[Shamim A. Siddiqi, New York]


It was quite easy for America to conquer and “occupy” Iraq like “a hot knife through butter” but would it be easy for her to get out of the land of Euphrates and Tigris soon with honor? It is a big question and facts on the ground tell that withdrawal will be an extremely difficult job. The New York Times of May 17, 2003, reports that both America and Britain have put off their plan to have interim government in Iraq and the allied forces would remain Incharge of Iraq for an indefinite period. Iraq’s opposition leaders have naturally expressed great disappointment on putting the “political” bogey of their country in a reverse gear.


Iraq is encountering a situation of an uneasy peace. Looting and plundering in daylight is the “law” under the very “supervision” of the allied forces. Now when the game is mostly over, it has been ordered by the core commanders in Baghdad to shoot the looters at the spot. Why so late? The USA forces were “busy” in protecting oilfields and installation and had no time to look after the people’s plight as if it was not their concern at all. Their priority was the oil installations and so they got it through. Public safety was not their priority and so it was “criminally” neglected. More than a month has passed since Iraq was “occupied” and the vast majority of the people have no “pure” water, no electricity and no food to eat. If war material could be brought to Iraq by air shipment, why not the human needs could be dealt with at the war footing. Was it not the priority of the conquering forces to deliver the basic needs of the people along with so much pronounced deliverance of  “liberty and freedom”? It connives that the priority of “occupied” forces was the “land, oil and oil installations” and not ameliorating the sufferings of the people?


Simultaneously, the top priority of the coalition forces was to find out the Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD] and Saddam’s linkage with the illusive “Al-Qaidah” to “justify” their war against Iraq. They unturned every stone of Iraq to find out “something” to substantiate their “ plea” to attack Iraq but so far they got nothing. Even the “cooked” material in support could not be unearthed. Every day the saner elements of America, Britain and the world at large are asking the USA-UK clique: Where is the proof?  And they have none. The entire episode of “preemptive” attack over Iraq is now falling apart and vociferously it tells to the world that the “attack on Iraq” was the product of the Jewish lobby in America which was extremely eager to get it through in the greatest interest of Israel and President Bush easily succumbed to its pressure as he himself is a “Born-Again Christian Zionist”. The attack on Iraq was a conspiracy hatched by both.


Apparently, America is bogged own in Iraq as in Afghanistan. In the name of peace, security and the restoration of people’s right, [the so-called democracy] the allied forces are likely to perpetuate their existence in the heart of a Muslim land. The country is divided into three zones: the South is dominated by the Shiites of Arab origin and a bit different from Iran; the middle of the country is controlled by the Sunni Muslims and the Bathist and the North is governed by the Kurdish people who are aspiring to have their own Kurdish state, an inherent danger both for Turkey and Iran. Over and above all, these three groups are inspiring to see Iraq as a free country, not slave to “occupied” forces. It is a thorny problem for the USA how to address both the regional trends and the national aspiration of the people of Iraq at a time. Iraq cannot be partitioned to satisfy the three conflicting groups nor can it be left as it is. USA-UK thought better to postpone this issue and the passage of time may yield some solution at a later stage. So they have put the cart in its reverse gear.


Had the USA-UK axis got a “Karzai” in Iraq, they would definitely have installed a “Puppet” government in Iraq. The “puppets” that are available in Iraq are quite known to the people as the “agents” of America and as such they have no faith on them. The search for an “unknown” face will continue, and when available the namesake “democracy” will be restored in Iraq with great fanfare as was done in Afghanistan through a third party stage in Berlin.


The world has to realize about the greatest quagmire in which America has fallen. Howsoever, it may declare through its own pulpit or that of the world body, truly speaking America is not interested in the restoration of democracy in Iraq or anywhere in the Muslim world. Its attitude is hypocratic. It was and is never sincere about the restoration of democracy or human rights when it matters with a Muslim country. The USA knows it categorically well that a democratic regime in Iraq will never tow down its dictated lines and serve its pro-Israel designs. The free government of Iraq will give clear ultimatum to America: “Thank you very much, please vacate our lands. Let us feel free and independent”.  But the USA will continue to find faults here and there and will continue its “occupation” for an indefinite period as announced today. Iraq will, thus, become a quagmire of American diplomacy and will not be able to come out of Iraq sooner than it contemplated. The “allied” forces may stay in Iraq apparently for decades together in order to serve oil-hungry nations of Europe, America, Japan and accomplish the nefarious “designs” of Israel to dominate the ME towards the attainment of its centuries old dream of “Greater Israel.” 


The matter does not end here. A democratic regime anywhere in the Muslim world will ultimately result in the emergence of an Islamic state and America is allergic to it. It is partly due to ignorance about Islam and partly due to centuries old prejudices, Jewish and Christians missionary propaganda and Muslims own lethargies. America can bargain with despotic rulers but not with a just and transparent Islamic government. This fear of America with the passage of time will grow and may achieve new dimensions as the struggle for establishing the “Kingdom of God” on earth will be visible throughout the democratic world with passage of time and the USA-UK-Israel axis will shiver even to acknowledge this ever-growing factor of global phenomenon. These forces can hide their face in the sands of Iraq or rest in the palaces of Saddam but cannot ignore the realities of Muslim’s struggle for Allah’s Deen in the region that is full of oil, their greatest need. That is why they are planning to stay in Iraq perhaps for good.


The USA-UK axis will prolong its stay in Iraq, go on exploring and exploiting its oil resources, protect and maintain the existence of Israel one way or the other through perpetuating their military presence in Iraq and Gulf States, the heart of the Muslim world. So today’s declaration of USA-UK forces to postpone the process of transfer of power to Iraqi people is meaningful and must be seen in the light of what I have elaborated above.                 



Shamim A Siddiqi

May 18, 2003