In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful





 The Dawah Program  with the following comments:


1. Basically it must be cleared to all of us that Dawah and Tarbiyah must go together. Keeping them at poles asunder we could not get any thing so far and if we follow the same practice, we will get nothing even if we try for hundreds of years more.


2. The "Dawah Plan" that you have sent is quite “sketchy”, insufficient and different from what we need in the present context of ICNA and that of the USA. Our needs are to rejuvenate our MGA''s, strengthen our worker's force, recruiting new blood systematically through Dawah process,   person to person contacts, introducing and spreading the Deen of Allah to the people of the land in an orderly fashion. However, I have absorbed it in the contents of this program.


3.  In this respect, I am enlisting the following requisites that each worker must posses.

Each worker will have his own Action Plan to enable him/her to emerge as an effective Da'ee within six month to one year time. He/she has to attain the following minimum requirements. However, individual targets can be re-set locally in consultation with Unit President or with the undersigned during his visit to Units or through E-mail or on phone as it suits to individual worker.


The objectives of the Individual Action Plan are to attain:

a. working knowledge of Islam: b. knowing this country very well; c. changing his/her life by becoming a model of what he/she preaches; d. developing the spirit of sacrifice of time, talents and resources for Allah's Deen and the Islamic Movement; e. actively involving in Dawah activities through attending all the programs of ICNA at local, Unit and Central levels and contributing to Baitulmal regularly. 


The Individual Action Plan for each MGA/worker to follow meticulously is appended below.


4. To make the Program effective, Inchrge of each NNT will submit his monthly report of all Dawah activities [on a given format] to its UNIT within the first week of the following month and the Unit President will submit a consolidated monthly report of his Unit to Dawah Department by 20th of each month for review and comments, if any. The Dawah Department will submit a quarterly report to Amir for his review and comments.


5.  Keeping the above needs and objectives in mind, I have developed the following Dawah Program for the Years 2005 -2006/7 and hope you will get it approved by the Shurah with the understanding that each member will assist to his level best to get it implemented in his respective Unit/Region/Central involvements.








1.   Bringing the message of Islam at the doorsteps of every house in America through “contacts on person-to-person basis”


2.   Organizing the Muslim community of America through Dawah at Masjid and Community level;


3.  Holding Quarterly Dawah Camps in each Unit for evaluation of Dawah efforts/programs/targets at individual, Neighbornet/Usra and city levels and attending both individual and collective Dawah problems.




1.   Dawah at individual level:


      *  Dawah to self: self-education and self-purification – eradicating all impurities and inconsistencies from life - thoughts, action and deeds; * keeping vigilance for observing obligatory Salah, preferably in congregation, Sawm and Infaq [spending in the way of Allah] along with the non-obligatory ones, especially Tahajjud, to the extent possible; * cultivating extreme fear of Hellfire and sustaining un insatiable urge to get into Jannah [Paradise] through continuous struggle for Iqamatuddeen in the land where we live. [Literature for study will be as prescribed in the Individual Action Plan]


      * Dawah to Muslims: through person-to-person contact – At least ONE contact in a week; * participating Masajid Dawah program; * inviting Muslims to join Masajid programs and be a part of it;


      *   Dawah to Non-Muslims:  At the initial stage, developing social contact with Jews and Christians in neighborhood and at job or working place, creating the impression that you are a good “guy” and a man who comes to help at time of need and distress Developing social contact with at least two persons in 2005 and four in 2006.


2.   Dawah at family level:    


       * Arranging family get together once a week for acquiring Islamic knowledge and teaching Islamic manners to the children and other family members of the house to the extent that they are practically involved with the Islamic Movement of America [ICNA]


      *   Making the home as model for neighbors, friends and relatives, keeping it clean both from inside and outside, observing moral values and ethical standards prescribed by Islam and manifesting love for the youngsters and respect for the elders;   


3.   Dawah at Society/Community level


      * At Neighbornet/Usra level: Group Contacts in selected or designated areas through intensive/extensive Dawah programs: door to door contacts; Service to humanity; educating the people against Munkar; holding Open House Meetings, arranging frequent get together and holding other public-oriented programs, as situation warrants, to that effect.


      *   At Community level: Organizing the Muslim Community of America through Dawah programs of Masajid and Muslim centers.     


*    Weekly Programs at Neighbornet/Usra level:


     First Week:      Group Dawah contacts in designated areas

     Second Week:  Education and self-development program as prescribed by our Tarbiyah Department.

     Third Week:    Group Dawah contacts as in the first week;

     Fourth Week:  Education and self-development program as prescribed by our Tarbiyah Department.


*   Quarterly Dawah Camps at CITY LEVEL with the following Programs for six to eight hours duration:                         


          1.  Study of the Qur’an - Significance of DI and allied topics with Q/A                           

          2.  A discussion –comparative study of Islam with Judaism, Christianity and other modern cults/Isms

          3.  Special Dawah Field Trip to the designated areas of the city;

          4.  Visiting mosques - meeting Imams, Muslim leadership of the area, discussing Dawah at Masjid

               or community level, addressing Musalli and helping/providing their Dawah needs;

          5.  Discussing about individual and collective Dawah Problems – through workers participation;

          6.  Collective Du’a to be followed by collective Dinner.     


IMPORTANT NOTES: * Each Region/Unit is to plan/arrange Dawah Camps in advance for whole of the year;  * Book the speakers on its own accord;  * Amir, VP, SG and Chairman of Dawah and Tarbiyah Departments and Members of the Central Shura will be available on contact – on first come first serve basis;  * The Amir, the SG and the Chairman of Dawah Dept. will evaluate the entire Dawah program/projects/targets along with the input and output of each MGA at city level. It is a must for them to do wherever they visit the Units. Chairman Dawah Dept. will make special visits to different Regions/cities for this evaluation process. It is the key to attain our Goal/Objectives as spelled out at the very outset of this Program.


      *  Dawah in Jail: * will continue as it is going on by our Why-Islam Unit;  * Effective Flyers and Dawah material will be arranged as and when required; * Visit to Jails will be arranged locally by each Unit; * especial efforts are to be made to follow up the Muslim inmates coming out of jail in order to make them good Muslims      and effective Da’ees; * if possible, to start in NY a half-way house with the help of ICNA Relief.


      *   Dawah through Internet: Opening Dialogue on website, E-mail correspondence – To be undertaken by workers at individual level through a Dawah network to be made operative by our why-Islam Unit in consultation with Dawah department making every effort to start Why-Islam unit Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Washington and LA in 2005


      *   Central Dawah Programs:


          i. Abraham [Prophet Ibrahim] Day.                           

         ii. Qur’an Awareness week. [“Qur’an is for everyone”]                                        

        iii. Membership drive week.                                  

         iv. New Muslim Convention at Orlando, FL.              

        iv.  Dawah Week for non-Muslims.                               


NOTE: Respective Dates/weeks to be fixed by our Shura, considering the overall situation of the movement and local situation.                                                                    




                     1.   Dawah Literature -Flyers and Books                                                 

                     2.   Dawah in Campuses                                                                               

                     3.   Qur’an Awareness week                                                                       

                     4.   Traveling and Telephone                                                                      

                     5.   Other Office Expenses                                                                                

                     6.  New Muslims Convention                                                                                                                                                                                               



NOTE:  All Regions and City Units will immediately open a Dawah Fund and make especial campaign to raise funds for Dawah Projects; publishing Dawah material and Dawah field activities. Units will keep 50% for the local Dawah needs and transfer 50% to Central Baitul Mal for “Dawah Projects/activities to be undertaken by Dawah Department”.





i.   Each Unit MUST immediately designate one Dawah Coordinator to look after the implementation of this plan and inform the DD with his name, Phone/Fax #, E-mail and postal addresses.


ii. Each Unit MUST create a separate Dawah Fund, as spelled out above, to implement this plan at Unit, Regional and Central levels.


iii. Each Unit is to arrange literature to cater its Dawah needs. Sample of Dawah flyers will be provided by Why-Islam Unit and Dawah Dept. DD can also arrange Dawah material, provided it is furnished with funds as explained above.


1v. For Mass Contact: Every unit will be FREE to make its own program such as: opening Dawah Booths in local festivals, busy market places, political rallies, displaying sign boards on streets, introducing toll free number, arranging Dawah tables at campuses and Mal on regular basis, organizing Why-Islam Dawah projects on local/state/national levels.   


iv.  Every Unit will constitute a committee to look after the brothers and sisters, who become Muslim, especially through its own efforts. It would help in organizing our Mini Convention of New-Muslims and afterward will help in keeping contact with them in a continuous process to make them effective Da’ees. It should be given top priority in order to make genuine efforts to transfer ICNA leadership to indigenous brothers and sisters ASAP.   


v.   Dawah talents available outside ICNA are invited to work with our mass contact programs and be part of our Dawah efforts and the Movement subsequently.


vi. Our Youth must be especially advised to arrange Dawah tables on fixed days in campuses and Mal on regular basis.


vii. Dawah Ilallah is the blood artery of the Islamic Movement and contact on person-to-person basis is its backbone. Each of us, therefore, is expected to devote at least SIX to EIGHT hours in a week for the cause that he or she loves the most.  Every one of us will, Insha Allah, commit to this minimum standard. Unit Presidents will keep an eye over this commitment. 


Viii. The best moments of life of a Da’ee are those when he is in the field for Dawah Ilallah or begging to his or her Lord during late hours of night for His Maghfirah, Mercy and Isteqamah fi Al-Deen.  Let us adopt DI as the routine of our life with sincerity and devotion. It would be a practical demonstration of our will to get the Deen of Allah introduced, spread and establish in the body politics of this land in due course, Insha Allah.


May Allah give Tawfeeq to each of us to be the model for others!   Amen!








The Objectives: *developing the habit of study on daily basis; *Understanding Islam from direct sources through his/her own vision, *getting confidence through direct study and enabling him/her to present the Deen of Allah any time any where in the light of the Qur'an, Sunnah and the Seerah of Rasulullah (S).

QUR'AN:  One Ruku daily.  Minimum 4 RUKU PER WEEK [memorizing 1 verse every week]
HADITH:  One Hadith daily. Minimum 3 HADITH PER WEEK [memorizing 1 Hadith every month]
SEERAH: 4/5 pages daily    Minimum 20 PAGES PER WEEK [preparing your own notes]
                                             [Seerah of Rasulullah (S) and that of Sahabah & A'imma Arbaa]




8. "HISTORY OF ISLAM" of the first 150 years of Hijrah




1. History of the USA – Its political, social & economic issues; People’s character

2. DAILY NY TIMES - Section A, specially its OP-ED PAGES or any standard local paper
3. HISTORY OF JEWS, specially the Protocol of Elders
4. History of Renaissance [From 1452 A.D.TILL DATE, noting specially world trends.
5. Comparative study of Islam, Judaism and Christianity



1. Dawah to Self:

   * Mindfully carrying out the Study Program, changing life in process

   * Watchfully observing Individual Ebadah besides Faraiz: Tahajjud, Nafil Sawm & Infaq


2. DAWAH TO FAMILY: Holding weekly get together for: *Joint study program – Qur’an, Hadith  


                                       *Let us be conscious Muslims;

                                       *Let us make ours a model home




4. DAWAH TO PEOPLE OF THE LAND: Developing at least two social contacts with neighbors

    in six months to one year.




    1. Actively participating in Dawah activities at Masjid or neighbornet level

    2. Actively participating with Inca's Dawah & Tarbiyah Projects at

        all levels with financial and physical contributions in its programs. 






1. Self-Evaluation: It is obligatory on each worker to read minutely at least once a

   week Appendix - D [Matters to think and Job to Perform] from “The Dawah Program”,

   evaluating his growth and shortcomings in every field of his life on regular basis.


2. Every week every worker will give his progress on the above Five points within two minutes.

    The NNT Incharge will make his notes and give general comments within five minutes, if 

    necessary. General discussion will, however, take place in month-end weekly meetings.


3. Study of the Qur'an will be as per course listed under Appendix -B of “The Dawah Program”.

    *For Hadith, please start from “Zaderah” or "The Provision For Akhirah"


4. Regularity and punctuality with devotion and commitment are the essence of success. 

   It is hoped that each worker would be recognized by others by these attributes. 


5. DU'A - SUPPLICATION TO ALLAH: It is the most effective Tool of a Da'ee to seek Allah's

    Nusrah in his Dawah efforts. The more he begs from Him, the more he will get it, thereby,

    developing a constant life-long habit to beg everything from Allah. It is the prime most

    beauty of a Da’ees character. Every worker will, Insha Allah, build this habit

    prominently within self


6. Every worker will get it printed at his end and keep it always with him as guidelines

    towards fulfilling the obligation of Iqamatuddeen. 


7. For the fulfillment of the Action Plan, each worker will have to put up compulsorily minimum 6

    to 8 hours every week as it is his commitment. 


May Allah give Tawfeeq to all of us to accomplish these Targets to His entire satisfaction, enabling us to build the requisite team of Da'ee Ilallah in American perspective. Amen!





As presented in the open session on Sunday, I am producing the same for the consideration of the Committee through your good offices:


I. ICNA could not fix its priorities at the very outset as “what to do and how”? As such, it “wasted” a lot of energy, talents and resources that could have paved the way to struggle for Iqamatuddeen in this country.


2. The priorities of Iqamatuddeen in the USA are different than what ICNA has been doing during the last 35 years.


3. If the objective of ICNA was and should be as per its CBL to establish the Deen of Allah in the USA, [Unfortunately, this point too is not clear in CBL. It does not say categorically that it would struggle for Iqamatuddeen in America. The CBL is silent on this point. I presented an amendment to this effect few years back but Shurah did nothing]] 


4. As such, ICNA could not fix the NEEDS and its priorities to build the Islamic Movement in this country so far though it claims vociferously that it stands for that “Faridah” [obligation] and it is used as a “slogan” only having no depth in this claim. Only “terminologies” of an Islamic Movement are used but the spirit is missing. ICNA could not fix the NEEDS of Iqamatuddeen in this country and I am sorry to say it is just beating about the bush


5. The NEEDS of the IMOA can be summarized as under with the expectation to asses what we could do so for and what we could not do due to lack of vision in our leadership


6. The NEEDS as were at the outset and are the same as today. They are as follows:


 A. Developing/building a team of devoted dedicated and committed Da’ees [brothers and sisters] with trustworthy character in American perspective - a continuous process that must start forthwith from the available committed workers [MGA’s] of ICNA. [If it needs any explanation and programming, I will do it gladly, Insha Allah, if asked by the [NAZM]


B. Preparing, producing and publishing Dawah literature as the prime need of Dawah Ilallah in this country as urged by Late Maulana Maududi (RA) and quoted in my book at page 111 of Methodology of Dawah]


C. Working simultaneously both extensively as that of [Why Islam or Masajid Dawah projects] and intensive Dawah contacts on person-to-person basis, multiplying the number of worker gradually and steadily.


D. With the growing numerical strength of Islamic workers, programs to purify the society must be undertaken in close cooperation with Masajid, Churches, Synagogues [Judeo-Christian-Muslim community], resorting to humanitarian services as where and when necessary.


These are the NEEDS and the priorities of the “would-be” Islamic Movement in America, in the same order as listed above. If we do not adhere to this schedule, we can have anything in this country but not the desired IMOA. Rasulullah (S) followed the same pattern and we have to follow it without any exception. There is no short-cut method in Islam. One who deviates, the Barakah of the IM will always remain obscure from his or her sight and the cherished Goal of Iqamatuddeen too.


 I hope the committee will give due consideration to these decades old neglects and come up with a definite plan to transform ICNA to be the vibrant IMOA.


My best prayers and unconditional support will always be there for this cause that is dearest to all of us.



Shamim A Siddiqi