In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim Siddiqi, New York]


It is the tradition of our Creator and Sustainer that when He sends warning signals to His creatures, the humans on earth, it comes so swiftly and suddenly that man remains stunt as how it happened and why so ferociously. Natural calamities are occurring throughout the globe every now and then but only a few get recorded in human history and the rest are forgotten with the passage of time. Earthquakes, tidal waves and cyclones accompanied with flood of unprecedented nature are the worst form of events. They destroy tens and hundreds of thousands of people with colossal loss of property and infra structure. They “visit” the human abode when human atrocities and violation of human rights become unbearable. Zulm [oppression] becomes the creed of the day. Exploitation is rampant everywhere. Falsehood, lies and “concocted” stories overwhelm the truth. The dignity of man is constantly transgressed by his own specie. Justice is no longer traceable in human society anywhere at individual, national or international level. Transgression and inconsistencies dominate and become the law of the world everywhere. Human society, unfortunately, is passing through the same crisis. It is the human creation and Allah hates it in all its forms and shapes. The Creator sends warning signals of natural calamities one after the other. So the humans may get lesson, repent and correct their affairs to be fair with justice to all [Al-Qist].


The vast tract of land from the coast of Indonesia to East Africa, the countries living within the belt of Indian Ocean have lately become the hot bed of diplomatic “treacheries”, foreign hegemonies, economic exploitation in the name of monopolizing oil and industrial raw material resources and political maneuverings. It has become the arena of demonstrating and testing the military muscles: first by the Russian desire to reach warm waters of Indian ocean and then by Uncle Sam to capture and dominate the heart of Muslim world and its natural resources in close cooperation with the game plan of International Zionism that is gradually unfolding itself towards fulfilling its centuries old dream of Greater Israel. The destruction of Afghanistan, the so-called war of independence to secede Aceh from the Island of Sumatra, the pagan life of Bali in the heart of Muslim land, the denial of human rights to the people of Kashmir, the atrocities in Gujarat, the denial of human rights to the vast majority of scheduled cast in India by its Brahamanic ruling coterie, the “occupation” of Pakistan by US diplomatic forces, the devastation of Iraq by the allied forces of the USA and UK, the unprecedented tyranny of Israel over the innocent Palestinians and vice versa, the “suffocated” human life in the Persian gulf States and Saudi Arabia at the “behest” of the USA, the misuse of oil wealth by princely Sheikhs of the Middle east, the tyrannies of Hafiz Asad in Syria, Hassni Mubarak in Egypt, Ghadafi in Libya, Ali in Tunisia, the constant turmoil in Somalia at the hands of war lords, they all together provide more than sufficient justification for the natural calamities to fall in this region as warning signals to others and to the people of South East Asia and Africa.           


The Tsunami Waves of Sunday last [December 26, 200] spread disaster, death and destruction in the coastal lines of ten countries living within the belt of Indian Ocean. It has so far killed more than 75,000 people and the death toll is rising rapidly. Millions have become homeless. The waves that were caused due to a severe earthquake at the coast of Sumatra 6 mile deep under the sea created Tsunami waves that hit lands on its path 3000 miles away to the coast of Somalia at an extraordinary speed of 500 mile an hours, three times stronger than the hardest hit cyclonic storms. Unfortunately, Indian Ocean has no system to alarm the people of the area about the forthcoming Tsunami waves in advance. These waves travel under the sea and surface their monstrous head near the coast only when there is no time to escape from its ferocity. People were swayed away in its fury. Most of the coastal towns and villages washed away. The tidal waves of about 30 feet high just dumped everything that came in its path as pieces of garbage. It had happened after 40 years just to warn the humans that their Creator and Sustainer is not “sleeping”. He is very much alive to the situation, sending warnings after warnings to correct their life-pattern and be obedient to Him alone. The warnings are equally both for the tyrants and the oppressed.


The dominant countries of Europe and America, including the countries like India, China and Japan, must learn that these Tsunami waves can also “visit” their luxurious coasts and ports at any time without giving any signal. They all are within the active “review” of their Creator and Sustainer. He is giving them some respite to ponder over their atrocities and inhuman treatment with the underdeveloped nations. If they do not stop their game of exploitation, occupations and hegemonies to subjugate other people and their natural resources, the day is not far off when these “arrogant” nations may encounter the same fate as it is faced today by the people of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Somalia, and others. God forbid, similar waves of Atlantic or Pacific Oceans if “visit” the countries around the Atlantic and Pacific belts, it may destroy the entire edifice of Modern civilization on which Europe and America are feeling proud of. The losses in this area will be insurmountable of what had happened only yesterday to the countries of Indian Ocean. Europeans and American must learn this lesson and recast their national and foreign policies on the basis of justice and peace before it becomes too late. The wrath of the Creator and Sustainer is hovering on their heads. It may grab them any time but Bush-Blare-Zionist axis is unmindful of the consequences of their game plan and will awake only when the Tsunami waves will overpower them and break their “haughty” heads. That day is not far off. 


Equally, it is a clear warning to the people of Asia and Africa to wake up, get rid of the usurpers in their respective lands, establish justice and human rights in their life pattern otherwise, natural calamities like earthquakes and tidal waves will again “wash” their land as happened with a Jews habitation near the coast who were treacherously playing trick with the prohibition on Day of Sabbath. They didn’t stop the devilish characters from playing bad game. When the punishment of Allah fell on that habitation all the people were destroyed except those who were admonishing the people not to play foul with the injunctions of God. [Ref: Verses 163 -166 of Surah Al-Airaf] The people of Asia and Africa are guilty of keeping silence and doing nothing to throw away the tyrannical regimes of their respective lands from power and get the democratic process restores in its place.


The Tsunami waves are natural phenomenon that comes to serve warning signals both to the oppressors and the oppressed. The earth belongs to Allah not to UN, Bush, Blare or Putin. Allah gives latitude to the oppressors to a certain extent but when it reaches to climax of committing Fasad and filling the earth with transgression and no Khair [good] is left in them, they are overthrown by the Creator and Sustainer and someone else is given chance to rule the this world with justice. So these sudden and so powerful waves are open warning signals for both camps the oppressors and the oppressed. They must act and act fast to fill the earth with justice and fair play. The days of repentance are running away fast from them.



Shamim A Siddiqi

December 27, 2004