In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, NY]


Egyptian powerful military has ousted the democratically elected President M Morsi from power, put him under house arrest, suspended the Constitution, top Judge of Constitutional Court Adly M Mansoor sworn in as the head of the Interim Government, the top leadership of Muslim Brotherhood has been arrested or detained in hundreds and new elections are promised to be held, when it is not clear. Through this process both democracy and the initiative towards Islamic System all have been torpedoed by General A Fattah el-Sisi by accepting the demand of the secular and the liberal forces of the country and that of the Western Godless societies.


In its wake, more than 50 people have been killed and about 300 are injured. The secular forces of the country both at home and abroad are jubilant. With this undemocratic, unconstitutional and unethical interference of  Egyptian Military, the process towards Islamization has been stunned with a drastic set back throughout the Middle East and North Africa and the fate of Arab Spiring has encountered its own death by its own people in uniform.


The Western allergy against Islam has again achieved a milestone of satisfaction in the Delta of Nile – the heart of Muslim world. All were extremely worried by watching the so-called Islamist coming to power throughout North Africa and every where they now got the process reversed or wrapped up and buried in the sands of Sahara. The secular West, whose “agents” were agitating in Tahreer Squire for the last five days to overthrow Morsi from power, has now accomplished its prime objective in “disallowing” the emergence of Islam anywhere as a political entity”. This game plan is the central theme of the “New World Order” and Uncle Sam is its champion - somewhere openly as in the case of Nigeria and Hamas, somewhere standing like a silent spectator as in Syria and somewhere with the help of Dollars as in Central Asia after the collapse of Communism.


However, in the case of Egypt, the unfortunate situation speaks something else. Ikhwan out of expediency helped in blowing up the condition faster than the expectation of the West. Equally, the haste and the “incompetency” of Mohammad Morsi added fuel to the fire. They entered belatedly in the common people’s fight to oust the tyrant Hosni Mubarak and ignored the dominant part played by the secular forces in getting rid of him.  Thus they captured the power through an unnatural process and given chance to the secular forces to raise tempo against Islamic provisions of the Constitution and the formation of Government. The MB has now paid a very costly price for this shortsightedness, the state of unpreparedness  and the expediency to come to power one way or the other without building a conscious urge in the masses first in the from of a mass Movement for the emergence of Islam as the dominant force of the country. The results are disastrous and discouraging for other Islamic Movements around the world.


Their prime job was to continue in creating a clear awakening in Muslim masses for another five years while working energetically with ample seats in the Parliament and then emerging like a trustworthy force of Da’ees, workers and the devoted servants of masses with their trust in next Elections. At that time no amount of military in the country could stop their emerging to run the Government of the country single handedly. That process has now been differed to a distant future and only Allah knows when they will come out of the trial and tribulations of Military’s supremacy. I fear the days of Nasir may not be in their lot that took 60 years to depart and General Al-Sisi does not become the Hosni Mubarak


In consequence, Arab Spiring seems lost in the doldrums of compromise as in Tunisia, to the hegemony of the European Powers in Libya and to the expediency of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. So is the case in Syria where the same hate campaign of Europe and America against Islam has divided the rebel groups on ideological lines to play their   effective role in wiping out the Bathist regime of the Alawites. Just today the son of the tyrant Hafiz al-Asad has declared emphatically that the rebels couldn’t defeat him.     


However, the Muslim Ummah shouldn’t feel discouraged at all. These are just the interim set backs that are occurring due to our own follies and shortsightedness till the Ummah resurrects herself as “Ummatun Wasatan”, solves its own affairs on the basis of Tawheed, Amanah, Akhirah and the life pattern of Rasulullah (S) and presents its glaring model to mankind to follow and leads a balanced life with justice and peace in the human abode. The Islamic Movements around the world have to do this job lest it becomes too late.


Both democracy and capitalism have failed to solve any of the human problems. Islam is the only System left to be tried. Muslims have to put it to trial in their homeland and then present its model to the suffering humanity. Arab Spiring was going to serve a Chance but Muslim leadership is fast losing that opportunity due to factors analyzed above. The Islamic Movements have to undertake this mission afresh in a continuous process and work hard for the Renaissance of Islam within a decade or so. IQBAL rightly encourages us to go on trying again and again:





Shamim Siddiqi

July 4, 2013