[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]

The treacherous attack on WTC/Pentagon on September 11, killing thousands of innocent people of different faiths and origins was the most heinous crime against humanity. The more it is condemned, the less it would be. The causes of this tragic event must be searched more within than without.

No doubt the United States of America is a great country. It is the super power of the time. Its greatness lies in:

* Promoting democracy and democratic process for the closed societies of the world;

* Upholding the principles of the free market economy;

* Advocating family values, children's care, human rights, dignity of labor, rendering service to humanity and protecting life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness both at home and abroad.

But, unfortunately, it has created different problems and headaches for the country and its people on its own accord by:

* Taking side with the dictatorial and oppressive regimes, around the world, especially in the Far East, Middle East, North Africa and Latin America;

* Promoting state terrorism of its closed allies and sidetracking values that are against our common Abrahamic faith;

* Supporting the racist, fascist and opportunist type of regimes, especially in the Muslim world;

* Compromising/ignoring altogether its declared values for economic and political expediencies;

* Denying equal status to the three Abrahamic faiths, especially Islam that could help in mitigating human problems/sufferings efficiently and effectively;


* Should we blame anybody else or ourselves for these developing menaces, multinational and multidimensional problems that we are confronting with today for the REASONS stated above?

* Should we not blame ourselves for supporting the state terrorism of Israel, dictatorial and undemocratic regimes of the Muslim world and exporting/promoting liberal values that are prohibited in the Abrahamic creed?

* Have we not become arrogant, underestimating the poor and downtrodden people of the world, boasting always of our power and military might and forgetting altogether God, the Almighty Who controls the affairs of this world not we?

* Is the horrible incident of September 11 not a REMINDER for all of us to repent and beg His mercy and do deep searching within ourselves for the causes that have pushed us to a state where the oppressed people around the world hate us in the heart of their heart?

THE SOLUTION: It is simple but demands vision, courage, forbearance and fortitude. We can change the destiny of the USA today by:

* Promoting the values that are dear to us under all and any circumstances;

* Giving up our double standard, treating every people at par with justice and fair play, creating no distinction on account of race, color, religion and ethnicity;

* Upholding the cause of justice, human rights, freedom fighters and religious persecution wherever it is and whosoever is the oppressor.

RESULT: The table will turn soon. The oppressed people of the world will start loving USA and its leadership. Uncle Sam will be welcomed everywhere. AND TERRORISM WILL DIE ITS OWN DEATH. The USA will then really become the abode of peace on earth.