[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The eloquent appeal made by Mohtram Abdul Haq Falahi in the Isharat of Zindagi -e. Naw, July 2003 towards Dawah Ilallah is quite impressive. It is extensively supported by Verses from the Qur'an that exhort a Muslim to be a Da'ee and be involved in Dawah process. But he didn't elucidate or propound as how to do Dawah in a pluralistic society like India, preparing the ground towards the accomplishment of the ideology and the goal that JIH upholds. It might be available in its four yearly "Miqat" in different form and shape but it is not before me.

I am living in the pluralistic society of America and surrounded by all faiths, cults and dogmas. Hindus too are living here very prominently. I was expecting that Mohtram Falahi will unfold some plan and program as how to call the people of the land unto the fold of their Creator and Sustainer; how to take them out from the world of paganism and liberal cults to the world of Tawhediat; how to offer solace to their tormented hearts and minds and how to balance the life of common man that has been shattered under extremely tight centuries old rituals, taboos and "denials"? How to get the people of the land first free from the bondage of "slavery" of religious customs, the hierarchy of the priesthood, the supremacy of the Brahmins or high cast Hindus and then elevate their position at par with other humans as equals in the pursuits of happiness and attaining success of both the worlds? Equally, working through what plan and program the stage can be set for the emergence of Islam as a political entity in the complex socio-religious-political set up of India in due course of time?


I have no idea how JIH will do this job when it resolved to change the society, fight against corruption at all levels, annihilate the cast system, give "tongue" to the untouchables and bring the status of the lowest at par with the highest placed in the society? What program it has to raise the status of the predominantly oppressed womenfolk of India? Alhamdulillah, these are very high ideals and JI is striving and must strive hard to attain them within a feasible time frame with set targets, otherwise, the goal will become a stalemate and a matter of distant dream. My humble suggestions are as follows:


1. In my humble opinion these ideals can be accomplished if JI starts working at the grass root level, building the momentum gradually at its individual workers level, especially Arkan, who are dedicated, devoted and committed. If the case is not so, it should first concentrate in transforming each one of them into an effective Da'ee Ilallah in Indian perspective at their respective places, neighborhood and in vicinity.


2.  Each worker will try to ignite the environment around him or her by setting:


i.   his or her own house as model Muslim family;

ii.  his or her own example as a model socio-political worker [activists] in their respective  domain, demonstrating  the exemplary trustworthy character of a Da'ee;  

iii. working day and night enthusiastically with active cooperation of the local people, irrespective of their cast and creed, in developing and establishing around themselves an "Island of peace" [IOP] based on common human values [Ma'roof to be followed by Munkar] at their respective places within a variable time frame of three to four years, depending on the local condition and targeting to build 5, 000 such basic "units of peace" throughout India within the next four years time.


Important Notes:

1. Initially the "Island of peace" will cover an area of about  1 to 2 sq. mile, depending on the number of workers available in that area;

2.  This IOP will be the target of intensive and extensive Dawah activities, mass contact programs and humanitarian services involving the local people in social activities as much as possible;

3.  It will help in building the requisite good will for the IM and the image of its workers as socio-political activists with dependable and trustworthy character.

In subsequent stage or stages, additional areas will be added to this IOP in geographical contiguity, depending on the availability of Thareeki workers locally and the amount of cooperation from the people of the area with a target to build 10, 000 additional Islands of Peace throughout India [totaling 25 to 30,000 or more]. The building of the IOP will increase in geometrical proportion in a continuous geographical contiguity.

5. The area covering the IOP will continue to increase in stages till it ultimately covers an electoral constituency or greater part of it.  If the project continues systematically and programmatically, it will not take more than 20 to 25 years to win over the hearts of the "electorates" of the area, enabling the JI to set up its own or pro-Jamaat or an honest person as candidate of the area, as the situation would warrant, for local, provincial and national elections.

6.  In fact, this is the Roadmap for JIH to create the atmosphere for promoting the Islamic values in the heterogeneous pluralistic society of India. It may pave the way ultimately for the emergence of Islam as political entity, first in "localities", then in "provinces" and then at "national" level. All depends on our ingenuity, sincerity and human efforts that are put behind this long drawn out process. JIH has no choice but to set out its march to prepare the country for the human values that it cherishes and promotes. Allah (SWT) in His infinite mercy will help us. He stands committed:  "Wallazeena Jahadu feena, lanahdiyanahum subulana".  Every one of us must have confirm believe in the commitment of Allah. But if we don't make any effort and remain "stagnant," His blessings too will remain dormant, always waiting at the horizon for the forthcoming men of action and deeds.

7. The four yearly "Meqats" of the JIH will need revision and adjustment accordingly

8. This whole process does not need any publicity and fanfare but silent working for the targeted goal. This should be the policy of the Jamaat at each level. Publicity gives nothing but "headaches." 

9.  All the programs of JIH must rotate around this axis of IOP. The attitude of "hesitancy" about setting a political agenda that is apparently visible both in the leadership and the program all around must be buried deep into the Indian Ocean for good. "Precaution" and "reservation" are denying the opportunity to the Jamaat to present itself as the "NEED OF THE PEOPLE'". If Islam has the "Khair" and solution of human problems, it must now be ventilated in full to the people of the land through intensive and extensive Dawah programs at each level and through the character and behavior of its workers at their respective places, making IOP as a landmark program to transform the sick and the corrupt society of India into a vibrant human society that stands for justice to all.


10. This vision must now be visible through our programs, speeches and personal contacts at every level. India stands today to be "re-discovered" what Pundit Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi could not do in the last millennium, JIH should undertake to accomplish it in the current millennium. I wish JIH all success through their period of trials and tribulation that are inevitable when it would set out its march of rediscovering India afresh.


Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                                              
July 26, 2003