Muslim Brotherhood Rushed to Take Power: Now its Situation is Dismal.

[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York.]

I would like to elaborate that the basic  shortcoming of Arab Spring was that it was not for an Islamic order  but a general  mass uprising against the *suppressed basic human rights, *unemployment and *the total  dearth of democratic process in the Arab countries.


The Islamic forces joined it later on. Hence  they couldn't get the upper hand and the core group of this  uprising was and is in the hands of the secular and opportunist  forces.


However the Islamic  forces have every right  to claim their share in mass uprising and benefit from its  benedictions to some extent not to grab it all at once which has caused  a  universal heart burning both in the Arab world and in the  secular countries abroad.


So, they are not the master of the situation. Hence, as a matter of fact, with the little benefit that they could muster from this uprising must be capitalized by them for future greater role. However, unfortunately, the Islamic forces  couldn't understand this equation and now are facing its dire consequences  every where - opposition, accelerated hate campaign  against Islam,  clashes, killings and riots leading to  anarchy.   


They have no choice but to take it easy, reconcile with  the Batil forces "temporarily", work hard for another four to five years to get  upper hand in the next elections and play their role more magnanimously towards  serving the interests of the common folk in order to acquaint the  bounties of the  Islamic system with the suffering  humanity  of  their respective country   It would have been  a fair  retreat with wisdom as Allah commands in Verse # 16 of Surah Al-Anfal  . They failed to do it and hence are suffering unnecessarily as if they were  eager for power.


Kindly try to understand that the Arab Spring    now stands  hijacked by Western secular media and   diplomacy.  Muslim Movements should have waited for few years more to come   in power. Their political expediency has, unfortunately, spoiled the   trend which has now changed everywhere   against them.  


Now they have to work hard for another decade or so in   the masses and capture their imagination to live, act and behave like   Muslim within themselves and with others in the community of   nations.


They should have never gone to power this time,   waited  at least for one more elections when the   bubble of secular democracy would have subsided, gathered the support of at least 70 to 80 % of their   masses, have done a lot of worthy work through their support in Assemblies.   That would have paved their way to power automatically.


Now the blood of Br. Mohammad Bouazizi has   to wait for compensation for about  a decade or so. Muslim Movements   haven't done their base work upto grass level and build the   requisite massive team of workers/leaders to uphold the Revolution in their   own hands,.


Now they have to wait every where and only Allah   knows how long?  


Shamim Siddiqi

[As Published in New Trend, USA dated February 16, 2013 with the note:
Our learned brother Shamim Siddiqi reflects on the blunder of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in joining governments in Egypt and Tunisia in too much of a hurry]