Everybody is crying: "Islam is for 'Peace ".  FUNDAMENTALLY, ON PRINCIPLE, IT IS OBSOLUTELY CORRECT. It is the end result  of Islam if it is established  in human society in its entire socio, cultural economic, ethical, and political fields  as a whole along with it the moral  behaviors of the people are changed in terms of the code of Ethics  prescribed by Allah in the  Qur'an  and demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad (S) in his life  pattern. Islam will then deliver justice to human abode, fulfilling   the human rights of all people, irrespective of cast, religion, color, faith and ethnicity. THE ERA OF PEACE WILL THEN USHER IN NOT BEFORE. 


This entire panorama when established by people who are honest, trustworthy and bear a dependable Islamic character. When such people will come to power as Trustees of all God-given gifts, they will use it for delivering peace in the society. In no way they will build their bank balances, acquire illegal properties etc. People will love them as they all will serve as the servant of masses and not as their masters as we see today throughout the world.


In consequence, corruption is rampant in every nook and corner of each country. The bigger the country, the GREATER it is involved in corruption of all kinds - favoritism, nepotism and usurping other rights is rampant at all fronts. Hence there is no peace and no justice is found anywhere in any country. The rights of minorities are denied willfully; corporate interests are protected by all fair and foul means as P M Modi is doing THROUGH ALL MEANS, FEAR AND FOUL BOTH.                    


Islam when established will remove/abolish and eliminate all the vested interests. Justice will be given to all and peace will come in its wake. Peace will not come from high above the sky. it will be generated  within the society when all  its segments are living a satisfied life with no fear of Zulm and oppression from any corner of the country.


So, those who are crying for "PEACE" are living in a doldrums of hope and frustration for centuries together. They cannot get it till the men of character come to power through rightful means and administer justice with NO COST.


Islam is the only source now to get it but, unfortunately it is opposed by the so-called advanced and developing countries. In fact, they all are enemy # one  of Islam. They are carrying out all dirty games that including 'TERRORISM” in different names. They coined AND CREATED “ISIS” and now fighting against the Islamic State and its vision. When they are determined to degrade and destroy the emergence of Islamic state, how can they get Peace when they are fighting against "Al-KHAIR' - the good that Islam offers to mankind,


In fact, they are the "lost" generation of Adam and Eve. None of them is serious about  peace and justice anywhere in the world. They want  to keep world agitated always and promote  war in different regions, and sale their Weapons of  Mass Destruction [WMD] 


They all are the enemies of PEACE and befooling others in the name of peace. This entire phenomenon expounds that they are preparing for the THIRD WORLD WAR which is imminent and hovering over our head.


These are the warning signals for world community. These steps are serious towards establishing the peace in the world. The people have to catch the hands of those who are opposing the incoming of Islam as the system of life by all means  of destruction, obstruction and contradiction as in the case of Islam. They all want peace but hate the emergence of Islam and the Islamic State anywhere in the Muslim world. They are the greatest hypocrites of the modern world.


Shamim Siddiqi

WWW.dawahinamericas.com .                                                                      Nov,30, 15