Dear Linda, Ramadan had showered upon you

Like morning dew, sprinkling and sparkling

Its blessings all around you, fomenting

The spiritual bounds in endless trounce, refreshing

Your soul, body and environment in a paramount bond.


"Taqwah", is the essence of this cosmos,

The moving spirit behind all that He created 

Out of His infinite mercy, being "Al-Rahman"

Perpetuates His sustenance for all that you see;  

He is "Al-Raheem" and His "Rahmah" knows no bound.


He prescribed "Sawm" for believers since time immemorial

For all ages and for Ummah that had passed,

Revealed the Qur'an, glorifying the month of Ramadan

Making Fasting obligatory to control our urges and keep them

Under moderation - the genesis of Taqwah elsewhere unfound -


The process to prefect man on earth when he obeys

His Creator and Sustainer with the freewill at his command

Enabling him to be in communion with this universe

That abides with Taqwah, the discipline of the cosmos, 

Making man the "master of what he surveys" all around


At this juncture, the believer reaches the zenith of his glory

Of perfection, the sublime status of "servitude" to his Master,  

Acquiring the position of "Abudiyah" to Allah

Coinciding the will of the slave with the will of the Creator,

Sawm in Ramadan, the surest way to attain that glorious end.