In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate and the Merciful





Introduction: Some Postulates:


 1. Allah (SWT) created man [with 3 strong urges and 1 Free will] by His own hands [Ref: V#75 of Surah Saad]


 2. He created the universe and what it contains and harnessed it all for man: [Ref: verses Al-Baqarah 29; Al-Jathia -13, Luqman -20]


 3. He gathered together all the Arwah [spirits] of Adam in Jannah and asked them “Am I not your Lord” All said “Bala” - definitely You are. It is ingrated in the human Genes. [Ref: Verse 172 of Al-Airaf & Wa-Al-Shamsh] But man needs constant REMINDER - Who will do it?


 4. God appointed Adam and Eve as the first specie of humans and sent them to earth as His vicegerent over what the world contains with the clear directives as how to live, act and behave on earth and with His firm commitment that He will go on sending HIS APPOINTED MESSNGERS with Divine Guidance [as and when it is lost, mutilated or innovated due to human interpolation] with the sole vision that he/she will be accountable when he/she comes back to Him after death. His success and failure will depend on the manner he/she lived on earth and used His bounties – as per His directives or as per his own free will? He/she will have My eternal pleasure of Jannah if lived with good deeds or My eternal displeasure of Hellfire if lived with evil/bad deeds. That is the ultimate end of human life.


* Man is a TRUSTEE of this world and what it contains not MASTER. Hence, Accountable to the Lord of this cosmos for the manner he/she uses it when living on earth.


5. Accordingly, after Adam (AS) Messengers of God and Prophets were appointed to human abode to direct the destiny of man, to keep him/her always obedient to Him, follow the Divine Guidance that was coming to man incessantly in a chain through His appointed Messengers and feel always accountable to Him consciously that he/she has to meet his/her Creator and Sustainer one Day after death and will be answerable to Him for all his/her actions and deeds on this earth. This is the essence of human’s life on earth.


6. About 124,000 Prophets of God were appointed to this earth for the guidance of mankind at different time and different places. The Most prominent of them were Noah, Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and lastly Mohammad Ibne Abdullah of Makkah [pbut]. They delivered the Guidance from the Creator and Sustainer invited the human society to establish the authority of God and His Deen on self, families and the societies in which they live. All tried their best in their respective time to this effect. Only David, Solomon and Muhammad [pbut] succeeded and established His authority and Allah’s Deen on earth in their respective time. 


7. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last Messenger of God and the message that he brought for mankind in the from of the QUR’AN was and is the last, the latest and the most updated Book of Guidance till Qayamah. His (S) mission was to establish the authority of Allah in the human society [Qum wa Anzir.  Wa Rabbeka Fakabbir” Al-Muddassir Verse 2- 3] and deliver JUSTICE to mankind, It was not possible without establishing the Deen of Allah in its totality within the body politic of the country.


8. Accordingly, the Mission of Rasulullah (S) was to establish the Islamic System of life that Qur’an contains in the human society and present his (S) life as its model [Ref: Al-Saf 61: 9, Al-Tawba- 33 & Al-Fatah 28] and thus deliver the justice to human abode [Ref: Verse # 25 of Surah Al-Hadeed]


9.  With the Revelation of the Qur’an - A very important point of departure form the previous Scriptures took place: All the previous Scriptures like, the Zabur to David, the Torah to Moses and the Injil to Jesus were revealed at a time from God to their respective Messengers but the Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (S) in piece meal – in bits by pieces, in different phases, at different times as and  the situation warranted, some necessity arose, some questions were asked for, some explanation needed or some divine commentary was required and it all completed within a period of 23 years. The Qur’an was completed the same day the mission of Rasulullah (S) was completed THROUGH the Dawah efforts of Rasulullah (S) and his beloved companions.



10. Rasulullah (S) laid down the process of presenting Dawah Ilallah from the first stage to the last – *Dawah, *Organization, *Tarbiyah, *Peaceful Resistance, *Hijrah and *Qital - in the order the Movement developed till the Deen of Allah was established in the body politic of the land. His life pattern represents these stages of Dawah Ilallah in a very concise form one after the other. This Process of Islamic Revolution and its obligation have been spelled out in the Qur’an at various places: Verse # 195 of Surah Al-Imran, Verse # 108 of Surah Yusuf; Verses# 125 to 128 of Surah Al-Nahal; Verse # 78 of Surah Al-Hajj; Verse # 45 & 46 of Surah Al-Ehzab; Verse # 30 to 36 of Surah Al-Fussalat Verse # 13, 15 of Surah Al-Shurah and at many more places through out the Qur’an.


11. *The Qur’an guided Rasulullah (S) all through in his march towards the fulfillment of his mission. You can see its importance from Verse # 21 of Surah Al-Baqarah when Allah addressed the entire humanity to His “Abudiyah”- total obedience to Allah. The entire life pattern of Rasulullah (S) is the living embodiment of Dawah Ilallah till he (S) passed away from this world – the most perfect model of a Da’ee till Qayamah.    


12.The Qur’an was guiding the Movement launched by Muhammad (S) to establish Allah’s Deen on this earth, starting from the Arabian Peninsula and culminating into the entire human society of the time. He (S) was the Messenger for the entire mankind till eternity. This job was to be done gradually, systematically and in smooth order.  So the Qur’an was revealed in gradual process in order to get it properly memorized and implemented in building the requisite characters of the followers and establish the Islamic society accordingly. Mohammad (S), after completing this assignment departed from this world, leaving behind the team of trusted leadership and that of Da’ees Ilallah and a model Islamic society which was flooded with Khair, justice, peace and security all around to serve as model to human society till Qayamah.


13. The beloved companions of Rasulullah (S), subsequently, carried out his (S) mission ofsia, Africa and partly to Europe within next 80 to 85 years and wherever they went it was through Dawah process and the beauty of their characters, love and behavior with the humanity. The world took it as the boon and benediction of Islam and welcomed it with open arms. 


14. When Muslims stopped the process of Dawah Ilallah, they succumbed to their negligence and suffered and are suffering to decay and ignominy for centuries together.


15. In consequence, however, they have Allah’s Deen intact with them in the from of the Qur’an, they have the life pattern of Prophet Muhammad (S) intact in all respects but are suffering decay and decadence though there are 57 Muslim countries today on earth but Islam is no where traceable as a political entity. What a great tragedy it is! We have to do the same things that Rasulullah (S) did at the very outset towards building this Ummah through Dawah process and got the Deen of Allah and His authority established on earth within a period of 23 years in the Arabian Peninsula and in the known world of the time within the next 80 years. The Islamic System continued to dominate the world till May 1923 when Mustafa Kamal Pasha of Turkey abolished the Khilafah out of his individual arrogance and eagerness to follow the Western secularism in its totality.


16. As a matter of fact, the Islamic Movements are struggling in Asia and North Africa but due to half hearted efforts and lack of interest of Muslim Ummah in its revival, Islam is no where is found in a dominant political situation.


17. The time has further changed.  NOW it needs a Global Islamic Movement and all-round efforts of the Muslim Ummah to augment it through the process of Dawah Ilallah on the pattern Rasulullah (S) did. Muslims must have a clear vision and devote their time, talents, energies, efforts and resources to be the Da’ee Ilallah at every place where they are, be the truthful model of a devoted and committed Muslim and Muslimah and be actively involved in the Dawah process as the true followers of Prophet Muhammad (S). Only then, Islam will emerge as the effective Savior of mankind, reviving the fate of both Muslims and that of the mankind in near future. This is our destiny and we all have to work hard to attain this goal through constant Dawah efforts both at individual and collective levels.


18. Dawah Ilallah in the context of America:  The Priorities and the Process are to remain the same as demonstrated by Rasulullah (S) in his life long struggle for establishing Allah’s Deen on this earth. The means and methodology can, however, be modernized as available to us or are still in the womb of the future. The needs and urgencies of Dawah Ilallah are the same as that of his (S) time. We have to go in the field and develop them further as per Dawah needs. Our addressees will be the common men and women of our time who are the sovereign and their political will is considered supreme in the democratic world of today. We have to address each of them and invite them to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer as the basic need of their life as He is the master not the “demos”. We have to fulfill their need as our top most priority, if we are to face our Lord with flying colors on the Day of Judgment.    


19. Unfortunately, the problem lies with us. We are taking Islam as a “religion” and not as Deen and are contented with the so-called “Salah, Sawm, Hajj and Zakah with some rituals, name and nomenclature” on the pattern our Jews and Christians brothers/sisters are satisfied with some rituals, dogmas and myths. That is all.


20. Whereas Islam is a Deen, a Movement and invites each of us to accept and practice it as Al-Deen Al-Islam and present to the world as Al-Deen and invite the humanity to its fold incessantly day and night with all our might, wisdom and concern for human society to live in peace with Justice – Al-Adl wa Al-Qist to all and malice to none.


May Allah pave our path with success and Barakah all through! Ameen! O Allah! Make each of us truthful “Da’ee Ilallah” in American perspective and give us Tawfeeq to be the pioneers of the Global Islamic Movement – the only CURE to deliver justice, peace and security to mankind globally. Ameen!


Shamim A Siddiqi

February 5, 2012