In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Islam, in fact, has now become the basic need of modern man, especially in the context of the space age. Hence it must be put before the common man in a very precise, concise and in a nut shell form as the inherent reality of this cosmos. Islam, both in belief and action, is very simple and covers the fundamental prevailing truths of this cosmos. If the human specie understands these postulates, it will be quite easy for him to envision it and follow it as a panacea for all of its centuries old evils and lingering unsolved problems.    


It will be crystal clear if we proceed to explain Islam to the modern man like this, in the form of short capsules.


1. The physical laws of nature were there as made or designed by God for every animate and inanimate object to create, perfect and and run this cosmos.


2. Scientists are only discovering and explaining them as how these laws are governing each and every object of nature so meticulously that they are not colliding with each other. The Scientist  do not invent those laws at all but discover and apply them as the "Master Key" to unlock  the overall prevailing mysteries of nature and help in creating its similitude for the benefit of mankind.


3. Equally, God is also controlling the human life but through a different set up moral laws where man has been given a freewill to use this world and His bounties for his benefit and for that He has set a Day when all men and women will be accountable to Him as whether he/she used these resources and bounties for the benefit of man or misused them for destructive purposes?


4.  It must be carefully noted by all about the following position of man on earth that he always forgets and behaves recklessly like an irresponsible creature and fills the earth with imbalances, disorder, Chaos and bloodshed: 


i. That man is the vicegerent of God and he is to live, act and behave on this earth the way He commanded him to do through His appointed Messengers in a chain from Adam to Muhammad (pbut];


ii. That man is the trustee of what he is endowed, what he possesses and what he sees around him and not the master of these trusts and he is accountable to God the way he uses this trust on earth – the way he liked or the way he was ordained to live. 


5. It appears to be the logical conclusion of the  above facts that God has designed an eternal world of bliss called " Heaven" to be awarded  to those who will come out successful in the test of Accountability on the Day of Judgment when the procedure is completed and the right of the future Citizenship of Heaven is conferred upon the successful on account of their good deeds alone on the lines demonstrated by the appointed MESSENGERS of God. The rest will be treated as the pieces of garbage and thrown into the eternal world of torment called "Hellfire" for good.


6. As such, God is the eternal need of man to acquire the Citizenship Rights of the New Universal Order of Heaven and that He will create after completing the Accountability process. So, man must succeed in that test while living on this earth by constantly seeking His pleasure being always obedient to Him in every walk of life, failing which he will be thrown into Hellfire.


7. This is the sum and substance of this entire Divine Workshop that we can call as the New Universal Order. It will continue to run in its new face or phase with new dawn and evening, new sky and earth for its would-be Citizens with indescribable pleasure and comforts for the good deeds and sacrifices that they rendered on earth for the attainment of the pleasure of God, the Creator and the Sustainer of this cosmos.


8. In fact, God is eternal and ever-lasting. He has no past, no present and no future. His existence cannot be measured in terms of human terminologies. His Eternity is beyond any sense of measurement. God is the self-sustained identity and the rest of this cosmos depends on Him alone for its survival.            


9. God has pinpointed His position of eternity through Verse # 3 of Surah Al-Hadeed. In terms of the above clarification, this Verse can now be understood more explicitly:


 ”He is the First and the Last, and the Outward and the Inward; He is the Knower of all things"


10. Truly speaking, this is the essence of Islam in nut shell for the modern men and women of the scientific age to understand and come into its fold for their eternal benefit. It makes easy for us to explain Islam scientifically in our laboratories.   

11. Let us prepare a scientific workshop on these lines for the understanding of the common man, the Arab Bedouins of our age, to learn about Islam and its indispensability for leading a perfect balanced and homogeneous responsible life in this world and in the Hereafter after death.  



Shamim Siddiqi


NB: Request each brother to suggest about preparing a Dawah Workshop

         to this effect.  Shukrun.