Muhammad (S) - The Ambassador of Peace


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


I am unable to understand what made Jerry Falwell to pronounce Prophet Muhammad (S) as a “terrorist”. Falwell had no idea what he was talking and whom he was accusing. A human being that never killed anyone by his hands even in battlefields; a person who was always kind even to his worst enemies; a general who pardoned the entire people who were his arch enemies after the conquest of Makkah; a man who was always kind and merciful even to animals and POW’s, affectionate to children, considerate for the poor, needy, incapacitated, widows, orphans and womenfolk, how can he (S) could be accused by a scholar like Falwell that he was a “terrorist”. A person who was the first to declare the Charter of Human Rights in 632 AD in Makkah and practiced it in its minutest details throughout his (S) life in the body politic of the society established by him, how could he be called a “terrorist” by a person who is totally ignorant of the contribution made by Mohammad (S) in uplifting the human society from utter darkness of ignorance to light and guidance.


It shows that Falwell never studied the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) directly through the Qur’an that declares him (S) as the “Mercy for the entire mankind” and approves his character as the “most perfect model for human beings”. 


Jerry Falwell perhaps never bothered to go through Muhammad (S) life history that is full of love, sympathy and compassionate feelings for the week, the oppressed and the have-nots. Falwell should have thought over it that how such an imminent and God loving, God-conscious person can be a “terrorist”? Characters are not built over night. Muhammad’s (S) 23 years life at Makkah and Madinah demonstrates a culture that can only deliver good to mankind.  The panoramic view of Muhammad’s life presents him as the only hope of mankind to get it out of the existing hovering deep and dense clouds of hate, prejudices, discriminations, racial-liberal-power-drunk culture of the day where the only superpower of the time is determined to impose its most pernicious will over the week and the poor nations/people of the day.


Falwell, perhaps, had envisioned the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) only from the prejudiced mind of a Jew or a Christian zealot and parrot-like repeated the propaganda campaign going on in the media against Islam, Qur’an, Mohammad and Muslims in the USA and around the world. He should at least have studied George B Shaw, Mahatma Gandhi, T. W. Arnold and other oriental writers and historians before opening his “big” mouth against the sacred name of Prophet Muhammad (S). He should have turned the pages of “The 100” by his own countryman, Michel H. Hart who has put Muhammad (S) at the top of all the illustrious people of history, even above Moses, Jesus and Newton. All have spoken very eloquently about Muhammad (S). It appears that perhaps Falwell is color-blind and cannot see the truth without anti-Islam colored glasses.



By ascribing the last Prophet of God as a “terrorist”, Falwell forgot that one day he is to die and meet his Creator and Sustainer where he will be held accountable for his accusative, nonsensical and irresponsible utterances. One must be sure that if he does not repent and seek the pardon of God and the Muslim community to whom he has hurt unspeakably, God forbid, he might be hurled in one of the ditches of hell. He is in fact blowing his master’s voice. What has deliberately been coined by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Tony-Sharon-Vajpayee axis to camouflage their imperialistic designs to subjugate the oil-rich Muslim world, torpedo the Islamic Movements around the world and uproot the Muslims from Euro-American soil and set the world ready to enact the drama of the “clash of civilization” at the altar of “terrorism”. Mr. Falwell is hurling the same filth on the fair name of the Prophet of Allah as an integral part of the mischievous game of neo-colonialism. 


I feel pity for Jerry Falwell and brothers/sisters like him who are ignorant of Islam, the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) and the blessings it could shower if his life had been correctly understood and set before as model for rejuvenating our lives, our homes and our societies as a boon for humanity. It is really the tragedy of enormous magnitude that the person who could change and balance our’s, our family’s and our society’s life in moderation, is being termed as a “terrorist”. This is the worst tragedy than that of September 11. The wounds of 9/11 can be healed in due course of time but the catastrophe this horrendous accusation is creating in the American society may take decades to vacate its evil effects. Falwell got a ready-made accusative terminology, picked it up and hurled it over the equally ignorant masses of this country to stage a comeback in the body politic of the land that he was fast losing. What a cheap and sinful means he has adopted to come in the forefront of the day.


Falwell must now declare to the world that Muhammad (S) was NOT a “terrorist” but the most accomplished ambassador of peace. It was his [Falwell’s] foolishness that he was carried away by the misleading propaganda of the Zionist conspiracy and the prejudiced media. Only then he can save his skin NOW from the wrath of his Creator and Sustainer.



Shamim A Siddiqi

Dated October 7, 02