In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful





* This Surah was revealed in between 4th and 5th year of Hijrah;

* Surah Al-Hadeed is complementary to the previous Surah;

* Al-Waqeyah in spite of the fact Hadeed is Madani and the other is Makki;

* In this Surah, Muslims are inspired to inculcate the qualities of “Awwaleen Sabeqoon”   

   who excelled in practicing Jihad and Infaq;

* A forceful appeal has been made to spend in the way of Allah [Infaq] – a distinction between those who spend before the conquest of Makkah and those who did it afterward




* Iman is not only verbal confession but it demands sincerity for Allah’s Deen and ever readiness to spend ones wealth and life for its sake;


* First some very comprehensive attributes of Allah (SWT} have been described to draw out attention as who is addressing them [Verses 1-6]


* Warning to week Muslims: Responding to the call of Jihad and Infaq is the demand of Iman. Those who are responding positively today, their position will be much higher than those who will respond after the conquest of Makkah. [Verses 7-10]


* Infaq in the way of Allah will become light fro them who do it with all sincerity and those who will be hesitant due to “Nifaq” will be deprived of this noor (light). They would be requesting the people of Iman to share their light with them. They will be answered that the time to get it you have left behind. You have lost it and a wall is stretched between them: one side will be Rahmah of Allah and the other side His punishment. [Verse 11-15]


* warning to Munafeqeen (hypocrites) that if they remain hesitant and avoiding expending Infaq, their hearts will become hard as that of the Jews and they will meet the same fate as that of them (Jews). Be aware! Akhirah is inevitable and have concern for that [Verse 16-17]


* Those who expend in the way of Allah and fight, Allah will never let go their sacrifices in vain but will multiply its compensation many times and they will attain the position of  “Siddiqeen and Shuhadah”. They will get the “light” and the hypocrites will be deprived of it. [18-19]  


* Repentance over the condition of those who forget Allah’s “Maghfirah” and Jannah that covers the length and breath would be equal to this world over the temporary worldly gains and pleasure, [Verse 20-21]


* A reminder of the truth that the “poverty and contentment” does not concern with human efforts but pertain to the fate that Allah ordains. The correct position for man is to remain contented with His Creator and Sustainer both under the condition of ease and that of hardship or adversaries. If Allah has honored him with wealth, he should not hesitate to expend it in His way, always mindful of the fact that is Allah who can take it back the way He has awarded you. [Verse 22-24]


* Condemnation of the concept of “Ruhbaniyah (renouncing the world) that was constituting the Infaq and Armed struggle in the way of Allah as worldly affairs by citing examples from the history of the Prophets that Jihad was the tradition of the Messengers of Allah and “Ruhbaniyah” is the innovation of Christianity due to exaggeration in their Deen. It has no concern with teachings of Prophet Jesus (AS). In this respect, Allah has provided Hadeed [Iron] to enable you to fight with Batil forces, if necessary, to establish Al-Qist [Justice] in human society only for the sake of which Allah (SWT) appointed His messengers to this earth.{Verse 25-27]  


* Exhortation to Muslims that in response to the call of Rasulullah (S) they should get up for Jihad and expend their wealth in His way, totally discarding the propaganda stunt of the people of Scriptures that Jihad is a worldly affair. Struggling in the way of Allah is the Sunnah of the Messengers of Allah from the very beginning and you follow the same tradition. Ruhbaniyah has no concern with the teachings of Jesus (AS)



Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                              

October 22, 02204