In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and Merciful




[Shamim Siddiqi, New York]


The overwhelming democratic forces of the  USA  elected Barak Obama as the 44 President of the country with a convincing majority, showing general mass support. However, the development of events immediately in the post-election era tells a different story. The President-elect is surrounded intimately by the anti-democratic forces of "Ahley Yahud and Ahley Hanud" [The Jewish and Hindu people]. As it is generally understood, this situation does not auger well. The oppressed Muslim minority of America and around the world, especially of ME and SE Asia, under the Bush Regime, feels dejected and alarmed with these developments. It could not rejoice the success of the democratic process in the country and its rising silver linen in the horizon  even for a couple of days after Elections -2008.   


However, I don't think that there is any point of disappointment. This is the "miracle" of American democracy that has displayed its promising features of hopes to its people that the "change" is possible in this country howsoever the situation may look gloomy and suffocating. I appreciate  the pragmatic spirit of NY Times that for the last so many years it is writing about the "misdeeds" of Bush's behavior towards the human rights violation, encroachment and infringement of the rights of individual freedom, illegal detention without trial in Guantanamo Bay, false and concocted war against Iraq and Afghanistan, cutting taxes  for the 1 % rich, bringing the country  to the brink of bankruptcy and darkening the fare name of America in the community  of nations. It is still hopeful that the requisite change is inevitable and “it is coming”. The election of Obama has set the ground to correct all these disastrous situations at the national firmament within a feasible future. That is the most hopeful feature of his election and we must cherish it. Obama will have to do it to maintain his credibility and prove to be the man of hours following the legacies of President Truman and President Kennedy.


But his surrounding by "Ahley Yahud and Ahley Hanud" is a different story and that constitutes a lesson for American Muslims to learn and practice on their own accord. 


Jews in this country are well organized, do have a well disciplined, objective-oriented national leadership,  have a solid vote bank of their own in between one and half  million or two in five concentrated zones or states, a well organized team of volunteer corpse around the country both at local and national levels, a trust worthy source of election financing to their favorable candidates along with a net work of TV and Radio stations to support the candidate of their national and regional choice for the posts of President, Senate and Congressmen. Hindus of the USA are following their footsteps on the same lines.


They work at grass root level of American politics like ordinary volunteers, finance the election funds of each candidate and become his close trustworthy associates as we see in the character of the Congressman Mr. Rahm  Emanuel of Jewish origin and the economist Mrs. Sonal Shah of Indian origin. They  and others like them worked for Obama day in and day out and earned his trust and confidence. He thus rewarded them what they deserve. None should have a grudge against anyone of them. This is a wide game plan for the Muslims too  to follow for years together to play as Jews and Indian lobby is playing concentratively  for so many decades in the USA and in its grass root  democratic process to get the reward as Obama showered upon them instantaneously after the elections.


It is what I have been advocating for the last so many years for the Muslims to plunge  into the political process of this country in order to get the life of respect and honor here at home and abroad. For Muslims to earn a meaningful political recognition in this country will have to build: 


* A trusted regional and central leadership ; *  A solid vote bank of a couple of millions in terms of their growing numerical strength; * A community based strong team of well educated and highly politically conscious team of volunteers both at local and national levels; * A national fund to take care towards financing the social and political needs of the Ummah as and when situation warrants; * A strategic plan to organize Muslim community around Masajid to serve the social and political needs of this nation in close collaboration with Judeo - Christian community at the grass root level.


This is the theme and contents of my paper: Organizing American Muslims for Elections -2008 and Beyond". It was written in October 2007 and shared with the entire Muslim leadership of the land. It is available on my Website:  under Section "C"  at Item # 06. Those who are lamenting the logical consequences about the political planning of Jews and Hindu in this country, they should  go through this paper and start working right away in the field. Every two years this country faces the election fever and Muslim will get immense opportunities to prove their worth as a politically enlightened group to play their constructive role in building and directing the destiny of this country to their ideological longings in due course  of time. 


This game is still wide open. If Muslims compete with open minded involvement as a strategic call of their Iman  to change the situation to their liking, they must stop complaining and crying over the spilt milk and  jump into the political process of the  country, not uppishly but wholeheartedly. They must follow an inspiring verse from Poet Iqbal and reap the golden harvest within a couple of decades or a few elections.   


“Feast not on the shore      [That we are relishing]   

Grapple with the waves      [That we are absconding] 

Immortality is strife”            [That we are fear most].    



Shamim Siddiqi

November 10, 2008