In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


INTRODUCTION:  Building the Team of Da’ees in American perspectives is extremely essential and an unavoidable prelude towards introducing the Deen of Allah to the people of the land and its spreading at last. However, there are many brothers and sisters who are not able to understand its necessity and feel its urgency to undergo a special Da’ees Training Program for its sake whereas a lot of Halaquas [Circles] in different names are already busy in teaching Tajweed, Usulul Fiqh, Qur’anic Tafseer, Ahadith of Rasulullah (S), Islamic History, day today problems of Fiqh, Aqeedah and the Qur’anic Arabic, serving the cause of Islam one way or the other. All these classes are good in nature but they do not communicate the total concept of Islam as Al-Deen and a Movement and fulfill its prime need towards the resurrection of Ummah. It is, therefore, essential that the objectivity of this program must be ventilated in full in order to inspire the Muslim leadership and our promising youth to undergo this comprehensive training as an obligation of their Deen and Iman.


To understand our situation in correct perspective, I have to elaborate the position of Muslim Ummah a bit in detail. Let us see first: What is our position on this earth?




* Allah created man by His own hands and endowed him with strong three urges and one dominant free will [Ref: Verse # 75 of Surah Saa’d];


* Allah created this cosmos and what it contains for man and then harnessed it for him as ordained in Verse # 19 of Surah Luqman; Verse # 24 of Al-Baqarah & Verse # 13 of Al-Ja’thia; 


* Sometime in the infinity of time, Allah (SWT) assembled together the spirits {Arwah] of all the progenies of Adam and put the question before them: “A’lastu Berabbekum”Am I not Your Lord? They all confessed and said, “Bala” – Definitely, [You are] – “Lest you say on the Day of Judgment: Lo! of this we were unaware”. {Ref: Verse # 172 of Surah Al-Airaf];


* Allah declared and spoke to His angles that He wants to appoint a Khalifah [Vicegerent] on earth: “Lo! I am about to place a vicegerent on earth” [Ref Verses # 30 to 36 of Al-Baqarah and Verse # 11 to 24 of Al-Airaf] for this entire episode that took place in Jannah] -  Inni Ja'lun fi--al-ardey khalifah;


* Allah kept Adam and Eve in Jannah for some time unknown to us till the character of both Adam and Shaitan were tested and the earth became habitable for humans;


* Allah then sent Adam and Eve to earth as their temporary abode with a clearCommitment” on His part that He will go on sending Guidance to Man through His appointed Messengers as and when needed as how to act, live and behave on earth with this undertaking that whosoever follow it, he will be rewarded with eternal bliss and whosoever deny the guidance will face eternal torment;  


* So, every individual human being is Allah’s Vicegerent on earth, irrespective of the fact whether he accepts it or not but Muslims are the recognized “Khalifatullah” [Khalifah of Allah] on earth by virtue of their entering into the fold of Allah and making a deal with Him by reciting Shahadah – “La llaha Ilallah Muhammadun Rasulullah” [Ref Verse # 111 of Surah Al-Tawbah]. This deal with Allah (SWT) is very comprehensive, life-long, and ever-binding till his or her last breath to struggle for establishing His authority on self, family and the society in which he/she lives. What are the scope and what it surmounts, Allah describes it in the next Verse # 112 of Al-Tawbah].A Muslim has to fulfill the conditions of his position – lives like a Mumin [obedient to Allah alone] and spends his time, talents, energies and resources in His way for the Iqamah of His Deen on earth for the whole of his/her life. This is the eternal mission of his/her life and he/she has to carry it out individually and collectively in a Jamaa’h till the Deen of Allah either is established or he/she gives up his/her life for its sake.    


Rasulullah (S) expressed the same determination when he (S) told to his (S) uncle Abu Talib: “Mushrekeen [idolaters] can put sun in my right hand and moon in my left; I will not give up the mission [of Dawah Ilallah] till I succeed or give up my life in this pursuit”. [Narrated both by Bukhari and Muslim]  Are we doing this job?


*This fixes our position as Muslims and Muslimah on this earth for good. Any deviation from it will be a great crime in the sight of Allah (SWT), inviting constantly His wrath. Brothers and siste4rs, will it not shiver us by realizing where we stand today and what this position demands from us?


2. WHAT ISLAM IS?  It is a very potential and pertinent question that I have raised before you. Islam perhaps is the most misunderstood “Deen” even amongst Muslims what to say of others. It is divided in so many sects, dogmas, rituals, traditions, different Sufi Tareeqaas that it is very difficult to recognize and distinguish it from its original concept of Deen - Al-Islam. Through decadence of centuries together it has been rendered into a religion as Judaism and Christianity are. The tragedy is this that each “group” or “faction” is satisfied with what he/she is holding and never bothers to know what Islam is in its totality and what it demands from us as Muslim and Muslimah  as how to act, live and behave on this earth?


In fact, Islam is Al-Deen as ordained by Allah (SWT) in Verse # 19 of  Al-Imran:Inna-Al-Deena Indallahe Al-Islam”;


“Wa mun yabtageh Ghairul Islamay Deenun falan Yuqbalu minhu wa huwah fil Al-Akheratey min-al-Khasereen” – [Verse. 3: 85, Al-Imam] “And one who seeks Deen other than Islam, it will not be accepted from him and he will be a looser in Akhirah”


“Afaghaira Deen-Allah yabghoon wa lahu aslamu mun fi-al-samawatey wa-Al-Ardey Tawun wa Karhun wa ilahey turjaoon” [Verse # 83 of al-Imran] “They seek other than the Deen of Allah when unto Him submits whatever is in heaven and earth willingly and unwillingly and unto Him all will return”


*Al-Yawmah Akmaltu Lakum Deenakum wa Atmamtu Alaikum Naimati wa Razeetu Lakum-Al Islama Deenun” [Ref: Verse # 3 of Al-Ma’edah] “This day I have perfected your Deen for you and completed My favors unto you, and have chosen fro you ISLAM AS DEEN”


These quotes from the Qur’an elaborate what Allah likes and what He does not like at all in respect of Al-Deen al-Islam.


- Let us define: what Deen is? Al-Deen Al-Islam is a system of life that governs and controls the entire spectrum of human life from birth to death and from cradle to grave both in the individual and collective spheres of life, elaborating clearly how to act, live and behave on earth as approved/ordained by Allah (SWT) and demonstrated by Rasulullah (S) in his (S) life-pattern.


It is thus incumbent upon each Muslim and Muslimah to take Islam as a whole, study it as a complete system of life, present it to the world in its perfect form and do not shop over it. Islam will give its Barakah only if we practice it in its totality as a perfect socio-economic-political entity in all and every walk of life. From Dawah point of view it is very essential that we study Islam as a Deen, develop ourselves as its models, present it to the people of the land as the solution to their different problems of life as their need and build a model community on that pattern.


It is therefore essential that a Da’ee must understand - Contents of DTP flyer can also be presented at this stage as what the student will learn from DTP classes:


* The concept of Deen;

* Cohesiveness of Aqeedah – Iman Billah, Prophethood, angels as the agent of Allah, accountability in Akhirah, Resurrection after death and destiny. In a perfect cohesive form as they are totally inter-linked. 

* Concept of Ebadah, Hijra, struggle in the way of Allah – [Jihad in the way of Allah] * Understanding the Concept of: Iman, Total surrender to Allah];  Iman as A Commitment]; Taqwah [feeling always accountable to Him]; Ehsan [living under constant vigilance of Allah]; Infaq in the way of Allah; * Different conditions in which a Mumin lives constantly: Sabr and Shukr; fear and hope; Tawakkal Al-Allah; * inevitability of trials and tribulations; *Azimah [determination] and inculcating the dominant spirit of sacrifice of time, talents, energies, and resources in the way of Allah for the Iqamah of His Deen and His authority on earth 

* Studying the Qur’an on regular basis as the system of life prescribed by Allah that you understand it by yourself;

* Study of the Seerah of Rasulullah (S) and his (S) beloved companions as how they struggled and established the Deen of Allah and how can we do it today;

* Study of Islam and it social, economic and political system in comparison to modern isms and the history of Europe since Renaissance to understand the currents and cross-currents of modern age till 21st century.

* Study of the history of Islam through crises

* Study of Arabic language to understand Islam directly from its original sources.

* Study of Usulul Fiqh

* Learning and practicing Dawah Ilallah as a regular field program – understanding well it scope, its needs, its technique, its limitations, its do’s and don’ts, its process, knowing contactees and the Methodology of Dawah in the context of the modern world;

 Thus, building the Team of Da’ee Ilallah [DI] – envisages a Comprehensive Training Program t cater its needs and urgencies. Accordingly, it is what we are going to start in this mosque soon, Insha Allah.


Warning: If we do not take Islam in this perspective, desired results will never be attained, even if we try for a thousand years more. It is on the a pattern our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S) build his (S) Movement and established the authority of Allah in Arabian peninsula and we too can get astounding results by following his (S) pattern meticulously.





3. NOW THINK WHAT FOR ISLAM CAME THROUGH AGES? {Can anyone of you answer? 


A: *To deliver Al-Adl wa Quist to suffering humanity. And * to take out humans from the slavery of man to the slavery of Allah Rabbul A’lameen [Mughirah bin Shaba in the court of Rustum of Iran before the battle of Quadsia]


“Laqad Arsalna Rosuluna bil-bayyanatey wa anzalna Maahum-al-kitaba wa-al-mizan ley-yaqumannasu bilquistey wa anzaln-al-hadeed Fihey basun shadeedu wa Manafeyu lil-al-nnasey wa ley-yalamallahu mun yansuruhu wa Rusulahu bil-ghaibey. Innallah Qawiyun Aziz, [Verse # 25 of Surah # 57 of Al-Hadeed]


‘Huwallazi yunazzelu ala abdehi a’ya’tin bayyana’tin ley-yukhrejakum min-al-zulumatey ila-al-noor. Innallah bekum laraoofur Rahim. [Verse # 9 of Al-Hadee4d]

- Further Ref:  Ibrahim (14): 1;


Q. who is doing this job? Are you or the Muslim Ummah?  How will you face your Lord on Day of Judgment with what answer? Please share it with us.




* To call the people to the fold of Allah; * eradicate Munkar and; * establish Maa’roof in its place

- “Kuntum Khaira Ummatin ukhrejut lil-nnasey Tamuruna bil-Maa’rufey wa Tanhauna un-al-mukar wa tuminuna Billah…….” [Verse # 110 of Al-Imran]


- ‘Waltakun-Minkum Ummatun yadwoona ilal-al-Kahir wa yamuruna bil-maaroof wa yanhauna anil-al-Munkar, Wa Uulaa’yeka humul Muflehoon” [Verse # 104 of al-Imran]


- “Wa Kazaleka jaalnakum Ummatan Wasatan Letakunu Shuhadaa’ala-al-nnasey wa yakuna-al-Rasulu Alaikum Shaheedah…….” [Verse # 143 of Al-Baqarah]


{Further Ref” Verse # 78 of Al-hajj]



 - The aforesaid responsibilities or Agenda of Muslim Ummah cannot be fulfilled without struggling for the Iqamah of Allah’s Deen the way Rasulullah (S) did and Allah’s Deen is established somewhere in this world. 


- Howallazi arsala Rasulahu bilhudah wa Deeni-al-Haq leyuzherahu ala-al-Deeney kullehi wa lau karehal Mushrekoon” [Al-Saf - 61: 9] p; Al-Tawbah -9: 33 - walau karehal Mushrekoon); Al-Fathey - 48: 28 (wa Kafa billahey Shaheedah)]


- Confusion amongst Muslim scholars about the word “ Izhare Deen”:

 “Zahara”: he overcame; conquered, overpowered or mastered; gained the mastery or victory or prevailed over him –Arabic English Lexicon BY Edward William Lane; Page 1926 Vol. # V] Jan 17, 1996; {We have kingdom why can’t we have Khalifah – Br HY; M Margavi; Maulana Wahiduddin.]



*Assignment of Rasulullah: “Qum wa Anzir wa Rabbeka Fakabbir”–Al-Muddathir

*Given the Political slogan: “La Ilaha Ilallah” [to call the people to the fold of Allah

*The Needs of Rasulullah (S): *Guidance; *Team of trusted workers; *Land to establish Allah’s Deen; [He (S) rightly concentrated on humans – if individuals are corrected, all will be OK]

*What was he contemplating in Hera? Had taken up any issue after his assignment?

*Guidance came from Allah in bits and pieces and completed in 23 years;

 - Building Team of trusted workers – Da’ee Ilallah, he (S) undertook; How many? 124 from Makkah, 63 from Aus and 173 from Khazraj.

 - Search for land to establish Deen of Allah, he(S) continued for 12 years in Makkah

*The process: *Dawah, *Organization, *Tarbiyah, *Peaceful Resistance, *Hijra, *last stage – Qital, the last resort. [What the most important feature of this process?

- Can process be changed? No. But Methods can be used latest; How accomplished?  

- Rasulullah (S) demonstrated a perfect model in all respect. 

- Most important feature of Peaceful Resistance: Rasulullah (S) and Sahabah never retaliated while making every effort towards Dawah Ilallah. - kept hands-crossed



* Who will carry out his job NOW? OUR PRESENT POSITION:

 - There are 57 Muslim countries in the world but Islam is no where dominant. They are not doing this job.

-  There are many Islamic Movements around the world but none could succeed in establishing Islam in the body politics of their respective countries: Ikhwan, JI... Masjumi, Hizbut Tahreer an many local/regional organizations;


8. WHY THEY COULD NOT SUCCEED? – Some of major causes of failure:

* The impediments: * Age old enmity against Islam; *Leadership of Muslim world –Who got? *Concept of Al-Deen is blurred or missing - Islam has become a religion and – a house divided within itself; *Involvement in huge crop of community and sectarian problems; Crusade of superpower and its allies; Corrupt leadership in power every:

* Muslims have become Reactionaries

* Problems are many, numerous and cannot be counted: [“LA TAHSUHA”]  

* THE MAIN ISSUE: the interference of the Western powers in the internal affairs of the Muslim world. If it is not stopped, nowhere in the Muslim world, Islam can emerge as a political identity : IT NEEDS: Removal of hate and false misconceptions against Islam and Muslim from people’s mind through a well organized Dawah Program in the WEST, in the USA. It needs a trustworthy TEAM OF DA’EES IN AMERICAN PERSPWECTIVE AS Muslim World could not and cannot do any thing in this respect


9. NOW – HOW TO GET THE DEEN OF ALLAH INTRODUCED AND SPREAD IN THE WEST? [The essence of Iqamatuddeen now lies in Democratic set-ups]

*What we have:  *Guidance; *Land in abundance; *BUT NO TEAM OF DA’EES in American perspective & we have to build that TEAM bearing the following characteristics [our current ready made leadership with a few exceptions are h=good for nothing; The way Rasulullah (S) had to build his (S) team, the same way we have to build our team in the context of modern world.. 


10. Building DA’EE’S Team through DTP - The first step in that direction:

 HOW TO BUILD THE TEAM OF DA’EE ILALLAH: What are its requisites?

i. Clarity of vision and love for the mission: [eg.Keys of Kaabah; Khabbab b Arat;]

ii. Acquiring working knowledge of Islam;

iii. Understanding this country, its people and their problem better than a Senator;

iv. Building in each a trustworthy character through self-development process;

v. Developing the habit of sacrificing time, talents, energies and resources in His way

vi. Be part of the Jamaa’h –It would be a collective effort; its benedictions are great:

     [REF: Al-Tawbah -119] “Ya-Ayyuhallazina Amanu-al-Taqu-Allah wa kunu Ma



11. Adage of Imam Ma’lik (RA): “Lun Yuslehu akhiru hazehil-Ummah illa bema suleha behi awwaluha [the end part of Ummah cannot be reformed unless we resort the same process through which it was build at the outset]

* demands the same action to correct our situation


12 AGENDA FOR DA’EES TEAM: I have tried to put the entire scenario of Muslim Ummah with its past, present and future. We have to build the Ummah AFRESH on the lines Rasulullah (S) did raised it from scratch through his glorious efforts. His model is before us. Let us follow it meticulously, plan it properly, build an effective of Da’ee Ilallah in American perspective with the following Agenda,* and work in this country quietly and constitutionally at least for two decades. The results will then be visible on the horizon, Insha Allah



1. Search for righteous people for the Team -Calling the people to the fold of Allah

2 .Producing Issue- oriented Dawah literature: Tawheed, Akhirah and Risalah ++

3. Removing Munkar with cooperation JC society and establishing Maa’roof;

4. Building Model Muslim Community where possible

5 Promoting moral values that are common with JC and our Constitution protects.

6. Involving the team in: Service to humanity both at individual and collective levels

7. Participating gradually in the Election process of the country.

8. Working on this pattern in Muslim countries simultaneously for the Revival or

   Resurrection of Muslim Ummah and get it out of the mess.


CONCLUSION: I pray to Allah (SWT) to help us with His Tawfeeq, shower His Mercy upon all of us and pave the way to introduce and spread the Deen of Allah to humanity in the Western hemisphere as His promise goes:

 “Wallazina Jahadu Fina, lanahdeyannahum subulana, Innallaha lamaal Muhseneen” [Al-Ankabut, 29:69];


Translation: As for those who strive in Us, We surely guide them to Our path, and Lo! Allah is with the good (Al-Muhseneen).  Amen!


Shamim A Siddiqi

Phone: 516-333-4222

August 17, 2008