has come out with the entire game plan of the “coterie” that has “captured” the Whitehouse and “controlling” the Pentagon along with putting the “destiny” of American people in jeopardy.


“Leo Strauss, the Jewish political philosopher had taught the works of Plato, Nietzsche and Hobbes in the University of Chicago for two decades. Strauss, as per Executive Intelligence Review of March 2003 was the fascist Godfather of the Neo-Cons of Bush regime. Leo Strauss believed in the efficacy and usefulness of ‘noble lies’ in politics to keep the uncomprehending in line that the strong are fit to rule. The weak are to be ruled. That it is important and necessary for political entities to use force and fraud to prosper; and that nationalism requires an external threat - and if one cannot be found, it must be manufactured.” Strauss produced small army of his devoted pupils. Many of the major players of this “group” have ascended the pinnacle of power under the presidency of G. W. Bush. They are the “admirers” of Leo Strauss and, as such, have brought Straussian ideals with them to dominate the body politics of America.


Straussian who have surrounded the Bush administration include Abram Shulsky (director of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plan), Bill Kristol s/o Irving Kristol (Editor of Rupert Murdoch’s weekly Standard), Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Eliot Abrams, John Bolton, Richard Perle and James Woolsey (former CIA Director). They are the kingpins of Bush administration in policy making. Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Secretary of defense is at the top of the list. The Magazine further writes that “many of them were the allies of McCarthy in fighting against communism and later joined Reagan administration. These ideologues and power politicians are now carrying out the National Security Strategy of the USA


“In Ha’aretz of April 2003, Israel's leading daily newspaper, Ari Shavitm, referring about the war against Iraq, writes: ardent faith was disseminated by a small “group” of 25 or 30 neo-conservatives. Almost all of them are Jewish. Almost all of them are intellectual people who are friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history.”   About this group, Thomas Friedman of New York Times wrote, “This is a war of elite. Laughingly he commented: I could give you the names of 25 people – all of whom at this moment are within a five-block radius of this office – who, if you  had exiled them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would have not happened.” Here the “philosopher kings’ Wolfowitz and his fellow Straussian were obviously telling noble lies to justify invading Iraq when it was no threat to the United States. In whose interest, then, they were lying. Could it be that they were lying to use America's might – against its own interests – to secure Israeli hegemony in the Arab world,” It is coinciding with Jewish Master Plan of Greater Israel for dominating the Arab world and “defang Pakistan and Iran” in its wake.


I have no choice but to give these extensive quotes to ascertain that what is going on in Iraq, Arab world, ME, Pakistan and even in the USA. It is the game plan of the so-called Straussian ideals and ideologues that are playing hell with the peace and security of the world and are “killing”, and debasing humans to serve the nefarious game of their fascist Godfather,  Leo Strauss.  They are currently “occupying” Whitehouse, Pentagon and dominating war machinery both at home and abroad. Their "crime" is not only against, Afghanistan, Iraq and Muslim world but also against the entire humanity. They are determined to prolong it in the name of the so-called war against “terrorism”, “Islamism”, thereby endangering the very fundamental interest of “national security” of the United States of America. The “charge Sheet” against this “coterie” is quite long. I will just try to present a summary of the “proven” crimes against humanity and the people of America.


1.  They are promoting, advocating through their actions and deeds and working for an ideology of neo-fascism. If Hitler, Mussolini and Nazis could be tried and hanged why not these neo-Nazis of twenty-first century can be impeached and hanged who are spreading only lies and “manufacturing” it to serve their nefarious game?   


2 Their entire war against “terrorism” is an undefined “hoax” to perpetuate the game of “state” terrorism of Moscow, Israel, India and that of the USA against the innocent Muslims of Chechnya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir and that of the USA itself. The perpetrators of these human atrocities must be put to trial in open courts of justice and be punished, irrespective of the fact where they are and what “power-post” they are holding.


3.  Their entire war-plan against Iraq was fake, vague, “cooked” and based on lies and fabricated stories and presumptions from beginning to the end [and that “end” is nowhere visible] and that now, beyond any shadow of doubt, has been proved as totally “wrong”. It was innovated and masterminded by this “coterie”. So they all must be impeached. If President Clinton could be impeached for speaking only one lie, why not this entire “group” can be impeached for speaking, promoting and augmenting hundreds and thousands of lies day in and day out to American people and the world bodies while “occupying” the highest pinnacle of power in the Whitehouse and Pentagon. If they are “favored” today by President Bush and the strong Jewish lobby in Washington, at least history will never forget and forgive them.


4.  Living aside and “ignoring” the thousands of innocent Muslim's lives lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine and elsewhere in the ME (as they were the “gentiles” and, therefore, be treated as “fodder” for the Anglo-American-Israeli neo-domination in the world), the blood of more than seven hundred American men and women in uniform is on their heads and hands. President Bush and his entire “war-team” is responsible for this falsely innovated war-game. Bush will immediately pay its dearest price in the forthcoming elections. American people are not likely to forgive him. His dream to recapture the Whitehouse second time stands shattered.  Equally, his henchmen must be brought to justice through impeachment process against each.


These crimes against humanity and the established moral values of Christianity and Islam are so heinous and barbaric that even an entire people could be put to trial what to say of this small coterie. In the fitness of the matter, it is desirable that Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, should not only be dismissed from the job but must be impeached for telling “us” constant lies; putting the national security of America at the greatest risk; damaging the established “fair” name of the USA around the world; neglecting the American and Christian human values in the torture cells of Abu Gharaib, putting wrong estimations time and again for his war budget; causing hate and condemnation of Uncle Sam throughout the Muslim world and fostering no-end result of this “war of lies and fabrications” with no plan of retreat.  The sooner it is done, the better it would be for the future of America and its people. Bush and his “company” may pardon him, but the people of America will never forgive him until he is brought to justice with his other “collaborators.” who are Straussian, speak and advocate only  blatant lies to serve their “master's  political philosophy” and, thus, are destroying the world's peace and security.



Shamim Siddiqi

May 15, 2004