In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, NY]


Respected Amir Mohtram and Rufaqua-e-Keram,    Assalamu Alaikum WR


There is nothing to worry about elections results. You have lost nothing but learnt the lesson as how to proceed ahead AFRESH with greater zeal, better equipped to fight, loaded with new spirit and vigor and a rejuvenated program for presentation to the people of the land as panacea for all the evils. 


Here it is appended below for your consideration and that of our respectful Shurah. May Allah bless you all! 




The concern expressed by Sister Abida and many other JIP workers and its Leadership is natural. I appreciate it as the echo of my heart as well of many like me.


In fact, JIP is till an ideological brand of Mohtram Maulana Merhoom. It couldn't produce any giant world-dominating personality as yet for 21 century after his departure. This is a tragedy of great magnitude. But, in its absence, we cannot sit idle and hand-crossed. 


In consequence, the "pygmies ' like FR, IK, Nawaz, Zardaries, Altaf  and many more are pouring in the Doldrums of Pakistan like jumping "frogs" of the rainy season. There is no depth in their political standing and are beating about local issues and pity piece-meal slogans with no concrete program at all as what to do and how to do to change the society towards betterment?.


The land of Pakistan and that of Muslim world are barren; people are starving in many respects and suffering from injustices all around.  To fill these gaps, we have to deliver to the people of Pakistan the following PROGRAM with Justice and fair play at each level of our society. It follows as under:



                          THE JIP MANIFESTO FOR ELECTIONS - 2018


1. JIP "GUARANTEES: JIP GUARANTEEING: FOOD, SHELTER, FREE EDUCATION,  FREE MEDICAL TREATMENT &  REE JUSTICE [INSAF] "to all our poor, needy, deprived, unemployed, under-employed  and incapacitated HAVE-NOTS people WITH NO EXCEPTION ON THE BASIS OF CAST, CREED, COLOR, RACE  AND ETHNICITY.  Islam Guarantees these fundamental legitimate rights through establishing the Institution of Zakah & USHR on permanent basis within the body politic of the country.


2. JIP GUARANTIES: If JIP comes to power, its first and foremost JOB will be to abolish Landlordism, making the occupants of land as its legitimate  owner and pass legislation to Tax the Agricultural Income universally within 100 days after assuming power, Insha Allah.


3. JIP commits to remove and eradicate all kinds of INJUSTICES from the country with malice to none from every phase of our social. economic and political life as early as possible within its tenure. if it comes to power, Insha Allah 


4. MUNKAR & MA’ROOF: The JIP with the force of law and the massive support of the  people of the land will remove, eradicate and abolish all Munkar from Pakistan in a gradual process and phases within the next three to five years of its coming to power, and replace it with MAA'ROOF all over the country,   howsoever, it may be averse to  the Batil and evil forces within the country and abroad


5. Fulfilling the aforesaid FOUR POINTS MANIFESTOJIP, with mandate from the people of the land WILL run the affairs of the Islamic State of Pakistan towards accomplishing its Ideological Agenda in transforming the country into an Ideal Islamic State and Will Equally BRING all the existing laws of the State in conformity with the Qur'an and Sunnah within the next 365 Working Days of our National Parliament.    



6. Equally, JIP declares vociferously that it will run the affairs of the State both at home and abroad on the Qur'anic principle as directed by Allah (SWT) in Verse # 2 of Surah Al- Ma'ida: “Help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty. Help not one another unto sin and transgression and fear Allah" 


What Capitalism couldn't do in centuries, these Revolutionary Islamic Provisions will achieve within a decade or so. With mass support JIP will do it, Insha Allah, howsoever the vested and secular interests of the country may be allergic or averse to it.


Let JIP popularize this Agenda in masses at grass root level. It will be the double ended sword - Meeting People's Needs and urgencies and, simultaneously, breaking the backbone of the affluent Landlords and the other vested interests that are corrupting the country.


To me it augurs well with this mass - oriented-program, Insha Allah This will be our simplest:




This amounts to Golden Cash Crop for JIP to establish Islam in the body politic of the country, howsoever, the secular and Batil forces, at home and abroad, might be allergic to it. This is the simplest process now available to JIP to work for the next five years wholeheartedly with all its might and willing support of masses at Grass-Root Level. It gives to JIP its socio- economic-political Program for the country in order to build its team of Da'ees, workers and trustworthy leadership accordingly.


I pray to Allah that JIP is able to build its Team of workers and leadership in thousands and thousands at each level within next five years and bring them together as a disciplined force at the forefront at the threshold of Elections 2018, Insha Allah.


Allah helps those who help themselves [Ref: Verse # 69 of Surah Al-Ankabut]  


Shamim Siddiqi

June 9, 2010