In the Name of Allah, the Magnificent, the Merciful


[In the context of Verse # 25 of Surah # 57 - Al-Hadeed]


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


INTRODUCTION: So far the material contents are concerned, our world possesses every thing worth its name. All the necessities of life are scattered on its surface, under the ground, over in the sky and deep in the sea and its bottom. The food is in abundance more than the proportion of its growing population globally. But the nationalism, the curse of human ingenuity, has made its supply lopsided - scarce for some while surplus for many others.  Both air and water too are not in scarcity. However, the brutal and greedy hands of man have polluted it all around. Human societies are bursting with luxuries at many places but equally many are suffering with paucity of funds and resources and are feeling deprived and “rejected”. The fortunate few are enjoying the peace of mind, solace to heart and comfort in their environment but the bulk of humanity is suffering even for the basic needs and the primary necessities of life in all the five Continents of this world. The paramount cause in every case and at all places is the lack of Justice in every walk of life due to human greed, lust to possess more and more, maximizing the pleasure and personal comforts in life at the cost of others and above all ignoring or rejecting the Guidance that came from the Lord of this universe to correct our situation.


This game of loot and exploitation around the world is rampant since the dawn of modern Western civilization since 1452 AD as it was going on in the pre-historic age and during the medieval period of human existence on earth. The comforts of life were only for a few whereas the common men and women were living a life of serfdom. The modern civilization could not solve any of the human problems rather became instrumental in augmenting them manifold. That pace is enhancing the gap between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots with the growth of time. The scientific inventions, the technical knowhow, the manifold inventions in the means of transport and communication and large scale productions and the means of distribution, all are helping the modern man to accelerate the pace of human exploitations and deprivations to millions and millions at an unbridled speed. The Anglo-American-European-Japan-Indian-China’s economic growth is contributing every thing to the fortunes of the affluent but very little for the “have-nots” except tall talks for many who are still living under the most substandard human condition and in dire poverty in Asia, Africa and Latin America.


The only reason for this alarming situation is that the so-called developed nations of the world lack the proper sense of Justice and fair play for all. They have no vision of Justice: “Al-Adl wa Al-Qist” for each and every human being on earth as propounded by Islam. In contrast, they only usurped the rights of others and deprived many to starve and die in hunger and frustration. They could not deliver Justice to mankind though it is written in their Constitution and the so-called sacred laws of their land. “Some people” are waiting for centuries for the Savior of mankind to come and deliver Justice to mankind but he is not to come any more. That Chapter of human history is closed. That obligation is now to be fulfilled by the followers of those blessed souls who were appointed on earth in a chain as the Messengers of God, the Creator and Sustainer of this earth with the only mission to deliver justice and equity to mankind. Prophet Muhammad (S) was the last Savior of mankind to deliver Justice to the suffering humanity in this series. Al-Qur’an confirms it in Verse # 25 of Surah Al-Hadeed: 


“Indeed, We verily sent Our Messengers [Apostles] with all evidence of truth [Scriptures] and the Balance [wherewith to weigh right and wrong] so that man might behave with Justice and equity: and We bestowed IRON, in which there is awesome power as well as [many] benefits for man And that Allah may know him who helped Him and His Messengers, even thought He [Himself] is beyond the reach of human perception. Verily, Allah is All-Powerful and Almighty.”




This verse confirms beyond any shadow of doubt that all the Messengers of God were appointed with Guidance and Scriptures with the sole objective to deliver and establish Justice and Equity in the human society of their respective time. Human nature as discussed above, is full of greed and always eager to maximize personal profits, gains and pleasure, resulting in oppression, exploitation and depriving others of their legitimate rights through all ages. The Supreme Lord of this cosmos Who stands for Justice alone, abhors Zulm and Fasad [transgression] in all its forms and shape, managed to appoint His Messengers to all the human societies of all ages and for all times and commanded them to establish Justice and equity in their abode and in human affairs. That is why there was continuity both of Prophethood and the continuity of the message. The objective was to maintain it as the chain of events throughout human history. The periods when and where no Prophet was there, his followers were doing this job till another Messenger was appointed by God to carry out the sacred mission of delivering Justice to mankind incessantly.


This process of delivering Justice to mankind continued unabated till the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (S) by the end of sixth century AD. He was the last Messenger of God and he(S) was given the most updated, complete and perfect Guidance in the shape of the Qur’an to establish Allah’s Deen in the human society against all odds that he (S) was facing in the Arabian society as a prelude to deliver justice to suffering humanity. Towards fulfilling his (S) mission, he (S) encountered stiff opposition from Quraish, the people of Makkah, and the great powers of his (S) time – the Persian and the Roman Empires later on. He (S) established the authority of Allah in Arabian Peninsula in his life time, the prerequisite to deliver Justice and equity to the common men and women of the time and along the vast land of Asia, Africa and Europe by his beloved followers within the next 100 years. Those who opposed the system of Justice that Islam brought for humanity were removed by the force of IRON, the symbol of arms and ammunitions that were made, are made and will be made out of this substance for all times- past, present and the future. IRON symbolizes the force for justice to prevail if it is obstructed by the greedy people and nations of that time and for all times to come.


This situation also prescribed as a test of Iman [faith] for the believers to prove who follow Allah and His Messenger (S) without seeing Him and help him (S) in his (S) struggle to deliver justice to mankind and in establishing the authority of Allah in the society. Allah could Himself do it as He is Almighty and all Powerful but, in fact, He gave this opportunity to the believers to prove their obedience to God in all sublimity and earn His pleasure in return. 




This verse still stands erect and demanding Muslims to fulfill their obligation to deliver Justice to mankind. The entire Western civilization is busy only creating problems after problems in the human society. There is not a single issue that they could resolve. Their ideology of life is only to exploit the human race, spread corruption everywhere, use every opportunity to squeeze blood up to the last drop from the cheeks of the poor, the needy and the have-nots in the name of maximization of profit, free trade and commerce and in the shape of AIDS and nominal financial “aid” at an exorbitant interest rates and maintain their own high standard of living either by hook or crook.


They are still occupying innumerable lands like Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, “Pakistan”, Sinkiang and maintaining their military garrison-like position in many “free” lands of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially in the Middle East and the Far East.  Humanity is crying helplessly. America in hegemony with European and Zionist power of Israel is dreaming to establish a New World Order of its own to dominate the world like a Mega-superpower which is fortunately unacceptable to another growing Superpower of RussiaChina. India too is emerging as another inspiring identity in that race of supremacy. Only the humanity stands crushed in the midst of these power struggle where none has the least concern for the sufferings of humans  except on paper and “no-fund-planning” of G-20 which has all promises but no will or money to correct the bitter consequences of their own “Loot” of the past colonial rule.


This enormously alarming situation demands that Muslims, who are the messengers of Allah’s Messenger (S), are NOW the only living people on earth to undertake the mission of delivering of Justice to Suffering humanity as the above quoted Verse of Al-Hadeed demands from them in very unequivocal words to stand up and fulfill the mission of their life. It would be the most rewarding task for themselves. When they will struggle hard to deliver Justice to other people and nations, they will have to do justice to themselves by making their own house in order first, establish the authority of Allah in their home lands and deliver justice to their own people suffering for centuries together.

CONCLUSION: Muslims are now the only hope of mankind to deliver justice to suffering humanity as Allah empowers them to do. When they will undertake it as the paramount mission of life, the Almighty Allah will definitely be standing at their back. They should then fear none but Allah and if they fear Allah alone and follow His commands, they will soon become ‘the salt of land and the lamp of mountain’. That post is long vacant for them and they have to rush for it with urgency. Will the Muslim leadership around the world take it as a challenge and rise to the occasion with the will of a Mumin? Time is in their favor. Humanity is dying. The materialistic civilization stands exposed.  Posterity is soon going to deliver its hash judgment about its total failure. Muslim Ummah can come to its rescue and revive its own fate simultaneously.     



Shamim Siddiqi

November 5, 2009