In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate and the Merciful




Dr Israr Ahmad Saheb is no more in this world but he left a name that will always be associated  in rendering eloquent services to the Qur'an and its introduction at mass level through his "Daroos-e-Qur'an", lectures, cassettes,  Friday sermons, presenting in easy and understandable language  the meanings of the entire Qur'an during Taraviah in Ramadan for years together, addressing mass meetings  of hundreds and thousands of people in India and Pakistan and writing Tafseer-e-Qur'an in fluent Urdu and English both for the common man and the students at large.


This all was possible for him to accomplish because of the fact that he was a Da'ee Ilallah through and through with all its inherent qualities of heart and mind. He was born in 1932, was an active Muslim Youth during Pakistan Movement and then joined Islami Jameeat -e-Tulaba, Pakistan and became its vibrant President in early fifties. That paved his way to become an active Rukn [Member] of Jamaat-e-Islami and moved to Lahore, the hub of Pakistan politics. 


Jamaat participated in the Provincial Elections of Punjab and could not do well. The controversy started that it should not participate in elections. It became a crisis and, therefore, to resolve the issue an all Pakistan Conference of Jamaat's Arkan [Members] was held at Machigot in Rahimyar Khan District of Punjab in a ginning factory in February 1958. 1035 Arkan [Members of JIP] attended this meeting, including 15 from East Pakistan and, fortunately, I was one of them, to decide whether JIP should participate in elections or not? The meeting continued for five days where Merhoom Israr Saheb opposed and presented his paper that took three hours undisturbed to complete. Maulana Maududi (RA) replied his view points in six hours with logical arguments by thread bear discussion of the history of JIP till that time and soundly proved that election participation was correct for the change of leadership of the country. Out of 1035, Arkan 1015 supported Moulana’s viewpoint and the Resolution was adopted to continue the Methodology that JIP was pursuing towards the change of leadership through election process.


Late Dr Israr Saheb differed and resigned from JIP along with Maulana Amin Ahsan Islahi (RA) and nine other members of Jamaat. Later on he published his speech of Machigot Ijtemaa and started his own Movement In the name of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Pakistan (TIP) and published Magazines like Meesaque, Hikmat-e Qur'an and many other Institutions to augment his Movement and establishing Khilafah in Pakistan to serve the cause of the Qur'an.

He used to visit the USA on regular basis but stopped subsequently after the unfortunate tragedy of 9/11. He started an extended organization of TIP as TINA in the USA which is alive still in some pockets of this country.


He has a great desire that I should join TINA but I asked him: has he any Program for the USA? He replied in negative.  I, therefore, declined respectfully. However, I am a regular subscriber of his papers and periodicals that help a lot in understanding the on-going Islamic Movements of Indo-Pak subcontinent.


One may differ from his political views but his contribution to popularize the message of the Qur'an in Pakistan, India, ME and around the world is voluminous and a record by itself. The young generation can reach to the message of the Qur'an directly through his various efforts and eloquent cassettes in different languages of the world.


His legacies will be paramount for centuries to come. He has left behind a team of trained and trusted workers like Dr Sami Ali and his entire family which he groomed patiently for the Iqamah of Allah's Deen in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.


May Allah pardon his sins, if any, multiply reward of his good deeds manifold, place his soul in Jannatul Firdaus and give Tawfeeq to Br. Hafiz A'kif  Sayeed who is now the current Amir of TIP to continue his legendary work incessantly and try to cooperate with his parent body, the JIP, to get his agenda of Iqamatuddeen fulfilled. It was his earnest desire and he put me to that task to materialize in early eighties by developing a working cooperation between the two Movements but it could not materialize due to negative attitude of some of Jamaat's leaders.


The field is still wide open in the context of Pakistan and Mohtram A’kif Bhai should explore every opportunity to attain that end. This is the need of time.



Shamim Siddiqi  

New York