In the name of Allah the most Compassionate, the most Merciful


[Shamim A Siddiqi]


INTRODUCTION: The role of Muslim Women has always been zzvery significant towards building the human society and monumental but it has attained new dimensions with the ever developing complexities of modern life when the misuse of God-given freedom of personal choice in every phase of life has grown beyond any proportion. Man thinks that he is answerable to none. This is the gross mistake of both the sexes that make each gender travel as irresponsible creature on earth and have filled it with all kinds of injustices. Man has become the semi-god. He thinks: he is the master of all what he surveys, possesses and behaves like street urchins everywhere.  As such, he has become totally reckless. Irresponsible and is completely inclined to demolish the peace and balance of human society and its developing process towards the balanced growth of man and woman in an orderly fashion.

Both men and women are equal in this willful campaign. If anyone or both transgress the limit ordained by our Creator and Sustainer overlaps one over the other or neglects their respective responsibilities to continue the process of procreation, the human society is bound to suffer the very objective for which it was raised by our forefather Adam and Eve at its very outset. It continued its natural growth with marginal deviations here and there till it reached the outskirts of modern age where man and woman want to live as per his or her freewill, desires and caprices, thereby creating continuous hazards for human abode.

ECONOMIC SPHER:  Man has become totally reckless: Earning with extraordinary greed, temptation, reckless behavior and fraudulent means, feeling as if he or she is responsible to none – creating only craze for making money through all possible means of exploitation, cut-throat competition, outsourcing resources and employment to maximize the personal profits and gins and accumulating wealth out of proportion towards making  rich  richer and the poor poorer and poorer, raising their own standard of living higher and higher at the cost of common man, making the growth of society unbalanced on uneven economic footings. As such, both socialism and communism have failed as systems of life and capitalism is at its death bed under the Oxygen tent on frequent band aid treatments. It is counting its days too.

POLITICAL SPHER: This capitalistic class or the corporate demagogues control the political will of the people by enforcing their political agenda through political parties and leadership of the country. Thus, perpetuates the game of exploitation of the people of the land and that of humanity at large through international Institutions and forums.  They hold the money back and don’t invest in the country to create employment and generate taxes and make the economy affluent. The Corporate interests and capital landlords are currently holding about $3.5 trillion in their hands and waiting only the best opportunity to invest and make extra ordinary booming profit. How selfish they are!SOCIO-MORAL SPHERE:  This is the climax of their corruption. They demonstrate that they are living only for the maximization of their personal wild and unbridled luxuries like animals - cats and dogs. They have crossed all limits of decency and moral delicacies. Their sexual behavior is fast augmenting the human degradation to limitless bounds of shame and deviation. They are now turning their faces not to each other but to same sex for the satisfaction of their sexual urges in multitude. In consequence, the millennium years old normal Institution of marriage between opposite sexes as husband and wife and maintain the process of procreation is fast withering away. The secular world of America and Europe is resorting to same-sex marriage like a jungle fire. Shamelessly, these deviated men and women are behaving their sexual acts in public with the same gender and the sex–oriented national and international media is spreading it like jungle fire in every sphere of human society. What a disastrous craze it is!   

The Supreme Court of America, the citadel our Justice system and the guardian of human rights in its recent judgment has raised all restrictions on the same sex-marriage. The couple of same sex received, welcomed the Court verdict with wild singing and dancing in the very premises of the Court and outside on streets. It has opened the flood gates to free sex and that of sodomy - the crime originally committed by the people of Prophet Lot and openly invited the wrath of our Creator and Sustainer. God turned the entire habitation of Sodom upside down. It created the Lake of Galilee in Israel, the living symbol of our Lord’s punishment. The act of Sodomy is so heinous that our Lord destroyed the entire people who were committing this horrible act except the family of Prophet Lot [minus his wife as she had soft corner for the criminals who were committing this shameful crime against human nature] in the early hours of morning.

Now the USA has put itself on the same path of destruction and is quite certain to receive the wrath of our God Who is controlling the human affairs very minutely. President Obama is malice to the crime by giving his open approval and supporting the right of gays and lesbian at equal footings.  The military which includes such men and women will have no moral superiority over her enemies. That might be one of the reasons that “mighty” America have shamefully retreated from Iraq and Afghanistan after losing thousands of her men and women in uniform and crippling her economy for decades to recover. It has no moral standing in the world. Material strength with no moral and ethical force in the background is like the house of cards which blows away in bits and pieces when it encounters even a small disciplined and dedicated force like Taliban in Afghanistan. It couldn't overcome them but to surrender and retreat with shame on their faces.

The USA is now to think thousand times to become the dominating force of the world or the sole Superpower with its crippling moral shortcomings in every domain of life and her shameful support to gay and lesbian rights and the same sex marriage. America can fight human forces to a little extent but cannot fight the Laws of nature if it comes to fight against her. It will wither away sooner than later. The signs of decay and destruction are fast visible all around but the intoxicated eyes of the people and the leadership are neglecting even to feel the horrible consequences of their life style. The Princeton Historian Paul Kenned rightly claimed just in 1988 in his famous book: “The Rise and Fall of The Great Powers” that 35 civilizations are laying on the death bed of history and the 36 will be the America. Late President Nixon liked this book very much

EFFECTS ON FAMILY LIFE:  The horrible effect of this perverted life pattern is enormous. It is fast crippling and destroying the family structure of America. The number of single family homes by either sex is increasing by leaps and bound. Birth rate is dwindling and people of either sex are resorting to adopting the new born babies from Russia, China and other developed counties at high cost. The moral values of family life which were and are the proud of American social and national life and are very much akin to Judeo-Christian’s Abrahamic faith are fast withering away.  The family is the last Institution to hold the nation’s character and if it is lost and it is bound to be lost due to perverted sexual behavior of our men and women who are now extremely eager to lead the life of gays and lesbians, none can stop its going to dogs

Muslims of America can be the effective factor/means to get this process stop by presenting   their family life pattern as models to the people of the land through visiting American houses on individual basis with their husband and share the lost Abrahamic family values AFRESH. It would be the most effective Dawah work for our Sister wings in America and equally for brothers too. I wish ICNA too could take it as its top most Dawah ROGRAM through person to person contact. They can start from their respective neighborhoods at local level and at regional and National levels by holding conferences and parleys to the same effect. God has provided this unique opportunity to our workers and leadership. They are to grasp this God-given “Chance” and reap the harvest by penetrating in American houses with the Panacea of Islamic values that are very much akin to American values and thus contact the people of the land with the remarkable service that American will never forget.

We have to fight the menace of this evil with prayers to help the people of the land and accept our humble efforts towards introducing His Deen to the people of the land. Allah will give Barakah in our undertaking to the people of the land. If we don’t do this job, we will face the same fate as happened to the people of Bani Israel living by the side of ocean. [Ref: Story of Bani Israel as narrated in Qur’an under Section 21 of Surah AL-Airaf].  This warning is very stern for us. We have to save the people of the land. It is incumbent on all of us. Let both the wings of ICNA galvanize all its activities to this effect forthwith.

I humbly pray to “my God” to give courage and Tawfeeq to all of us to rise to the occasion as duty bound and fulfill this responsibility lying on our shoulders