In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent. The Merciful


[Shamim A Siddiqi,
New York]

This morning [
October 19, 2005] our beloved Br. Atasi recited Surah
Bani Israel [also called Al-Isra] in Fajr prayers. When he reached to
Verse # 4: "We decreed for the Children of Israel in the Scripture
[Al-Kitab]: Ye verily will create corruption on the earth twice, and ye
will become great tyrants".  It immediately occurred to my mind, "why
two times only?"  What about the "Jewish Conspiracies for the last two
hundred years? What about the demolition of
Ottoman Empire or Khilfah?
What about the "creation" of the State of Israel? What about "The
Protocol of Elders" and their dream of controlling the world? I could
not reconcile for a while that why Allah (SWT) has mentioned
transgression committed by Jews on earth only for two times and why He
ignored their "conspiracies" and mischief that they are constantly
committing for the last two thousand years after their Second
overthrown from Palestine in 78 AD at the hands of Romans?  I, then,
realized that Allah (SWT) gives only correct statement and whatever is
in the Qur'an is nothing but truth. It is our lack of understanding and
imperfect vision about the development of world events and the
"obscured period" that are beyond the sight of our mortal eyes and
limited knowledge.

It dawned on my imagination that Allah has clearly stated in the Qur'an
in Verse # 112 of Al-Imran: "Ignominy shall overshadow them wherever
they may be, save [when they bond themselves again] in a bond with
Allah and a bond with men for they have earned the burden of Allah's
condemnation and are overshadowed by humiliation" [The Message of the
Qur'an by M. Asad]

The revival of Jewish condition as laid down by Allah is very clear and
understandable. Jewish people could not meet the first one at all as
they opposed the emergence of Islam tooth and nail from the very outset
and perhaps it is continuing to this date.  The automatic question
arises how they got the upper hand in world politics and got a tiny
state in the heart of the Muslim land planted. Naturally the answer is
clear. They resorted to the second option as stated in the above quoted
verse: to get the support of "others" and for that they manipulated the
politics - political, fiscal and educational nerve centers of the West,
the Christian world and brought it, by hook or by crook, under their

At the first place, the Jewish people enjoyed enormous protection in
Muslim State from Baghdad to Cordoba. They were the finance
ministers and exchequers of accounts of the Caliphs of time at many
places. Under Ottoman Caliphate entire finances were controlled and
governed by them, resulting only in enormous debt. So they were happy
but torpedoed the Caliphate and ruined its economy. This was their
"reward" in return for Muslim's hospitality.

In the Western societies of
Europe they were hated like anything and
forced to live in Ghettoes. They worked more intelligently. Here in the
predominant Christian societies, Jewish people adopted a different
strategy and ultimately succeeded at all fronts. They introduced secret
associations, societies and clubs like "Free Masons" and "Lion Clubs",
spread their branches throughout the Muslim and the non-Muslim world in
Asia, Europe and America, enticed the  Christians and Muslims both to
be their card-holder members , carrying a lot of prestige, favor,
benefits and facilities, especially while traveling abroad. The top
notch of each society was made its member. [The writer too was offered
its membership in EP but I thankfully declined]. Its strength lies in
its secrecy, method of enrolment, the oath of allegiance and who is its

These associations and Clubs played instrumental in "enslaving" the
Christian world and Jews gradually master-minded all the nerves centers
Europe and America. Ayub Khan in Pakistan was the member of Free
Mason.  So were Sikander Mirza and many more who hijacked
ideology before Islam could play its part as a "political entity".  
Kamal Ata Turk, Anwar Pasha and many more were the men of Freemason and
destroyed the Khilfah in May 1923 and forced Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan to
abdicate the thrown and die in oblivion. It is very difficult to know
what game they are playing in the world through these secret agencies
of Jews.  The annual gathering of world's Top business and political
executives at Divas in
Switzerland is being arranged by a Jewish
businessman. Each participant has to pay $25,000/- as it fee. Just see
who is heading the World Bank today? Who is dominating the Whitehouse
and Pentagon? President Bush is only acting as their "mouth-piece."

I am just trying to show that through intelligent manipulation of world
nerve centers. Jewish people have managed to control the West and so
feeling very comfortable as no politician in
Europe and America can
dare to oppose Jewish vested interests and lose its position overnight.
They dominate the leading media means: audio, video and print;
educational campuses, Banks and entertainment industry. We will have to
give the credit where it is due. They have maneuvered the world
position to their favor by struggling hard during the last two hundred
years at least and now reaping its harvest. So they may be the chief
instigators of world events, especially where their interest is
involved. This is in short the condition of the people whom Allah has
termed as "Maghdoob" Their game is very simple and they want to protect
their integrity, race and culture at all cost. But the creation of the
State of Israel is the game plan of the people of "Al-Dalleen"
especially the Christian world: the British, the Russian and the

The Christian World, getting rid of their "religion" through
Reformation Movements in every country of
Europe, gaining enormous
strength in power through industrial revolution and extraordinary
development in the means of transport and communication was determined
to expand its influence in the world.
Ottoman Empire was their
stumbling block which was unfortunately blind to these forces of
progress at its door and succumbed to their treacheries, perpetual wars
and skirmishes, plunders and encroachments by pounding on different
wings of the Empire in
Europe, Asia and Africa.
British-Russian-French-German-Dutch countries gradually dismantled the
Caliphate. Leaving
Turkey aside, they distributed the rest of the
"Empire" within themselves and became its Protectorate. They not only
occupied the Muslim lands in
Middle East, India, Central Asia, and
Africa but the virgin land of America and Latin America too. They
plundered the wealth of each occupied land, in the name of
"colonization", in two ways: by getting their raw products at cheapest
price and dumping their finished products at abnormally high prices.
Thus, these so-called "civilized" Christian countries whose forerunners
were the Christian Missionaries in each country were and are, in fact,
extremely dangerous for the "universal peace and security" and they are
now multiplying their game in the name of Globalization of trade and

The entire universal crisis that we see today around the world,
especially in the Muslim world, is the creation of Christian world who
'hate" Islam and Muslims as per their old tradition of Crusaders. They
are bent upon to subjugate it by coining different false pleas,
concocted war slogans, inventing preemptive war-phobia, dirty slogans
of "Clash of civilization, mockery of importing freedom and democracy
to Muslim world while supporting the despotic rulers in each country,
all in the name of "War on Terrorism". The leadership both of Church
and political Institutions are responsible for this mess and,
therefore, must be blamed totally for the insecurity of human race.
Jews are somewhere only instrumental when their interest is in

The foregoing elaboration of world events categorically proves that the
leadership of the world is in the hands of Christians and not Jews.
Christian leadership readily "agreed" to create a homeland for the Jews
Palestine which was then a British Protectorate.  Where Jews are
assembling from different corners of the world.
Equally, the Christiana
are sure about the Second Coming of Jesus (peace be upon him) who as
the saying of Rasulullah (S) goes will lead the Muslims, kill the
Imposter and the Jews will be eliminated. [Christians will thus get rid
of the Jews totally unmindful of the fact that it would also be the end
of Christianity as a faith] So, it is the game plan. Both are
exploiting each other but the Jews have no upper hand in this clash of
interest.  Christian world is dominating and the Jews are getting only 
a bit of support from them due to their "nuisance" value that they have
been able to acquire and accumulate for working hard in their body
politics for decades together. It, thus, explains why Allah (SWT) has
mentioned only the two transgressions [Fasad] of Jews through human
history as the sponsors and the perpetrators of the current "universal
crisis of peace and security" are the Christians, the "Al-Dalleen".

May Allah give us Tawfeeq in understanding the Qur'an and its inherent

Shamim Siddiqi
October 20, 2005