Mohtram Naeem Bhai,  Salaam, Allah Ap sub ku Sada Khush Rakhey


Very humbly I sent you this letter on March 15, 2016 with great pain with a heavy heart and a lot of concern for ICNA and its future but had no response from you at all so far as if I have hit a stony wall.  


I know that for most of the points that I have raised in my letter, you have no response but at least  you would have please confirm its receipt with assurance that you will take it up with our Shura ASAP.


Mohtram Naeem Bhai, the stage has come and it is hovering on our heads when Islam is accused and abused as a symbol of the so-called "terrorism" by the terrorist Western countries who are our die-hard enemy but Islam has the beauty to face the situation at any cost as Allah's Nusrah is always with us, if we jump in this "furnace" of hate and false  allegations being prepared by our secular enemies of the West and face it with our honest character and good will for the people of the land to the extent that the people of the land  themselves start acknowledging that a Muslim can be anything but not a "terrorist".       


ICNA and its leadership and workers all have to create the impression that we are nice people and their life, honor and property will ever be kept safe by Muslims. This we will have to prove though  our character, deeds and PERSON TO PERSON DAWAH CONTACTS IN THE FIELD.


It is an open challenge for us and if we all together  remodel  our Jamaat, all the backlash can be evaporated even at this stage with the Tawfeeq of our Lord which is always available if we all make honest  and sincere most  efforts that is long overdue upon all of  us.


Only through this process ICNA can and will become the truthful  Islamic  Movement of  America [IMOA}, Insha Allah.  Hope you all and our Shura will agree with it. Allah's help is just waiting at the Horizon. Only we have to invoke it with our tears and hard labor, Insha Allah.


Kindly confirm receipt with assurance that we all will do it at our best.


Shukrun WA Jazakallah


Shamim Siddiqi

MGA, NY             







In a message dated 3/15/2016 10:15:34 P.M. Eastern  Daylight Time, writes:

Mohtram Naeem Bhai,Salaam,  Allah Ap ku Khush Rakhey


Shukrun wa Jazakallah for your response but it is not in the context of what I drew your attention. I think you haven't gone through my letter in depth.


ICNA was established 45 years ago not for what you people are doing but  to call the people of the land to the fold of their Lord for the Iqamah of Allah's Deen ultimately.


Kindly note that the social work was being done originally at the personal level. Abu Bakar  Siddique  (RA}, Usman Ghani (RA), Zubair Bin Awwam (RA}and many other  Sahabah (RA)   who were the man of means and all were doing it as  Sadaqa-i-Jariya on individual  level in their own Community - freeing the slaves, feeding the poor and helping the needy and not on global level as you people are doing and paying very high salaries to the employees whereas the social work should be done free of any cost to the extent possible.  


The relief work should FIRST be done here on individual level that you or ICNA couldn't develop and you all went for "easy money" of  Zakah and you don't  realize that you all have made a wrong choice of the Corporate Model. As such, all the corporate evils have crept in your system and now we all are crying and calling names.


There are 42 Millions poor in this country.  Tell me how many million  people you have  salvaged in this country from poverty level  and with our Dawah efforts/activities and  thereby forming a solid vote block for the support of the IM of America.  This great opportunity we have lost just making the social work at  International level in name sake and lost the opportunity to show our Islamic values to the people of the land  at grass root level. This shows lack of vision on our part and planning to make America as the focus of our action to introduce Islam to the epic-center of  modern Jahiliya. We must now re-shape our movement to fulfil this dire need of time.  


Your original  job was to establish  Zakah as an Institution in this country as Allah commands in Verse # 41 of Surah Hajj to begin with and then from surplus, if left any, could be sent abroad  to help the poor not before that  as I sighted in the example  of Maaz  bin  Jabal (RA) in my previous letter. Please think over it and discuss the whole "left over" in our Shura of Intellectuals, with trust and confidence in them. We have to contract the work of HH in this situation and reorganize it afresh on America National Level with no branches out side. Any money of Zakah  that has been taken for help in other countries, please return it to donors  or spend it here with their  permission. It is their obligation  to mitigate the poverty level of this country too. On principle, the Zakah must be expended first in the country/place where it was raised  and elsewhere if it results in Surplus  after meeting the needs of the local people.   


But the most saddened part of this tragic episode is the neglect of our Dawah front which looks like the house of an orphan - the most disorganized  and the MOST AIMLESS. NO- where I see it working in its most primary stage  -- Person to person Dawah Contact and distributing basic Islamic literature to Dawah Contactee in its wake.


 In 45 years  ICNA couldn't produce a single Dawah literature in this country in  American perspective where as Mohtram Maulana Merhoom (RA) advised me  that his own literature will be of no use to us and you produce your own literature in American perspective for the people of the land "


This most honest advice he gave me in the presence of Mohtram Sajid Hussain Saheb, Br Amin Awad Merhoom and Qamar Hussaini Bhai when we went to meet him in Buffalo at the house of his son. Since then I started writing Islamic literature at his advice but unfortunately ICNA deliberately turned a deaf, dumb and blind attitude to it for reason Allah knows better and it continues till today.  It is not a complaint but putting the facts  in correct perspective for your consideration and that  of our Shura. This is the greatest  loss to ICNA. on her own accord.


Even the books that I distributed  humbly in hundreds in  our Convention and Annual  Meetings free of cost. perhaps none cared to study and make any comment to me. This attitude of neglect is unpardonable and ICNA is accountable to posterity and for wasting years to do "nothing."   


The entire house of ICNA needs resetting with priority on Dawah Ilallah as its prime focus on the basis I have elaborated in my Article: "Dawah Program Around Masjid and [It is available  on  my Website: in Section "B" - Islam As A Movement. at Item # 15] The Article "Dawah Ilallah & its Manifold  Dimensions" that I distributed to our MGA's at Houston will be of immense  help in reorganizing our Movement  afresh in this  country. 


Hope that you will please consider over this presentation in Shura on priority basis and  take proper action to make and develop ICNA as the Grass Root Islamic Movement of America, henceforth.  This is due upon you/us.


Seeing the gravity of the situation, please cancel all your Tour Programs and SIT AT HQ IN NY till our house comes into its own order as ordained by Allah and demonstrated by Rasulullah (S) and his beloved Companions.


My humble services will always be available to you, Insha Allah.


May Allah bless you all. I pray to Allah to give you Tawfeeq in abundance and grand  success WITHOIUT DEALY.


Shukrun wa Jazakallah


Shamim Siddiqi