In the Name of Allah, the Magnificent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


WHERE UMMAH STANDS TODAY? The mess is colossal and ever-surmounting. It is total. It has enveloped the entire spectrum of our existence. Ummah cannot be recognized today by its given definition in the Qur’an and Ahadith of Rasulullah (S). Let us try to ascertain the extent of damage as the remedy will have to match the malady.


Muslim Ummah has lost the sense of direction altogether that it was raised on earth to deliver “Khair” [good], Justice to mankind, eradicate the “Munker”[evil], establish the “Maroof”, take out the humans from the slavery of man to the slavery of their Creator and Sustainer,  root out tyranny, oppression, exploitation and fraudulent practices from every field of human society,  promote without any distinction equality at par, take care of the “have-nots” through its own Social Welfare System, establish the authority of Allah and His Divine Guidance in every walk of life in the  socio-economic-political entity of its own, and demonstrate to the world the life pattern of Rasulullah (S) as the model to follow till eternity.  


Muslims have forgotten this role that Allah entrusted them to play in the community of nations. Hence, they are no where and have lost the role of leadership in each and every field of life. Their Aqeedah [creed] stands polluted; their Ebadah [mood of worship] is lifeless; obedience to Allah is negated by their own actions, deeds and life-style; their concept of Deen has been secularized; their life-pattern mostly represents struggling for worldly gains, name and fame; and nowhere they have been able to establish the Deen of Allah as a political entity on earth. In spite of the fact that “some” Muslims or Jamaah are struggling for Iqamatuddeen  at various places for the last 70 - 75 years, Islam is no where found in a dominant position throughout the 57 Muslim countries where they are “independent”, in majority and “hold” power.


It shows that Islam has been rendered to the position of a “religion” as Judaism and Christianity are. Islam exists now only in the pages of the Qur’an. Its some weak or nominal signs can, however, be seen in some of the rituals that Muslims follow in the form of Ebadah, name and nomenclature or in observing some historical days with traditional fanfare. Muslims are now in their most "decomposed” form as Judaism and Christianity have rendered themselves. Truly speaking, our adversaries are “determined” to see that Muslims remain “stagnant” at this status and they practice Islam only as “religion” and forget it as Al-Deen. The entire drama of “Clash of Civilization”, New World Order, “preemptive” attacks on Muslim lands and “introducing” western format of democracy with liberal values to Muslim world rotates on this “evil” axis in order to maintain the existing status-quo. In practice, Muslims have lost all the charms of Al-Deen-Al-Islam.


Hence, it is incumbent upon all of us that we must start afresh as the adage of Imam Malik (RA) goes: “Lun yusleho akhiru hazehil Ummah illa bema suleha behi Awwaluha.”

[Translation: The end-part of this Ummah cannot be reformed unless it is revived on the pattern it was constituted at the very outset]


THE RECONSTRUCTION PROCESS: Here is the anomalous situation of Muslim Ummah. Islam demands something that Muslims contradict through their actions and deeds. Muslims are practicing something that Islam does not support at all. Thus, both Islam and Muslims are at poles asunder except a few exceptions here and there and an Ummah cannot be re-build on some ‘exceptions.” We will have to Reconstruct the Ummah from its very foundation:  strengthening the Aqeedah, making it most cohesive and uncompromising; renovating the concept of Ebadah in all its pervasiveness, covering the entire spectrum of human life within its fold; rejuvenating the requisite “trustworthy” character in Muslim men and women, attracting the humanity at all fronts, restoring its sense of service to suffering humanity; championing the cause of the oppressed, the down trodden and the have-nots; re-building the requisite confidence in us to stand for Justice for all and malice to none, thus, presenting the desired model of a Muslim, as prescribed by the Qur’an and Sunnah, to mankind in every walk of life both at individual and collective levels. 


This is an all-comprehensive challenging job that covers the entire spectrum of human life both at each and every level. But we are living in the nationalistic age where humanity is divided into 197 nation states like water-tight-compartments where each is guarding and protecting its national interests jealously. Hence, our task of Reconstructing the Ummah has become multi-facial or multi-national job, starting in every country at local and national level, progressing subsequently - horizontally and vertically, towards global dimensions.  It has, thus, many dimensions and the team that undertakes the onerous task of Reconstruction of Ummah will have to keep the needs and urgencies of each level in view while planning, to the extent possible within its visible and available means, leaving the rest, for the time being, to be undertaken subsequently with the growth of time and resources by the future leadership of the Muslim Ummah.


Now I will elaborate, with the mercy of Allah, the program and strategy to be undertaken at the initial stage at each country level in brief.


At Initial Stage: The work of Reconstruction has to be started from somewhere. In our case, let it be the USA with some available like minded brothers who can constitute its nucleus. Through mutual discussion, we have to evolve a common agenda and a comprehensive program as what to do and how to do.”


Suggestively, the following may constitute our agenda for discussion and finalization of our Program to begin with:


A. SEARCHING THE LIKEMINDED BROTHERS & SISTERS within the USA/Canada who are convinced to the urgency of Reconstructing the Muslim Ummah on the lines it was built at the very outset by Rasulullah (S) and commit themselves to be actively involved in that process. This job must be completed initially within six months from the date of commencement of the agreed plan. It must be noted that it would be an ongoing program for the Group, the nucleus,  to follow on regular basis: i.e. searching for new devoted, dedicated and committed brothers and sisters, trimming and developing a trustworthy character in each of them and absorbing them in the “Group” in a continuous process. With the help of Allah, the success of the Group, its mission, objective and program depends on the availability of this team of Da’ees both in quality and quantity.


B.  TO GET TOGETHER: All the committed brothers/sisters will get together at least for a weekend to chalk out a Minimum Program for the Group within next three months of its formation or as early as possible.


Suggestively, the Program for the Group may be developed as under:




1. Preparing a Minimum Study Program for each brother/sister of the Group for the next six months or one year, suiting individual needs and the needs of our agreed agenda; specializing in selected topic/theme/subject for the brothers who meet these basic requirements:

i.   Have acquired the working knowledge of Islam;

ii.  Know the country, its people, the problems and their Islamic solution well;

iii. Are fully conversant with condition of Muslim world in current global perspective. 


2. Developing a comprehensive Tarbiyah Program for the Group to transform itself into the requisite Team of Da’ee Ilallah in American perspective. It would be a continuous program for the founder brothers and the brothers who will be joining us, Insha Allah, subsequently, as elaborated above;


[NOTE: Experienced brothers are expected to prepare a working paper for Individual Training within a month or so after the start and share it with the Group. It may differ from country to country, situation to situation, depending on the condition prevailing in each country.]


3. Producing basic Dawah literature in American English [& Spanish] or in the language of the respective country for:


Introducing Islam to the people of respective land, we would need effective literature on


* Tawheed; * Prophethood; *Concept of Amana; * Concept of Accountability in Akhirah; * Islam – the only way of life, the only solution of human problems;


[Issue-oriented Dawah literature to present Islam as the supreme need of the people in the present context of the world is not forthcoming The Group will fulfill this need and produce “issue/problem-oriented Dawah literature” [audio, video & print] and publish it as our Dawah needs through Print and Internet on large scale, Insha Allah. These efforts will constitute External Dawah Work or Extensive Dawah work to introduce and spread the Deen of Allah in the country. It has various dimensions in this cyber age. Experts in this line will come forward with different programs, Insha Allah, as HOW TO PRESENT IT?


Equally, it would be the most effective means of Dawah when distributed personally during “house-to-house” and “person-to-person” contact program. In fact it would be “Intensive Dawah Work” on the pattern Rasulullah (S) did in Makkah and later on in Madinah. Its features can further be developed in respective national and global perspectives by the Group.


NOTE: Dawah literature, flyers and booklets that are available in the market and written either by brothers of our inner circle or outside will be duly examined by the group and what is found useful to serve the aforesaid objective will be adopted even with some changes where necessary as our Dawah material.


4. Involving in dialogue the Muslim community leadership to make Masajid Dawah centers for organizing traditional and “re-born” [New] Muslims around it as conscious Muslim and Muslimah. Muslim Ummah needs exhortation: reminding them to live with their commitment to Allah, spend time, talents and resources for Allah’s Deen, struggle for Jannah that is their promised land and making every effort to keep them away from the hellfire. Success of our movement largely depends to the extent we are able to motivate the Muslim community to stand, work and live with Islam as the way of life and present their life pattern as model to the people of the land in every walk of life.  


5. Contacting Muslim leadership of each Muslim/non-Muslim country to get it organized on the above lines with the same agenda that is being spelled out in this paper, follow it as their respective national program and thus, providing close cooperation to our global efforts in reviving the fate of Ummah both at home and abroad. Developing Personal Contacts with the local leadership of each country are essential to get the desired results. It can be developed in different ways: through Internet, writing letters and personal visits. Allah will pave the way for each “resort”. Strategies for world wide contacts are to be developed by the Group.


6. Building ultimately a Global Organization of Muslim Ummah [GOMU] with a common program and strategy to transform the Muslims as “Khair-e-Ummah” and “Ummatun Wasata” to present Islam in its most puritan form to the suffering humanity and inviting them to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer, counteracting, in this process, the onslaughts of Batil against Islam and Muslims at every level of our existence; 


7. Mobilizing a Muslim Ummah Fund [MUF] through collecting Zakah, Ushr and “Sadaqah” form Muslim masses to meet the needs and urgencies of Ummah at each level by establishing the Institution of Zakah to cater the dire needs of Ummah as prescribed by Allah in Verse 60 of Surah Al-Tawbah. This program can be initiated at local, national and international levels simultaneously having the same name and objective. Its bounties will be limitless, Insha Allah.


8. Building at least one Model Community in the USA and in other Muslim/non-Muslim countries to demonstrate and set the example of “living Islam” in modern age at individual, family and collective levels; It would be inhabited specifically only by the trustworthy Da’ees and not by the so-called “traditional” Muslims.


[I have discussed this concept in detail in my book: “The Dawah Program” at page 106. It is available on my Website:]    


9. Establishing an Islamic Research Institute, to begin with, in the USA to resolve the issues and challenges that Ummah is facing or confronted with in the context of the modern world and publishing its deliberations and outcome regularly in a Journal, thereby producing the basic Dawah literature for the Muslim Ummah of the USA and the Muslim world abroad.


10. Building a team of effective and well informed Da’ees to travel globally to cater the needs of Dawah Ilallah both in Muslim and non-Muslim countries around the world on regular basis..




1.  Not to appose or condemn any existing Islamic or Muslim organization in this country or abroad but to carry out our mission of Dawah Ilallah on positive lines as envisaged in this paper. They all will carry out their respective programs. We will seek theirs or give ours active cooperation in Reconstructing the Ummah of conscious Muslim and Muslimah to the benefit of all.


2.  Not to be involved in any political agitation or issue-oriented political activism but to remain restricted to the extent of issuing policy statements, guiding the Muslim Ummah at home and abroad regarding each and every national or global issue, or developing world events that are likely to affect the course of Muslim history or their living condition in any way through out the world. The Group will not sit like a silent spectator but educate the Muslim intelligentsia/masses at every turning point of human history with Sabr and Hikmah. Verses 124 to 128 of Surah Al-Nahal [#16] will be our guiding principle to get out of our existing mess.    [I request the brothers that in stead of feeling “agitated,” they should study these Ayahs in depth. It is Allah’s ordinance [not of mine] and we have to abide by it.]


3.  Only a team of leadership with trustworthy character will create trust in Muslim masses and reliance in non-Muslims and when the group is able to produce such character in its ranks and files, funds will start pouring in, Insha Allah. Thus, the exemplary character of a Da’ee and the benevolent program of the Group will help together in building Muslim Ummah Funds and the requisite TRUST that is essential to attain success. We all must be more than sure that funds will never be our problem, Insha Allah. Allah loves sincerity and devotion of “Muhseneen”. However, the Group will never accept any financial help if it is politically motivated or attached with loaded instincts.


4.  Future expansion of the Group, its program or its undertakings will depend on the availability of resources both of men and material that would be able to muster, the extent to which it has Reconstructed the Ummah on the conviction of Tawheed and Akhirah, the beauty of trustworthy character it has generated in its ranks and files and the confidence it has amassed in the masses of the country through its benevolent and bountiful Dawah programs at grass root level.


5. The Group has to work on these lines for decades till the masses feel the urge for the Divine Guidance and the teachings of the Qur’an as their basic need of life and the life pattern of Prophet Muhammad (S) as model to have peace in this world and eternal bliss hereafter. That day will be the day of recurring when Rasulullah (S) entered into Makkah in the eight year of Hijrah and his (S) forehead was touching the hump of his (S) camel in all humility.


CONCLUSION: May Allah give us Tawfeeq and courage to present Islam afresh to the world as the last hope of mankind to live and die in peace! May Allah open our hearts and minds to work together as a team of dedicated, devoted and committed brothers and sisters and shower His blessings and Rahmah on each of us in abundance as without that we cannot budge even an inch. O Allah! Give Barakah in our humble efforts with your angels that you ordained to accompany Da’ee Ilallah in Verses 30-32 of Ham Mim Al-Sajdah, the only hope and asset that we have in this long journey that is full of innumerable unseen upheavals. O Allah! Our trust rests only in Your declaration “Those who struggle in Us, We surely guide them to Our paths. Lo! Allah is with the Muhseneen. Amen!



Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                          

July 2005/May 2006/March 11, 2007