[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The just published book, "Against All Enemies" by an ex-Whitehouse official, Mr. Richard Clarke who served both President Clinton and Bush as Counterterrorist Chief of National Security Department is playing havoc in the inner circle of Bush administration. It has drawn immediate and far-reaching attention both in the Republican and Democrats circles. The Book describes at length the negligent and a kind of “non-serious” attitude of Clinton and that of Bush administration towards the capture, killing or elimination of Bin Laden or Taliban. The author assertively claims that the pre “planned” preemptive attack on Iraq was a betrayal of the fight against terrorism. It gives circumstantial evidence to prove that the Bush regime was only interested to attack and capture Iraq one way or the other and showed no interest to fight out the threats of terrorism that was imminent to the USA. The Commission investigating the September 11 terrorist attack immediately took notice of this overnight most popular book that had been printed five times within five days to meet the extraordinary demand in the market and called the author to appear before it as a witness. That took place on Wednesday last. Whitehouse on the other hand is extremely conscious of these "allegations" and is over-consciously busy day in and day out in refuting these "charges" of neglect and inaction with all kinds of counter charges and character assassination of Mr. Clarke.

The Investigating Commission, on the other hand, is eager to reach out the truth about the tragedy of September 11 that who is responsible for this neglect. [It is not interested to dig out as to who did it and what for.] It had called for the current and previous Secretaries of State, Mr. Collin Powel, Madeleine K Albright, Secretaries of Defense, Donald N Rumsfeld and William Cohen along with Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfwitz to ascertain the truth that who was at fault and to what extent. Every one of them has accepted some mistakes and refuted some other. The statement of Mr. Rumsfeld before the Commission on Tuesday, March 23, 2004 was meaningful and full of some “definite speculation.” It should have attracted the attention of the Commission as it attracted mine. I would like to share it with the readers as how it gives the requisite “clue” of the tragedy of Sept. 11 as to: “who did it”? Unfortunately, it is beyond the terms of reference of the Commission. It is, therefore, essential that his statement must properly be diagnosed to get the truth lying hidden under the thick "curtain" of secrecy, “concealing” the faces of the real culprits of September 11.

The Defense Secretary, Rumsfeld in his testimony before the Commission categorically and assertively said, "Even if Bin laden had been captured or killed in the weeks before Sept. 11, no one I know believes it would necessarily have prevented Sept.11."

This bold and unapologetic statement of Mr. Rumsfeld pinpoints many stories that have so far been untold and abridged the missing link of the episode of that disastrous event. After reading this 'truthful" statement of our Defense Secretary so many questions cropped up in mind that may

lead us to fill up the gap: who did it?  

1. What conviction he has that inclined him to make such a “bold and categorical” statement?

2.  What definite knowledge and the background of that tragic event he had that made him “sure” of that sorrowful happening.

3.  Who were the people in his mind that were “sure” to commit that heinous crime, come what may?

4.  Was he “sure” that the attack of Sept. 11 is not from Bin Laden but would be from someone else who were and are in his knowledge?

5.  Was he in complete know of the game plan of the perpetrators of that tragedy that they will do it at the appointed hours and time? 

The answer of these relevant and pertinent questions is "Yes". His “knowledge” made him certain to deliver such a categorical statement before the Commission. It appears that Mr. Rumsfeld was in “know” of everything that happened on that day: about the "people" who planed it, about the time and targets that were hit, about the goal and objective for which it was meticulously planned and executed, about the people who pocketed the "huge profit" out of this well calculated and well thought over “programming”, where the agents of this most inhuman crime are hiding their faces and how many "birds" these perpetrators have killed with just " a few human-stones."


The “thing” that would have been the first and immediate concern of Bush administration was to investigate: who did it and why. However, unfortunately, without ascertaining the “truth” [that has come out now as a “guarded” secret] within a couple of hours of the tragedy of September 11, Mr. Bush directly pointed towards Bin Laden. Since then, the thick curtain of secrecy was thrown over it by Bush administration of which Rumsfeld is one of the most important parts. The above quoted assertive statement of Rumsfeld has now unearthed the game plan of this event. This “hit” looks like a “friendly fire” and that is why the Defense Secretary is well aware of it but has no moral courage and stamina to make an open declaration to that effect. In such situation the responsible “culprits” sitting in the Whitehouse, in the Pentagon or in some “friendly” state might have been exposed, making it quite detrimental to the paramount interest of Bush-Blair-Sharon-Zionist hegemony to occupy the Muslim world and its oil-rich resources. However, his statement now vociferously conspires who are the culprits and where they are the sitting, The “cat” [or “cats”] has now come out of the “bag” howsoever, and the ruling coterie of the USA may draw an “iron curtain” over their faces.



Shamim Siddiqi

March 27, 2004