In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




There is a surge of feminine leadership around the world in countries where secularism has been adopted as the cult of life. The fair sex is contesting the men at equal footings in every field of life including political arena. During the last fifty years, in the wake of the Second Great war of 1938-45, secular societies of Europe and Americas and elsewhere in the world broadly opened up, becoming more and more liberal, tolerant, educative and conscious of equality in gender. This phenomenon helped the western women to be involved actively in social, economic and political activities, emerging as entrepreneur in every field of education, adventure, art, science and technology and the political field was also no exception to it.  They have played marvel too in it. If the trend continues, soon they may outfit and overcome men and may emerge as “superwoman” of this millennium. This has been possible because of their advancement in education and technical know-how and utilizing the opportunities that advanced societies offered them to avail.


From Philippine to Chilies and from Scandinavian countries to Liberia, women have been and are emerging one after another as head, presidents and prime ministers, of the state and run the affairs of their respective nations in different countries at different times. This surge is spectacular and reminds the Muslim world that how far they will let their womenfolk secluded, surrounded within the four walls of their houses, deprived of modern education, science and technologies, trade and businesses and denied them the rights and privileges that Allah and His Prophet (S) have ordained for them meticulously in the Qur’an and Sunnah?  How long they will be denied to have equal opportunities to “compete” with men on merit to the extent possible within the limits prescribed by the Shariah? How long the Muslim Ummah will keep about its fifty percent creative and constructive hands bogged down simply as housewives? When the Ummah and its leadership will realize that an “enlightened” Muslim mother, living under the reality of ever-consciousness of Allah’s presence in and around her and constantly feeling accountable to Him, is a fountain of Himalayan River that gushes down the slope to fertile the land on its path with enormous yielding power?  This “latent” energy is required to rebuild the Ummah? This onerous task can be undertaken only by our mothers and sisters and they will accomplish the job with the force of their Aqeedah and the knowledge that they will acquire in the context of the modern world.


The developing phenomenon around the world shows that women by nature have been endowed with equal amount of talents, energies, initiative powers, stamina and the will to progress and prosper through their own efforts and undertakings.  As such, there should not be any discrimination on account of color, sex, faith, religion or physical capacities in the name of gender. God-given differences and distinctions in one another are there. They are natural and they will remain there. But these womenfolk when energized with indomitable Iman in their hearts and minds, the Muslim women become different. They then can play miracles in the annals of modern history as recently did Sister Zainab Ghazali in Egypt and Dr Ezra Batool in Pakistan The attribute of Iman gives them extra-strength of character, courage and determination, Sabr and Azima to do something that the ordinary women feel “impossible”. Unfortunately, the Muslim Ummah is not using this “latent” energy lying “closed” within our homes and hearths and looking “foolishly” towards the western societies for help and guidance.   It reminds me a verse from Iqbal:


“Apni Ummat per Qayas aqwamey Maghrib ka Na kar <> Khas hai tarkeeb mein Qawmey Rasuley Hashmi” [Translation: Don’t treat your Ummah on the pattern of western nations. The constitution and make-up of the Ummah of Rasulullah (S) is unique]


Everywhere everyday Muslims are talking and crying about their precarious plight but they don’t care to think that the solution is in our home. If our sisters and daughters, the future mothers, are properly groomed as truthful Muslimah at home right from childhood, proper education upto the highest possible stage is imparted to them as per their respective inclination and natural urge in Islamic environment, opportunities are opened and are available to the qualified ones in the broader spectrum of field works, the society and its law and order situation guarantees their free movement with constant vigilance all around, there is no reason to conceive that Muslim womenfolk would not be able to do much better and par excellence job than what the women are doing in the Western societies? The glimpses of Muslim history prove that Ummah could survive only at those periods when its mothers were producing giant men of genius and extraordinary talents through the Tarbiyah and Tazkiyah of their children right from their birth and onward. Those glorious examples can still be repeated provided the Ummah devotes its maximum time, talents, energies and resources on this front.


If Muslim leadership in stead of fighting together for the worldly gains-fame-name and power politics devote their time and energies in building new nation around their mothers sisters and daughters, we can reconstruct afresh the Muslim Ummah with greater achievements and distinction at every step. Only then the Revival of Ummah will be possible here in America or back home in our countries of origin.


The responsibility of our womenfolk is great in this respect. It is they who individually and collectively through their Associations and family groups will have to undertake this giant responsibility of reviving their fate to reconstruct the Ummah afresh first in America and then in the Muslim world through Internet. Once they are out in the field for this sacred task, Muslim men will have no choice but to come forward to their help with mal, moral and physical support. A genuine effort by our sisters will have the effect of a double aged sword: it would revive the fate of Muslim Ummah at an accelerated pace and simultaneously kill the Batil propaganda going on in the name Muslim women’s liberation by the Feminist Movement of Europe, America and through different agencies of the UN. This is the real call of the time and I hope our activist Muslim sisters will accept this challenge as a matter of pride and a lifelong pursuit. Allah (SWT) will grace their efforts with success.


Shamim Siddiqi

January 22, 2006