This is the proper dialogue in respect of the Qur'an and what it contains - the basics and fundamental principles or guidelines of all the Science subjects. I am just quoting a few Verses of the Qur'an for thinking by each and all of you by clear directives of our Lord of this cosmos to think over all the signs of Allah.


1. About the creation of heaven and earth as a compact whole in the beginning and virtually their separation in so many units subsequently that are known today as earth, moon, sun and trillions of stars, galaxies, clusters and Constellations and their respective trajectories in this crowded space.  Kindly  study Verses # 30 to 33 of Surah # 21. Al-Ambiya.


2. The universe is in ever-expanding process since its creation.  When Voyager # 2 was directed in mid nineties of the last century to take the pictures of expanding universe, it bluntly refused to do so and told to earth that the Universe is expanding constantly at the speed of 83,000 miles per second in its outer bounds. Hence it cannot take its pictures. The Qur'an describes this phenomenon in Verses # 47 & 48 of Surah # 51, Al- Zariyah 1400 years ago


3. The condition of extreme darkness in the sea water has been described  in Verse # 40 of  Surah # 24. Al-NOOR  when the science of Oceanography was not developed at all.



These are just a few examples. The Qur'an is full of thousands and thousands of such references that explains the secrets of natures deep under the sea, high above the sky and deep within the human genes lying their as the secrets of human body and the scientist are busy day in and day out around  the world towards decoding the secrets of our genes.


4. God created the human being and imbibed in him/her his/her good and bad inclinations. They all are hidden   in human genes as Mentioned in Verse # 8 of Surah # 91,  Al-Shamsh. The codification process of human Genes when will be completed and reaches perfection, man will come  to know what are his source of Good and evil designs in  his/her body or human frame. Man will be able to conquer himself or herself on his own accord. That may be the most gracious era of mankind when evil will be curbed by man and good will be promoted all around. Man will get the eternal peace and justice.


5. The Qur'an will come to human help and in future in gradual stages  .              


Hope all the intelligent humans will work to discover trillion of secrets that man has to discover NOW only through the Qur'an as the beacon of knowledge and light  for the benefit of man ultimately.


I humbly request you all to express their respective views, findings and comments for their  own study of  the Qur'an and make it  a constructive  Forum for the benefit of mankind. PLEASE, YOU ALL UNDERATKE THAT YOU MUST CONTRIBUTE,


Shukrun wa Jazakallah


Shamim Siddiqi  .