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Subject:   We Have Kingdom, Why Can't We Have Khilafah?

Conditions of Khilafah are as follows:


1. Head of the state is elected by the free will of the people and the government is running on "Shurah"

2. Islamic Shariah is the law of the land, governing entire aspects of the society as the Supreme law of land.

3. No one in the country is above that law;

4. Treasury belongs to the people of the land not to rulers

5. Judiciary is independent;

6. Islamic Social welfare system is established for the benefits of the poor, the needy & the have-nots;

7. It prohibits Munkar and establishes Ma 'roof all around as the paramount policy of the state;

8. It upholds Al-Adl WA Al-Qist in the land and advocates the same abroad in its foreign policies.


If the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [or any Muslim State] fulfills these requisites of the Islamic State in toto, it can be called "Khilafah" otherwise, it would be known as the State of "Zalemeen" &. "Faseqeen"....... [The Oppressors and the Transgressors…….] as pronounced by Allah in Surah Al-Ma'idah Verse # 44, 45 & 47


My Dear Imam, do you agree with these broad features of Khilafah in the context of the modern world? If not, kindly correct me.  Shukrun
Shamim Siddiqi 



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Dear Shamim,

I don not believe in working for a Caliph, as I believe that period of
Islam is over. I am far more interested in the spiritual well-being of
communities. There has not been a true Caliph in Islam since Omar b.
Abdul Aziz and I do not think the Muslims are in any state to bring
about any such thing given this is the lowest spiritual and
intellectual period of Islamic history and if the greats of the past
could not bring that about I do not believe we should even contemplate
it. I believe that toward the latter days Khilafah will be restored but
I adhere to the tradition interpretation of that in that the one who
restores it is the Mahdi who precedes the return of Jesus, the Messiah,
Upon them all peace and blessings.

Love in faith to you my brother,



My Dear Respected Imam,         Assalamu Alaikum


Hope it would find you and family all well, enjoying good health and busy in earning the pleasure of Allah.


Since the time I received your letter on March 28, 07, I am constantly thinking that my beloved brother has given a "big and bold" statement but no convincing "Daleel" [reasoning] from the Qur'an and Sunnah of Rasulullah (S) to that effect whereas:


1. Islam is Al-Deen and at the same time it is a Movement. It’s Kalimah - "La Ilaha Ilallah....  "

was the most revolutionary political slogan of our beloved Prophet (S) who used to proclaim: "O the people! Say "la Ilaha Ilallah", you will be benefited and [by virtue of that] you will become the Master of Arab and the Ajam will come under your control and when you die, you will be master in Jannah too". Balazari in Fatuhul Baladan, Ibne Hisham in His Seerah of Rasulullah (S) and Ibne Katheer in Al-Bidayah wa Al-Nahayah have quoted that Rasulullah (S), after the revelation of Verse # 94 of Al-Hijr [ending the first three years of secret Dawah in Makkah], addressed each and everyone whom he (S) met throughout his (S) dawah campaign with these forceful, meaningful and revolutionary Message. You, I and the entire Ummah are holding this Kalimah and recite it thousands of time daily, how can we forget to fulfill the demand of this Kalimah, care not to struggle for its supremacy on this earth and fail in fulfilling its ultimate objective that this Kalimah entails?


2. In fact, the leadership of Muslim Ummah as a whole [not all, as some sporadic great exceptions are there] is to be blamed for it. It has forgotten its prime most responsibility of reminding the followers of Islam as how to fulfill the obligation of the Kalimah. It has taken refuge in practicing the life of ease and comfort with some rituals of Islam in the field of Ebadah with no challenge to Batil, its system and hegemonies against Islam and Ummah and totally forgetting how they are going to face Allah (SWT) on the Day of Judgment about their "willfully" neglecting the task of "Shahadah Alannas" and life-long struggle in His way by adopting an attitude of "compromise and of co-existence" with the Batil.


However, I agree with you that "Khilafah Ala Minhaje Nabuwah" was only for 32 & 1/2 years including 21/2 years of Omar Bin A  Aziz (RA). The rest is "Malookiyah" [monarchy] but the system of life was Islamic one way or the other throughout the three dynasties of Umayyad, Abbasid and Uthmanies. Efforts towards re-establishing Khilafah were made many a times through this long period of 1300 years at different places, especially in North Africa, Indo-Pak-BD Subcontinent and the ME, including the Khilafah Movement of India at the abolition of Khilafah by Mustafa Alta-Turk in Turkey and that is still gong on one way or the other till today in different names and shapes around the world. We are hearing its echo often and on both in the East and the West. Can anyone deny these hard facts of our history? 


Further, I have some very pertinent questions in my mind that I want to share with you in this respect with the hope that you will please give due consideration to each.


3. At three places [Al-Suf Verse # 9, Al-Fathe Verse # 28 and Al-Tawba Verse # 33] in the Qur'an, Allah (SWT) categorically ordains that He had sent His Messenger with Guidance and Truthful Deen that it is to prevail over other Deen. Who will do this job, if a join and concerted effort is not made to wards establishing the Deen of Allah which is nothing but a prelude to Khilafah?


4. He had ordained for you [Muhammad (S)] which He commended unto Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus: establish His Deen and be not divided therein..... {Verse # 13 of Al-Surah]. When it was made incumbent on all the Messengers of Allah, it is equally binding on their respective followers to make genuine efforts in that direction for the whole of their life. Where the Muslim Ummah will stand on the Day of Judgment if it does not fulfill that obligation in a continuous process, irrespective of the fact whether it succeeds or fails? How the Ummah would face its beloved Prophet Mohammad (S) when he (S) will be asked by Allah when all the people will stand in the witness box and "We bring thee (O Muhammad) a witness against them" [Ref: Verse 41 of Surah Al-Nisa] ? This responsibility is colossal on each of us. Please tell me how to fulfill it, if we just sit hand-crossed?  


5. We had sent Messengers with clear proof and revealed with them Scripture and Mizan in order to deliver Justice to mankind. {Ref: Verse # 25 of Al-Hadeed}. Just please think: Who will deliver "Al-Qist" to the suffering humanity, if the Deen of Allah is not established to undertake this obligation as its prior concern in order to eliminate injustices from the world and who will use "Hadeed" [iron] to root out the Batil forces, if they obstruct its way?


6. "And fight them until persecution [Fitna] is no more and Deen is all for Allah" [Al-Anfal # 39] Who will remove the "Fitna" from the geopolitical situation of the world if the Deen of Allah is not established to complete the peace process on this abode of man?


7. Who will establish Ma 'roof and eradicate Munkar [evil] if the Islamic state is not established and this Ummah does not become Khair-e-Ummah and who will be the role model for humans if this Ummah is not transformed or reincarnated  as "Ummatun Wasata'?. Will it be possible without making ceaseless efforts towards establishing the Deen of Allah in the body politics of the people's affairs?


8. So, sitting idle, hand crossed and making no genuine efforts towards building the requisite Team of Da'ees to struggle for the Iqamah of Allah's Deen, thereby paving the way towards Khilafah is in no way permissible in Islam. The Qur'an and the life pattern of Rasulullah (S) abhor it. That is why Hadith of Rasulullah (S) categorically declares that if a man remains three days out of Jama'ah without the  Baiyah of the Khalifa or the Amir and he dies in such a state, he will die the death of a Jahiliyah. Eighty three years have passed since the abolition of Khilafah in May 1923. Muslims, in fact, currently are leading the life of Jahiliyah unless they make a genuine effort to restore the Khilafah through the process of struggling for Allah's Deen with joint and concerted effort and they are the integral part of that process with life and mal, time and energy that Allah has entrusted them. How to fulfill this big gap of decades now?


9. Dear Imam, the situation of Ummah is extremely precarious and you say we will sit relatively "idle" till Mahdi appears on the horizon one day. Believe me, my dear brothers, this is the story "cooked" by a sect in Islam. It is a myth. Both Qur'an and Hadith are totally silent in this respect. Would it not be completely unwise and illogical to do day-dreaming on this "fabricated and coined" stories that carry no sense and making Muslim leadership indolent, inactive and feeling "rusted"? 


10. The second coming of Jesus (AS) is also not traceable in the Qur'an. Allah (SWT) who raised him to heaven could also tell categorically that one day he will be back to earth whereas Allah declared that He has already perfected His Deen in its totality. Anyhow some Ahadith of Rasulullah (S) informs us about the second coming of Jesus but when he will come it is totally obscured and a Muslim cannot live in obscurityIt is our Iman and if we sit for one day hand-crossed, will it not negate our Iman? 


11. In March 1951 when the struggle for framing Islamic constitution was going on in Pakistan and secular government of Governor General Ghulam Mohammad was challenging Ulamah to present the Frame Work of Islamic Constitution {IC}, the top class 33 Ulamah of different sects in Pakistan assembled in Karachi to prepare the Frame Work of IC. Our Shiia Ulamah objected that we cannot do any thing in this respect till their "promised' Mahdi comes. There was a stalemate on this issue. Late Maulana Maudoodi {RA} who was present in that meeting asked Shiia Ulamah: OK. Imam Mahdi will come and revive the fate of Islam but tell us from the same source of the Qur'an and Hadith that till the time he does not appear, Muslims should sit hand crossed and do nothing for establishing Allah's Deen and bear the domination of Kufr and Shirk. The Shiia Ulamah has no answer to his question. They kept quite and the 22 points Frame Work of Islamic Constitution was unanimously adopted by that Ulamah Conference, presented it to the government of Pakistan and it had no choice but to accept their recommendations which form the basis of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan till today.


12.  I hope that going through these humble submissions from the Qur'an, the Seerah of Rasulullah (S) and the pinpointed events of our history, you will please re-consider your thinking process and adjust it as an integral part of our Iman to struggle for the whole of our life for the Iqamah of Allah's Deen on this earth and build the requisite team of Da'ee Ilallah as its prime objective to begin with on the pattern our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) did. You are a very learned scholar of Islam and if you undertake it as the sole mission of life, it would all become Khair for this Ummah and Allah will shower His limitless blessings on it with enormous Barakah all around on our undertakings, Insha Allah.


With best regards and Du'a for you and your would-be efforts for Iqamatuddeen, Allah may shower upon you the "light and Hikmah" that open your heart and mind that synchronizes your efforts in Deen with the expressed demands of the Qur'an and Sunnah as I have envisaged above in my humble way.


Shukrun wa Jazakallah 


Shamim Siddiqi                                                                                                         

March 31, 07