In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Europe is a vast Continent inhabited by many nations, races and ethnic minorities but predominantly by the Abrahamic faith howsoever distorted or week it might be. These nation states have been fighting among themselves through ages for the supremacy of one over the other. After Renaissance, nationalism became more prominent and each state started guarding its boarders and national interests rather more jealously, engulfing the continent in bloody wars of decades together. First GW [1914-18] and the Second Great War [1938-45] caused millions of death and destruction all around Europe. Only the Marshall Aid Plan of the USA revived the Europe's hope and gave it a new life though encountering a prolong shadow of Cold War tension between the allied Euro-American forces and Communist Russia. It gave birth to Atlantic Alliance Command in Europe and the USA became its most dominating partner with men and material, providing a defense umbrella to the free Europe during the cold war and afterwards. 


The blood bath of Second Great War wherein about 34 million people were killed also gave the concept of integration to European nations as a process to secure peace and security. In 1951 six European countries formed the nucleus of the current European Union. France and Denmark constituted as the founder members along with Germany, Italy, Spain and Luxemburg. It expanded gradually. In 1957 the European Economic Community was formed with the objective to remove the trade barriers between the member countries. Through the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992, the feeling of cooperation and sense of oneness was further strengthening by creating the European Union. The process was further augmented by adopting a common currency which is now known as “Euro-Dollar” and came in effect throughout the Union on January 1, 2000. The membership jumped to 25 when the Eastern European countries that were under the tutelage of Communist Russia became its members. Now the idea of solidification of one Europe with 350 million populations, rivaling to the USA with huge market potentials and casting an effective balancing role in world politics was in the process of emerging... The EU inched one step more towards that goal when it promulgated draft Constitution for its 25 members in October 2004. It was “destined” to be ratified by each member country before it would become a binding force for all and giving the Union a reality.         


The current ratification process was started in November 04 from Lithuania and ended on June 1, 05 in Netherlands. Nine countries ratified it but France and Netherlands rejected it by overwhelming majority. Fourteen more members are to ratify its constitution including Britain that has already becomes escapist as announced by its PM Tony Blair. That is the beginning of the end of European dream towards unification and becoming an “empire” on its own credit. The outgoing referendums in France and Netherlands have shattered the dream of United Europe at least “temporarily” for good.


In fact, it is the logical outcome out of an unnatural process that leadership of France, Germany and Britain envisaged. Europe is a heterogeneous continent. All the three elements of unification in terms of Modern political science and wisdom are not available to cement the hearts and minds of different people of Europe... The factor of common race, a common language, geographical contiguity, customs, history and national traditions, all are missing to get them united and make then an integrated people. It is a dream that was hatched on the wishful thinking of the “trio” of France, Germany and Britain to get the Europe integrated on flimsy grounds, economic needs or political expediencies. The differences of race, culture, economic disparities and political system played havoc in the minds of the voters of France and Holland in declaring a fatal NO to Euro-Constitution. Further more the most outspoken cause of “NON .” in Netherlands was the fear of Turkey, a predominant Muslim country to become its member ultimately. They were sacred not only of Islam but Turkish youth who will roam around Europe for job opportunities that are already dwindling for their own working hands. Turkey must learn a lesson from this European death-kneel to its decade old dream to be the member of EU within next ten years if the Union survives. Turkey must try its luck somewhere else.   


“Unification” of people of different race, culture and languages is possible only on the basis of faith, a common ideology and a common creed. Unfortunately, Europe has abandoned that creed longs ago. It is dominated by different churches of different interpretation of their “myths” and dogmas. Even the authority of Pope is disputable in Europe. His majority of followers live outside Europe in Africa and America. The only ideology that could play a cementing force in developing the consciousness of a united Europe was and is that of “Al-Deen” [the Way of life]. Had they been wise enough to follow the Abrahamic Faith as people and work concertedly for it, it would have given them the guarantee to establish the requisite peace and security within their fold and amongst the nations of the world abroad? Europe has “lost” that opportunity and it would suffer under the tutelage of secular cum liberal capitalism till some “Musa Bin Naseer” will again nock at their door standing at the Prairies Mountain at the boarder of Spain and France with a distinct message of peace and security. Europe is ill-fated. Turkish youth could play the same role in twenty first century but the Referendums of France and Netherlands have doomed that hope too. By these big “NO”, the flow of history in Europe has now been put in a reverse gear. May be temporarily, but that is known to Allah alone.



Shamim A Siddiqi

Dated: June 5, 2005