[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


It is crystal clear that nobody loves Saddam Hussain and his oppressive regime in Iraq. He is dominating the scene for over three decades. He is a secularist, a Bathist, a tyrant, and a ruthless dictator and has no love for Islam, Muslims or Islam-loving organizations even for the least. He lives for absolute power and is using the entire resources and state machinery for “terrorizing” his own people. In fact, they are his captives. He is a “state terrorist”. If he is to be compared with anyone in his class, he should be compared only with Ariel Sharon of Israel, George Bush of the US and Tony Blair of UK, who have devastated with each others connivance the land of “Quds”, the Palestine, the land of Afghanistan and are now bent upon once again to annihilate the Muslim’s land of Iraq. As such, the Muslim world has no sympathy as to weather Saddam lives or dies. He is a foolish person. Tomorrow, if he dies, not a single eye will cry for him. Our concern is for the oppressed people of Iraq who are suffering and will again suffer immensely at the hands of the so-called democratic and free world of Europe and America, when the onslaughts under the guise of “pre-emptive attack” are let loose on them and on their homes and hearths. 


Equally, it must be observed that none could prove so far that Iraq had any link with the so-called Al -Qaida group or has organized any terrorist act against USA and her interests abroad or against UK. The much-publicized dossier of Tony Blair has all guess works, suppositions along with wild claims that do not suit to be hurled by no less a person than the PM of Great Britain. Why then our President, Mr. Bush is extremely impatient to attack Iraq and had to invent the most dangerous and of far reaching consequences the concept of “pre-emptive attack”. Unspeakably, it is loaded with sinister designs and may provide an easy tool in the hands of other tyrants and oppressive regimes like Israel, India, China and Russia to suffocate and usurp their respective “disputed territories”. In return, unfortunately, the US will get nothing but hate, contempt and anti-American sentiments overwhelmingly occupying the entire Muslim world and democratic masses of Europe and America.  The USA will have to pay a very big price for this act of foolishness. Unfortunately, the people at the helm of our affairs either do not realize the outcome of their un-prudent thinking process or just keeping their eyes shut for some greater ploy, bubbling behind the scene.  Let us go in depth and find out why Bush-Tony-Sharon axis is so eager to accomplish the feat to attack Iraq, even without taking any care of the world forum, great human sufferings and his own people whose majority does not support him on this issue.


This scenario has two major aspects and each needs our undivided attention. One is the forthcoming Election of November 2002 wherein the Republican Party is desperate to attain majority in the Senate through the help of Jewish votes. The other is the game of International Zionists. The Zionists feel that it is the best time to fulfill their centuries old dream of greater Israel to realize. The first point is very clear.  It does not need any explanation except to say that President Bush wants to please the Jewish voters to gain majority in the Congress and retain the gubernatorial posts of Florida for his brother and that of NY one way or the other.


The other point needs a bit of elaboration. The dream of the International Zionists [IZ] is to capture the land between Euphrates and Nile and up to Madinah [Saudi Arabia] in the South. The map of Greater Israel on the forehead of its Knesset confirms this phenomenon. The establishment of the State of Israel in May 1948, through a joint strategy of UK-Russia-America-IZ was the first step towards that goal. Egypt, Jordan and Turkey have already recognized the existence of Israel in the heart of the Muslim world.  Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria are willing to accord recognition to Israel on the principle of “Land for peace”. Saudi Arabia had already taken the initiative in March this year to recognize the state of Israel by the entire Arab world, if it accepts the independent State of Palestine.   This hard nut is not so simple to crack, as it appears prima facie.  If Israel accepts this offer, it would smash by its own hands the Zionist’s dream to return to the “promised land”. It would then never get a chance to march ahead towards its cherished goal of Greater Israel. As such, in my considered opinion, Israel will never let the state of Palestine come into existence. The continuous policy of “settlement” on Palestinian land, the gradual reoccupation of West Bank and Gaza Strip and complete denial to the return of ousted Palestinian to their home connive to this effect. Sharon has already put the attainment of the Palestinian state and the “peace process” in the reverse gear. The establishment of the Palestinian state will also be a death knell to the American dream of controlling Middle East and its oil through its police state of Israel. Iraq appears to be first naught of this “pernicious greed” to be dissolved. So it must be removed and brought under control by hook or by crook to be followed by Saudi Arabia.


In this scenario, Pakistan with its nuclear potentials and a big disciplined and well-trained army was the only country that could come to the help, especially to Saudi Arabia in case of its subjugation by Israel-US-UK axis. Unfortunately, the forces and the capabilities of Pakistan have already been contained within its own bounds. This is a tragedy that needs elaboration.


I never doubted for a moment that Afghanistan, bin Laden, Taliban or Mullah Omar were the logical targets of America to destroy. They were simply made scapegoats. The real target of the USA was to get inroad to the oil-gas-rich Muslim countries of the Central Asia and to occupy Pakistan in order to neutralize its effect and stopping it from playing any part against their capturing of the “dreamlands” of Israel.  The USA is now controlling Pakistan on land, in the air and at sea. Hundreds of FBI and CIA people are inching its land, cities and strategic frontiers. Its nuclear potentials are constantly within the surveillance of USA army and satellites.  More than 150 pockets of the USA’s law enforcing agencies are working day and night in that country. Broadly speaking, Pakistan has practically been “occupied” by the American forces, the golden target of those who hatched the tragedy of September 11. Those who are accused for that event could not even dare think on that line. The blame lies somewhere else. History will give its verdict. It may come out to be on the “same side”.  People might say at that time, “Et tu Brute”.


Afghanistan was let down by the Americans after the defeat of Soviet Russia and again it appears that these allied forces are going to repeat the same game of neglect and negligence.  They did nothing to build its shattered economy at that time. Nor today they have any intention even to bring peace in that land, what to say of reconstructing and rehabilitating its shattered infra structure mostly destroyed by their own heavy air bombardment.  They got their prime target fulfilled through  occupying” Pakistan in all respects under misguided threats, pressures, false promises and some “pea-nut” help.  The occupying forces have every intention to carry out the drama of “hide and seek” against the Al-Qaida with new and concocted stories and hearsay and keep Pakistan bogged down within its own bounds. The en massing of Indian army at its Eastern borders appears to be another conspiracy of USA-India-Israel to serve the same game to keep Pakistan engaged and fearful for a considerable long time.


So, for the USA-Israel-UK axis, this is the best opportunity to remove the danger of Saddam Hussain once and forever and “occupy” Iraq for good when the forces of Pakistan have already been tamed, subdued or neutralized and they cannot come to its help. It can do “no-harm-no-good” to the vested interests of this axis. The development of events is progressing on the lines envisaged by Zionist lobby and the Government of President Bush is towing it unwittingly to serve their interest. It was planned like that and now they want to reap the harvest lest it becomes too late. Apparently, Iraq is likely to fall in their trap. No one can stop them. 



Shamim A Siddiqi

Dated September 28, 2002