In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the merciful


1.      It has no say in the world affairs

2.      It has no free will of its own.

3.      The West is constantly interfering in the internal affairs of all countries.

4.      Islam is no-where traceable in the body-politic of any country.

5.      Western secularism is prevalent in all the Muslim Lands.

6.      West is determined not to allow Islam to emerge as a political entity anywhere.

7.      All Islamic Movements of Indo-Pak Subcontinent & ME stand bogged down. And there is no Islamic Movement worth its name anywhere in entire Europe and the two Americas –North and South;

8.      No common platform, no united leadership, no vision – divided in different sects and various cults, inalienable camps, division on issues of Fiqh are rampant, etc.

9.      Trustworthy Muslim leadership is not forthcoming anywhere and the process to build such leadership is nominal.

10.  Institutions of Zakah/USHR, Salah, eradicating Munkar, establishing Ma’roof are totally absent from Ummah as a whole [As required by Verse # 41 of Surah Al-Hajj].

11.  As such, Deen has become a religion as Judaism and Christianity have become:

A)     Muslims recite the Qur’an but don’t understand; they offer Salah but don’t follow in depth; they observe Sawm but don’t inculcate Taqwah; they RUSH for Hajj every now and then but don’t become the “Servant of God” on return. So is the case of their all ritualistic Ebadah’

B)     Islam, therefore, looks today like a dilapidated house with weak foundation, shattered walls, leaking roofs, broken doors and windows devastated and defaced condition – a plundered house by people who are Muslim in name only boasting “ PIDRAM SULTAN BOOD”      

C)     We have become the so-called Muslim: We have the best man power and material resources but are known as beggars to the Western technology; Scientific developments; arms and armament; capital investment and what not?    

                   NOW WHAT TO DO – How to get out of this mess?  THE SOLUTION:  GLOBAL       

                   ISLAMIC MOVEMENT – WHY & HOW?

1.      Organizing/Resurrecting  Muslim Ummah at Global level as “Ummatun Wasatan”

2.      The Universal Prophethood of Rasulullah (S) – The Mission to fulfill by the Resurrected Muslim Ummah.                          [Shamim Siddiqi : December 8, 2016]