In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Tony Blair in a statement of July 9, 2005 while emphasizing all the precautions that must be taken to prevent the recurrence of such terrorist acts in the country that destroyed the normalcy of London’s transport system badly on Thursday last honestly urged: “world must deal with the causes of terrorism” that are obviously scattered in each and every land where the human rights have been denied to the people or usurped by the tyrant self-imposed unelected leaders.


The dastardly attack on London subway system and road transport, killing about 50 innocent humans, injuring 700 people and causing a lot of inconvenience to its metropolitan population must be condemned by all the peace loving people all over the world. The tragedy does not end here. There are still about scores of people that are missing and their near relatives and loved ones are in extreme distress. The more this cowardly act is condemned the less it would be. But the question is “can we stop it?” PM Tony Blair has rightly opined in so many words that unless the causes of terrorism are removed, it cannot be stopped.


This question that must be resolved by the people who now hold the leadership of the world; who are currently “controlling” the destiny of  man on earth;  who have occupied the entire region of Middle East to serve the economy of the oil-hungry nations for its cheap oil; who are conspicuously helping the tiny state of Israel to deny the human rights to its Palestinian brothers, has forcefully occupied the wholly land of Qudus, creating a  constant source of indignation in the hearts of those who love its sanctity and working zealously for its centuries old dream of Greater Israel in the heart of the Muslim world; who are keeping friendly ties with the most “conservative” state of India that has occupied the beautiful land of Kashmir for the last sixty years and is denying the very basic human right to its people; who are collaborating with Moscow to perpetuate its brutal occupation of Chechnya and killing the freedom fighters for the last two hundred years;  and who are supporting and sustaining the despotic and undemocratic regimes of the Muslim world from Jakarta to Casablanca. These are the profusely bleeding spots on the “paralyzed” body of the Muslim Ummah. Both UK and the USA have their respective share in shading bloods at all these places through their respect connivance or tacit approval. None of them is innocent. When the blood gushes from the wounds of this suffering humanity, it colors “sometimes” the body parts of the tyrants too.


PM of Britain has now accepted to some extent the cause of disaster in Madrid, London, Bali, and Africa but its counterpart, the greater collaborator, the USA is still adamant and is not prepared to accept its heinous role towards worsening the condition of peace, security and stability at global level. The East is now wide awake. The tyrannical role of their collaborators in the Continent of Asia and Africa is just counting its days. It cannot last long. The laws of rise and fall are fast playing their role. It is the best time for all the hegemonial powers to realize that their game is not going to yield any benefit for them at any place. They, in all sincerity must hand over the “power” to the people of the occupied land and retreat to their “cloak.” Otherwise, there is every possibility that they will soon have to vacate these lands unceremoniously and unsung.


The way Prime Minister Tony Blair is fighting courageously for the rights of the African nations to get rid of poverty, take care of health, basic needs and human problems. In the same way he should launch a campaign to resolve the issues of Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, free the lands of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq and restore the democratic process in the Muslim countries by withdrawing their tacit support and approval to the undemocratic and unelected rulers of the Muslim world. He has so far towed the lines “dictated” to him form the Whitehouse. Now he should ask President Bush to follow his superiority in leading the movements of freedom fighters around the world and put them on the path of “freedom” and liberty. The PM is not going to seek another term as declared. He is nothing to loose now. A bold step on his part will bring the Muslim world behind him. And that is the surest way to provide safety to London’s and Europe’s underground and above the ground transport system and a good name in the pages of history. I am more than sure if he takes firm stand on this human issue, Europe, Asia and Africa will be at his back. Bush will then have no choice but to follow his old “friend” Mr. Blair. If the PM of England stands by his captioned bold and thought provoking statement, it may change the human history for good.



Shamim A Siddiqi                

Dated: July 10, 2005