The epidemic of AIDS is spreading in the world like a jungle fire. 40,000 Americans are getting infected each year. About 3 millions people are dying globally. One in five adults is living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa and about 5 millions more will contact the virus next year. About 900,000 Americans are living with HIV virus.  What an alarming proportion this infection has reached. It is getting unmanageable as the sources coming forward to meet the challenges are scanty rather shy. UN is planning to raise funds to the extent of 5.5 billion dollars for the treatment of 3 million AIDS patients within next five years. President Bush in his last tour of African countries was magnanimous enough to announce a contribution of 15 billions dollars as American “share” to fight this epidemic globally within next five years. One wish that he would keep this promise and the Congress approves it with no string attached to it as its tradition goes.  The question arises can the human society meet this growing menace successfully by just providing treatment to its sufferers? That too is still beyond the reach of the poor countries of Africa, especially its sub-Sahara region.


AIDS is a disease that is the direct outcome of perverted sexual human behavior. It is not a new discovery. The entire people of Prophet Lot were infected with the perverted behavior of homosexuality. When the angels came to enquiry and punish the culprits who were involved in this behavior, they found only the house of Lot was free from this curse. As a result, they directed Prophet Lot and his family members except his wife to leave the place immediately and destroyed the entire habitation by turning it upside down. People read the entire account of Sodom in the Bible and the Qur’an but don’ learn any lesson from this human tragedy. The Lake of Dead Sea in the heart of Israel is the living example of the heinous consequences of this obnoxious human behavior.


However, the tragedy of modern mind is quite different. It is trying to find out treatment of the “effect” and gives little or no consideration to the cause that is creating this contaminated disease and multiplying it constantly in geometrical proportion around the world. Rather, the so-called advanced countries are busy in promoting the cause by permitting the marriage of the same sex. Canada and Scandinavian countries are very liberal in augmenting this perverted concept of life. In the USA, the courts are liberal and have recently recognized the marriage of the same sex. In American military, President Clinton introduced the catchwords “don’t tell don’t ask” just to facilitate the working condition of gays and lesbians in the armed forces of the country.   This growing menace of human society needs a positive philosophical approach to get eradicated from once and for all.


Allah created the man with three strong urges including that of the urge for sex to promote, preserve and maintain the continuation of human specie on this earth till the dooms day. He has made it so much extremely pleasant for both the sexes that “she” bears all the burden of bearing the fetus for nine months and the extraordinary pain of delivering process and “he” bears the burden of providing the ‘Rizq” for the family in the manner Allah provides and looks after it in the midst of all odds and eventualities of human life on earth. Both the sexes help together with love and affection to develop their progenies for the continuation of the benevolent services to mankind after their respective departure from this world. Now should the “individuals” that ignore, side track, neglect or avoid this one of the most important objectives of human creation have any “right” to benefit and enjoy from the bounties of “nature” within self and around him or her in this cosmos. One who is causing the discontinuation of human species and his own generation to flourish on earth has any right to live with dignity and honor amongst those who are striving for the survival of human species with their toil and hard labor? One who is so selfish and self-centered that he or she enjoys the “pleasure” of life without caring for the least to bear “fruitful” consequences of the process of procreation?


It is but natural that they should be declared as are the enemies of human society, committing the crime of its gradual annihilation. These sick men and women have no right to claim to be at par with men and women who bear the responsibilities and burden to maintain the integrity of human race. When these sexually perverted men and women can live like normal citizen of a state and are a burden of sinful life on earth, should they be not removed in the manner the people of Sodom written off from the surface of the earth?  Those who sympathize with the people who are running after the same sex are actually their collaborators and are infesting the society with living “dynamite” to bring its collapse earlier than it is doomed due its moral decadence.  These sinful people need condemnation as enemy of human specie. What a great human tragedy we are facing at the cost of our very existence. The liberal minds who believe in “free-for-all-sex” are doing disservice both to the existing and future generations of mankind, unmindful of the enormous problems that they are augmenting through their extremely selfish behavior and attitude of life.


The cure does not lye in just rendering medical treatment or propagating to keep “abstinence” which are now the central focus point for all the governments and semi-government agencies but in developing the concept of “trust”: that what an individual possesses in body, soul, resources and the “urge for sex” are the endowments from his/her Creator ands Sustainer and none has “any right” to use it in any way other than what I have discussed earlier. Even if fifty percent of the funds being allocated for fighting the menace of AIDS through “medical process” are spent on cementing the concept of “trust” in young men and women and the affected societies at large around the world, this human tragedy will become a part of history within a few years time. Without the change in the attitude of life, as suggested, this menace will go on multiplying like the “bush-fires” and only God knows where it will end?



Shamim A Siddiqi

December 7, 2003