In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York

The USA is currently enjoying its material, military and fire-power supremacy amongst the nations of the world. It undertakes that there is no challenge to monopolistic position for decades together. It has come to stay for good. President Bush’s success in the recent presidential elections has emboldened him to dominate the world politics. He is interpreting his success as a mandate from the people of America to continue his old policies and program with greater emphasis and conviction that it is the USA that will dictate its terms to the people of the world and they are to live in terms of his dictates. His tone and behavior both have since changed altogether. It can well be calculated from the team that he is gathering around him as his second term cabinet. The “security and peace” of the world, he has entrusted now to his hawkish and the most conservatives Neo-Cons to look after the war in Iraq, restoration of normalcy in the region and war against “terrorism” that is yet to be defined by him and his henchmen. He is behaving like the supreme “monarch” who knows no law and accepts no restrictions on his power, forgetting altogether that the world and what it contains belong to the Supreme authority of his Creator and Sustainer that had brought him to power not his arrogant and “lies-embedded” policies that he has been pursuing both at home and abroad. He can dismiss him in no time. The signs are now clearly visible at the horizon.

The first challenge to the authority of President Bush has come from President Jacques Chirac of France. He has categorically asserted that Mr. Bush contention that the world is safer since Mr. Hussein was disposed rather it has become a more dangerous place to live, augmenting the spread of terrorism all around. By his actions and bloodshed and occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, he turned many Muslims as diehard opponents of America, causing only turmoil and bloodshed more and more in the wake of hate against the USA. This is an eye opening statement by the French president and if President Bush has slightest touch of intelligence and that of commonsense, he must read the downfall of the super power in between these lines. If his adamancy continues unabated, as it seems by giving warning signals to Iran, Syria and others, he and his policy is determined to meet the same fate as predicted above. Uncle Sham will see the world shrinking for him everywhere. The increasing quantum of hate will not let him sit at home in peace too.

The tragedy of President Bush’s “irresponsible” behavior while playing his game of arrogance in the power-politics of the world is bound to create more enemies than friends globally. It would be the tragedy of great dimensions for the American people. He must think that only Americans are not living in this world. The world  is inhabited  by Russians, European nations, Chinese and Indians and all are not  only aspiring but struggling hard to compete the USA, challenge its domination in all the fields of superiority and claim sooner than later to be the superpower on their own merits. The days of supremacy of the USA are just numbered. President Chirac of France has elaborated his vision about the would-be “multipolar” world in which “there will be a great American pole, a great European pole, a Chinese one, an Indian one, eventually a South American Pole with the United Nations mediating.”

It appears that it is going to happen and the world is openly and clearly drifting to the “multipolar” world. It may be a death-knell to American hegemonies but it would be a safer place for human species to live and aspire for that situation to emerge. There will be more bargaining “agents” in world politics and the weaker nations will inhale a sigh of relief as there will be “more than one” centers of power to resort to. The supremacy of the USA will evaporate and making of concocted stories, preemptively attacking the free nations on false and flimsy grounds will come to an end with it.

It is time for the USA to envision that situation ahead of time, slash down its game of “twist and turn” and forget to dominate the world by dint of power through “subjugation” and “intimidation.” The game and days of “unipolarism” must be treated as the thing of past. It is time that the USA and ruling body must realize that the world can be won over only by love and service to mankind. The faith that President Bush claims to manifest and the faith that paves his second coming to power demands to win the world by love that Jesus [pbuh] showed to the world. If Bush acts otherwise, it would be a mockery of his faith and the mockery of people’s faith that brought him to power. History will give its verdict that there was a president of the USA who once was elected by the faith to which he belied by actions.

Shamim A Siddiqi
E-mail:                                                                                 November 21, 2004    
[From Dallas, TX]