[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]



Have you ever heard that "fire and water" can coexist together? If not, the captioned idea is just a fantasy of some brothers who do not understand the belligerency of the other side. It is against the very concept of Greater Israel for which all the Zionists are determined to attain one way or the other. The drama that is being played by the Zionist "occupied" State of the USA in Iraq and ME is nothing but the promotion of the same game whose die-hard "actors" are sitting in the Whitehouse and Pentagon. For details, interested brothers and sisters can visit my website and read the following paper:


1. Geopolitical Situation of the Middle East -Past, Present & Future Projection [Under

     Section “C” - The Muslim world]


Palestinians must not nurture such hope and waste time in daydreaming. The "leadership" of Palestine, unfortunately, is also not "serious" and "sincere" to resolve the suffocating miserable plight of their own people. "Violence" is not the solution. It is being perpetuated, as we see, on both the sides. It is simply hardening the heads and hands of their adversaries and they are vomiting "fire and venom" only in response. It is getting the situation worst. The solution of the Palestine problem lies elsewhere.


In short, it can be spelled out as:

*organizing the Muslim Ummah at one platform;

*making the issue as the "issue of Ummah” [not an Arab issue]; 

*transforming OIC into a potent body by adding fighting "teeth" to undertake the issue at global level;

*forcing, through public pressure, the government of each Muslim country to pledge solemnly to get the issue resolved at each level;

*creating a powerful Muslim media against Jewish lobbies and press, ventilating the issue of the denial of human rights to Palestinians uppermost in the Western societies;

* giving up “reactionary” attitude altogether as it is killing our energy, talents and resources immensely for “nothing” but be positive in approach and action;

*giving clear cut warning to Europe and the USA to boycott their goods and services if they do not press Israel to vacate the occupied land of Palestine forthwith and free the Muslim world from their respective onslaughts and hegemonies;

*resolving to build the "Muslim United Nations" of their own; 

are some of the peaceful options that are open to Palestinians and the Muslims around the world to get this and other gigantic world problems resolved within a reasonable time frame of a couple of years or so. 


It needs resolution, faith in Allah, in His Prophet Muhammad (S), understanding and practicing His Deen, Al-Islam as the only way of life and a committed determination on the part of Muslim leadership to build a balanced society based on this Deen in their respective lands. This process will galvanize the Muslim Ummah and, you know, only then this materialistic world will listen to our urge to get the Muslim world "free" form Indonesia to Morocco form all the devastating “ill-influences" of the West. Till that time, the Muslim world, including Palestine will bleed.


The choice is in our hands but like "fools" we are looking or begging to our adversaries to get their "self-created" issues resolved. Our forefathers never thought that one day Muslims will be so "foolish" that they will not be able to distinguish between "friends and foes." It would be, in the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S), due to the fact that our hearts are occupied with "Wahan" and when his (S) companions asked Rasulullah (S): "What is Wahan"? He (S) said, "It is the "fear of death and love of this world."


The entire Ummah is, unfortunately, paralyzed with this paramount sickness. We will have first to get out of this quagmire of “Dunya-phobia” [world-worshiping] and live the life of a “conscious Muslim and Muslimah” within and outside our homes and hearths. Simultaneously, the Ummah as a whole has to develop the habit of spending for its die-hard needs and causes at local, national and international levels. If these two exercises are upper most in our minds, only then we will be able to attain the captioned program and make the Ummah to stand on her own legs, socially, economically, politically and militarily.


May Allah protect us from this all-damaging disease of “Wahan”. Sooner the Muslims come out of this self-imposed “pitfall”, the earlier they will be able to raise their position in the world as "Ummatun Wasata" and the "Best of Nations." It would then be easy to attain this indomitable position if we resolve to lead our individual and collective life in terms of only one Surah "Al- Asr" [The Qur'an: 103]. It will pave the way to solve not only Palestine problem but that of Chechnya, Kashmir, Balkan, ME and FE regions. The world belongs to “Mumineen Saleheen: but we haven’t yet proved our worth in the context of the modern age. Hence, we are suffering a lot and will continue to suffer till we mend our own house in order.



Shamim A Siddiqi

Dated: February 5, 2004