In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




(Based on Surah Bani Israel: Verses 23-39)


  1. The Preamble:


  • Whereas the universe was created by Allah(SWT) and anything what it contains is subservient to Him;
  • Whereas the sovereignty belongs to Allah in its totality;
  • Whereas man is the vicegerent of Allah on earth with a free will of his own to act as he/she likes;
  • Whereas the last messenger of Allah was the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran is the last and final book of Guidance for mankind from its Creator and Sustainer, Allah(SWT);
  • Whereas we are responsible to Allah for all our actions and deeds and accountable for all what we possess and what we see around us, as trust from Him;
  • Whereas we are to follow the Book of Guidance through our free will and make the Deen of Allah dominant in every walk of life as it is incumbent upon us;
  • Whereas Allah (SWT), in his infinite mercy, may entrust in the hands of the Muslims the government of America, its land, air and water, to be governed and controlled in terms of the Quran and Sunnah in due course of time through its established Electoral process;
  • Therefore the Islamic Movement of America declares the Manifesto of the would-be Islamic Government of America and undertakes to implement its contents in their words and spirit to deliver justice and fare play to the people of the land and the humanity at large as and when the movement succeeds in coming to power in this country through its rightful constitutional process


Directive Principles:


The guiding principles of the Islamic government of America will be:


i)                    To call the people of the land and the humanity at large, to the fold of Allah (SWT);

ii)                  To eradicate the evils (Munkar) from this society and from the rest of the world;

iii)                To establish Ma’roof (what is permitted) as ordained by Allah in the geographical bounds of this country and promote these values to the rest of the world;

iv)                To deliver and uphold justice (Qist) in every walk of life in between human relations and the nations of the world;

v)                  To make every effort to introduce Islam as the only way of life to the people of the land and the humanity at large and make it dominant where it is possible through the expressed will of he people of the land and not by compulsion;

vi)                To help the downtrodden, the oppressed and the “have-nots” wherever they are;

vii)              To make piety (Taqwah) as the only basis of distinction and excellence in the society not the wealth, the race, the color, or the language;

viii)            To make the wealth flow from the high-ups to low-downs or from “Haves” to “Have-nots” through its own self-sustained welfare system:

ix)                To make everyone accountable and equal before law;

x)                  To protect the rights of ethnic minorities and the Native Indians;

xi)                To coordinate and support the Islamic Movements of the world in whatever way possible towards establishing the authority of Allah on self, family, and collective affairs of man;

xii)              To help one another unto righteousness and pious duty and help not one another unto sin and transgression and nurturing always fear of God




When the Islamic Movement of America comes to power, it will make:


a)      The Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the only source of law;

b)   Bring all the existing laws of the country, states in conformity with the Quran and


c)   A high power commission, consisting of Ulama, scholars of different faculties of art and sciences and the best available legal brains, well versed in Shariah (Islamic laws) who will constitute a Body of Consultants to advise the President (head of the state), the Congress, and the Senate in their efforts to enforce the Deen of Allah as the law of the land and the Code of conduct.




The IMOA will take all possible measures and use all the forces at its disposal to propagate and educate the people:


i)                    To renounce all kinds of adulteration with the concept of God [Allah] and accept Tawheed (Oneness of God) as their eternal faith;

ii)                 To Pattern their individual and collective lives as the concept of accountability in the life Hereafter demands;

iii)              To take the Quran as the last Book of Guidance from the Creator and Sustainer;

iv)             To accept and practice Islam as “Al- Deen” (the only Way of life);

v)                To open dialogue with Judeo-Christian community to accept the Oneness of God [Monotheism] as the common heritage of Islam.




The IMOA will undertake to remodel the system of education with the objectives:


i)                    To produce men of character and integrity based on the concept of Tawheed, Akhirah, Amanah (Trust) based on the life pattern of Rasulullah (S);

ii)                 To inculcate human values in boys and girls to be obedient to parents, love the family members and relatives, spend and sustain sacrifice for them, support the course of righteousness, service to humanity and stand by Justice (Al-Qist) and fight for the rights of the deprived, the oppressed and the have-nots.;

     iii)       To create dignity in men/women’s behavior and do away with all the concepts

                 of pride/haughtiness, chauvinistic manners and craze to go on increasing their

                 standard of living incessantly.





The IMOA, in order to preserve, protect and strengthen the Institution of family, will educate the people and make necessary laws:


i)                    To discard and hate the concept of unisex and live like boy and girl friends so much so that it becomes an stigma in the society;

ii)                 To promote the concept in the society “NO MARRIAGE NO LOVE” or  “No Sex without marriage”  and love only with wife or  the “would-be wife”;

iii)              To promote marriages and make divorce laws easy and expeditious, making them to understand that Polygamy is better than having girl friends;

iv)             To ban and condemn homosexuality in all its forms and make it a cognizable crime with capital punishment;

v)                To introduce some lucrative incentives for boys and girls to marry, to live together as husband and wife and bring up their children in sequence with parental love and affection;

vi)             To make sex out of wedlock, with or without consent a punishable crime with capital punishment for life imprisonment;

vii)           To make both the would-be husband and wife to undergo a training course of a few weeks covering the topics such as: the institution of marriage as it is imperative; how to adjust and accommodate with each other and live together with honor, dignity and respect to each other; the rights and responsibilities on one to other; imparting sex–oriented knowledge both to bride and bridegroom; preparing each to sacrifice and show good will for each other and learn the methods of reconciliations to settle down the disputes, if any, prior to issuing the marriage certificate to the couple;

viii)        To ban pornography and sex-oriented literature in all its form and shape.





The IMOA will take extraordinary measures to protect life, property and honor of each and every individual by undertaking the following measures:


i)                    Law enforcing authorities/institutions will be geared up only honest, sincere and truthful officers will get promotion faster and accredited;

ii)                 Murder and rape will be declared as offense of capital punishment to serve as deterrent to others;

iii)              Mugging, stealing, looting and arson will be made serious crimes with  deterring punishment for substantial years;

iv)             Alcohol and all kinds of drugs, their production, import, and transportation will be totally banned and offenders will get summary trial with maximum punishment of substantial years and capital punishment for the smugglers.





The IMOA will take all kinds of appropriate measures to eradicate prostitution, fornication and homosexuality. It will ban the display of sex and the lust for the sex altogether. Necessary laws will be enacted and enforced in this connection:


(i)                 To make the prostitution, fornication, incest and homosexuality as acts of heinous crimes with the capital punishment for the convicted persons.

(ii)               To ban pornography and its manifestation in al its forms and shapes.

(iii)             To make love making scenes at public places as a cognizable offence with fine and punishment for substantial years.

(iv)             To ban the sex oriented advertisements on TV, Radio, Newspapers, billboards, Magazines, Internet and its display through any kind of commercial art and designs.

(v)               To ban the circulation of sex oriented vices either verbally or through press, TV or radio in order to get the environment free of sex.  The offenders will get punishment with fine.

(vi)             To ban the display of nudity and exploitation of sex from all night clubs and entertainment places of any kind – hotels and restaurants and entertainment industry etc.

(vii)           To ban all the methods of family planning – which contradict the belief in God and retard the growth of mankind;





The IMOA through propagation campaign and educational reform will inculcate among men and women as how to lead the life of moderation in every aspect of life.  Both the miserliness and extravaganza will be discouraged and condemned.




The IMOA will protect, preserve in true earnestness the covenants and the commitments which the federal government or State has mad or will make with the people or the nations abroad.  The good will equally educate the people to fulfill there commitment which they make with there fellow citizens or with the state or with the outside people or forums and trades and commerce or in personal relationship.






The IMOA will educate and promote the concept of justice and fair dealings in trade, commerce, manufacturing business, labor capital relations and payments to employees and other factors of production and distribution and be the honest brokers at each and every dispute.





The IMOA will educate the people to resist the rumor mongering and false propaganda which are very often spread by enemy forces or anti-social elements.  People will be encouraged to report the rumors immediately to the authorities if anyone is found spreading concocted or false stories to create panic among the people and make it a cognizable offence.





The IMOA will endeavor to make an interest free society with no fraud and exploitation in any of its forms.  It will see that the country grows under the universal economic principal of demand and supply.  It will enact and enforce the laws:


(i)                 to eradicate interest from the economic system altogether in a gradual process within a period of 5 to 7 years;

(ii)               to ban all formats of fraudulent practices, exploitation and gambling;

(iii)             to introduce the social insurance system of Islam which guarantees basic needs to every citizen if he is poor, unemployed or incapacitated in order to rehabilitate the economy.  This will be done through 2 ½ percent Zakah on accumulated savings of each individual if it exceeds the Nisab at a determined period of any year.  All kinds of aids which are distributed to the poor and the needy from the Federal or state revenue will be stopped.  Thus, helping the balancing of budget at all stages with a single stroke of pen.  Rehabilitation of poverty stricken people in the eyes of Islam is the responsibility of individuals that are affluent and above the level of the fixed Nisab...

(iv)             Islamic laws will be introduced to accelerate the spread of wealth to the lower strata of the society and render justice to the legal heirs of the deceased.

(v)               Islamic Law of Inheritance will be introduced effectively to make the flow of

            wealth running towards the lower strata possible and sure.







(i)                 will promote the concept of equality, justice and fair play as cornerstone of the state policy – both internally and externally.

(ii)               Will uphold the cause of the oppressed and fight for the human rights wherever they are usurped or denied locally or at international levels.

(iii)             Will promote the concept of Qist (Justice) and make every possible effort to bring the humanity back to the fold of its creator, Allah (SWT) as a necessary step toward the formulation of a Peaceful World Order with friendship for all and malice to none;

       (iv)      while implementing the Laws of Shariah, the delicacies of human nature and

                  its adjustability, the principle of gradual implementation and the urgencies of

                  people needs will be given due consideration during a justifiable interim

                  period to avoid hardship and imbalances if any.     

(vi)             will use its surpluses in rehabilitating the economy of the poor and the under developed countries/region as “Qard-e-Hasna”, except that of Zakah to deliver and maintain Justice and fair play dominant and everlasting in the human abode



Shamim Siddiqi

Sept. 29, 1988/Nov.19, 2009