In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The topic is very vast and covers the entire spectrum of this universe from heaven to earth and from individual to collective spheres of human life. I will try to elaborate its significance as where there is peace and where there is no peace with what consequences in each sphere; why there is no peace on earth sustaining horrible effects on the quality of human life and how man can attain this ideal that is possible on his part to accomplish and how? It is within his reach.


THE ESSENCE OF COSMOS: This entire cosmos is running a phenomenon that is entirely based on Justice and is controlled under a homogeneous discipline. Its every inanimate object is strictly following the trajectory assigned to it, serving or fulfilling the objective for which it was created, heading towards its ultimate destiny in an extremely immaculate manner. There is no overlapping of one by the other. Every object is strictly abiding with the rules and regulations that are meant for it. As such, there is a complete discipline, peace and harmony in the cosmos. One can give it any name to its sustenance, regularity, punctuality, and sophisticated accuracy in terms of conviction that one holds – God’s creation and His sustenance or the “cruel” Mother Nature. The only thing that it establishes beyond any shadow of doubt is that the system on which this cosmos was created or “came into existence” or the authority that is controlling and regulating it has maintained complete peace and harmony in this universe. We don’t see anywhere any incident of “usurpation”, forceful eviction or “occupation”, denial of freedom in its free flow, no interference by one in other’s domain, culminating into total peace and security everywhere – an eye opening lesson for humans to follow for their abode.


The condition of human life, however, is quite different for the reason it has two components that are complimentary and supplementary to each other but free in their respective domain: *The Physical Life  &  *The Moral Life:


*Physical life: The physical frame of man exists with three natural urges for food/thirst, sleep/rest and sex, and a strong freewill to fulfill the demands of the physical urges the way he/she wills or prefers. Each component part of human physical frame is fulfilling its designated act and performs its allotted function in perfect peaceful routine and in harmony without interference from the other parts of the body while giving clear directives to its Moral part to fulfill its physical needs and urges in order to maintain its function and growth smoothly. 


* Moral life – This is the conscious life of man. In this sector, man has the freedom or choice to fulfill the demands of his natural urges the way he likes. Man is free to satisfy his physical urges through rightful and honest means, thereby maintaining justice and peace in society or through oppressive wrongful means by committing “Zulm” over other human beings, usurping others from their legitimate rights and possessions and thus filling the earth with chaos, exploitation, bloodshed, anarchy and fraudulent practices as we see around us through ages. It has filled the human society with innumerable problems and it is crying in pain everywhere and there is none to heal her bleeding wounds.


The condition of human society is very precarious and the situation is going out of human’s control at an accelerated pace as man is chasing his unlimited needs, desires and caprices to satisfy his urges with the limited means available to humans on this earth. The gulf between means and ends is increasing by leaps and bounds. This dilemma has plunged the human race into an unending chain of pitfalls, wars and skirmishes, occupation of other’s lands on false pretexts, monopolization of trade and commerce  through cartels, and corporate interest’s hegemonies - a corner stone of foreign policy of governments both of developed and developing countries. In this process the underdeveloped countries where the bulk of humanity lives, mostly producing raw materials, gas and petrol, are not getting just return of their products and toil.  On one hand they are poorly paid for the raw material they produce and export. On the other, they are to pay high prices for the finished goods and services that they import from the developed countries. They are doubly exploited and are hardly able to maintain their both ends together.


The inhabitants of these poverty-stricken lands have no “feeling” of satisfaction whatsoever worth its name. They have no or very little food to eat, no fresh water to drink, no healthy environment to breathe fresh air and only shanty towns and huts for “shelter”. Thus, the greater part of humanity is living under total inhuman conditions of “have-nots” whereas the developed nations are reaping the harvest of world phenomenon progress in industrial, agricultural and technical fields. The world is, thus, full of injustices and the human society is crying all around in distress. Practically, half of human beings are living a life of half-fed, half-clad and half-nourished and no proper roof on their heads. They were looted and usurped for centuries together by the colonial powers of the West. Now they are left with no capital and technical know-how to build their own lot. As a result, these countries, their inhabitant’s life and their hearths and homes all are full of injustices and where there is no justice there is no peace no security. Let us examine this precarious condition of humanity more comprehensively both at individual and collective levels.       


* On individual level: Man’s lust for power and luxurious life, greed for leading a handsome life, craze to go on increasing the standard of living at higher and higher level and unending desire to maximize his gains and pleasure, all incline him to earn more, grab resources as much as he can even by exploiting, usurping or denying other’s rights, cheating  and defrauding his own specie, hording and multiplying his profit by playing foul games and twisting the economic system to his favor fulfill the human abode with unspeakable  “Zulm” and oppression to the saturated point all around. Under these conditions man becomes callous, reckless and irresponsible creature on earth. His only interest remains to maximize his profit, multiply his resources and manifold his profit, augment his financial empire on inter-continental level by hook or by crook, if possible “over-night”. If he pays taxes that too he avoids to pay very often through “legal” and self-created loop-holes in the system and pays some charity out of his tax deductions, he thinks he is “generous” and a magnanimous philanthropist. He exploits his labor force, creates unhealthy market condition to multiply his profit. Thus, he fills the earth with extraordinary injustices, oppression and exploitation all over the human societies. Such societies can never experience peace and security where exploitation is rampant day in and day out and the life of ordinary men and women have become a hell except the fortunate few who have access to power or accumulated wealth or born with silver spoon

in their mouth.


If this trend continues in the human society unabated, justice will never prevail in any house or in any sector of human life. The income gap will go on increasing in geographical proportion till it engulfs the entire human society with distress and turmoil everywhere. In consequence, there will be no peace and no security worth its name on earth as we see today. If man’s basic needs are not fulfilled justly, he remains dissatisfied and breaths in a continuous state of “tight economy” which in the sight of Allah is due to neglect of His Divine guidance [The Qur’an calls it as “Maeesaht-e-Zanqa” - Ref: Verse # 124 of Surah Taha], the dream of man to live in peace and enjoy security will ever remain empty and only God knows how long?


* On Collective Level: In collective sphere, the scarcity of means against ever increasing human wants becomes more acute, especially when it is measured in terms of nation states where world and its resources are divided and are now “sealed” into 197 water-tight compartments of nation states. Resources that God created for entire mankind as a whole and are spread over in various regions and sectors of human society on global level are being controlled by big or small nation states so much so that almost each nation is dependent on other in one way or the other. Nationalism thus created many small “powerless” states that could not defend their survival and succumb to the greed of giant powerful states. The Western colonial powers have played this game of exploitation, ruthless occupation and forced slavery during the last five hundred years and filled this earth only with “Zulm”, slavery, extreme economic exploitation and merciless political subjugations. They denied the basic human rights to their colonies and occupied lands, thereby closing the doors of peace and security to millions and millions of human race for good in all the five Continents. Unfortunately, that game is still continuing in these countries even after independence by the ruling coterie in power which is loyal to their old Masters who are maintaining them to perpetuate their old colonial game of exploitation even to this day.   


On international level, the national urge of the advanced countries for more resources, for more land, for cheap labor, getting access to greater market and “secured” monopoly of the supply of raw material for their industrial needs to maintain constant flow of fuel energy, is enticing the Western powers to “capture” new lands in Asia, Africa, North and South Americas. This game of foreign occupation is continuing even to this day in different name and style. The greed for capturing new markets is perpetuating in the name of the new format of World Trade Organization, hysterical campaign for Globalization, Free Trade, open borders and no tariff. They  are the “prestigious” names of old game of occupation, subjugation, exploitation and sucking the last drop of “free” underdeveloped world in the name of free trade and commerce, filling the earth with unspeakable INJUSTICES and depriving the humanity with extremely needed peace and security.


The continuous “occupation” of Chechnya, Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq, Balkan and Gulf States are the landmarks of the same game. This historical game of injustices around the world will never come to an end till human society resolves to mend its position forthwith in the following fields of life through its International forums and world agencies;


1. Man learns to live within his own “national” borders and god-given resources within its natural bounds, resorting only to rules of International trade to have access to other’s resources on the basis of fair competition and the Law of Comparative Trade;

2. All nations solemnly commit not to break the borders of other nations through in-land, sea and air “pirating”;

3. Since the world cannot get rid of the curses of nationalism forthwith, it must commit to respect the sovereignty of each country whether big or small;

4. All colonial powers of the past must solemnly pledge to share their capital wealth and gains with their respective occupied colonies to get their economy rehabilitated at an accelerated pace;

5. Developed countries and the world at large must learn fast to sustain if not curtail down the standard of living, the mania of “Hal min Mazeed” [bring or get more and more land and resources under control] by plundering the poor and the have-nots to the lost drop through false “pre-emptive” attacks and fraudulent trade practices both under visible and invisible trade items;


Conclusion: Obviously, since the greedy world’s dominant powers and “races” are not going to give up their cherished game-plan as listed above, the plundering of the poor countries will continue unabated, creating and filling the earth only with many accounted and a lot of unaccounted atrocities, injustices and exploitations, keeping the ideal of “Justice - peace and security” far and far away from the reach of humans and their society, leaving the suffering humanity crying for it for a period beyond the ken of mortal eyes to envision today. As such, humanity cannot get “any peace or security” even it may cry for it for another millennium till it learns how to lead a just life and deliver justice to human specie.  That would be possible only when man resolves to live on earth in accordance to the Divine Guidance delivered to human beings to establish Justice [Al-Adl WA Qist] on earth as ordained by Allah in Verse # 25 of Surah Al-Hadeed. When man will learn how to live, act and behave on earth as a responsible human being under a constant sense of accountability to his or her Creator and Sustainer, only then he will do justice to self, family and humanity at large. Peace and security only then will then prevail everywhere on this abode of man.



Shamim Siddiqi

October 2, 2007