[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The unfortunate Baghdad has fallen to allied forces, USA-UK, on April 9, 2003 at around noontime. The dictatorial regime of the cruel, despotic and oppressive Saddam Hussain has come to an end with rightly great rejoicing mood of the Iraqi people. It must be an eye-opening episode of history for the rest of the totalitarian and undemocratic regimes of the Muslim world. They must count their days as: who comes next? The end-result of all the Pharaohs and their “kingdoms”, whether of Nile or Tigris, Moscow or Berlin has been the same, a disgraceful departure, unwept and unsung.  All were the transgressors and creating “Fassad” [transgression] and “Zulm” [oppression] on the surface of the earth and made human life extremely miserable and intolerable. It makes no difference whether it is Saddam of Iraq, Bush of USA, Blair of UK, Sharon of Israel or BJP of India. Birds of the same feather flock together. Color, name and style may be different but nature of all the oppressive regimes, howsoever democratic it may be in name, is and has always been the same.     


Tyrannical regimes do not survive long. Baghdad has fallen and the statues of Saddam have been toppled down, as was the case with the statues of Stalin and Lenin in Moscow in 1991 with the fall of Communism in Russia. It is the way the oppressive regimes come and go with bloodshed on the streets and deaths of thousands of innocent people before and in its aftermath. The tragedy of Baghdad tells something more than what is reported in the press or expressed by Bush-Blair-Sharon hegemony. This is the twenty first century and the world has already entered into a new millennium but the old game of imperial powers, colonialism, subjugation, denial of human rights and freedom of speech has been given new dimensions and new terminologies to represent the game of “neo-colonialism”.      


The game of “naked aggression”, is now called the war of freedom - “Operation Iraqi-Freedom” [or “Operation Iraqi Liberation” which ironically spells out, “OIL”]; forceful occupation is pronounced as “liberation”; precaution is now termed as “preemptive attack”; hegemony is declared as “coalition”; subjugation is carried out under the name of “deliverance”; human rights are restricted only to “supply of food, water, power and medicines” to “free people”. Human ingenuity has thus innovated many “sugar-coated pills” to satisfy its “dead conscience” and dubbed the human cries for freedom, liberty and independence.


In fact, the human tragedy of Iraq will start now. As foretold in February last in my previous article: “The Geopolitical Situation of M.E – Past, Present, and Future Projections” [now available on website:], the aggression of Iraq by the so-called “coalition forces” and its conquest have proved that it was truly like the “knife in the butter”. The very objective for which Iraq was attacked was to free the world from its “mass-murdering - biological, chemical and nuclear weapons” and it is nowhere visible to the microscopic eyes of the USA and Britain. It was a “false plea” to “disarm” Saddam, subjugate Iraq, capture its oil, stay in the heart of predominant Muslim lands “perhaps” for good to “protect” the Jewish State of Tel Aviv, fulfill its centuries old dream to establish the State of Greater Israel from the waters of Tigris to Nile and prepare the ground for the “would-be the War of Armageddon”. This is the beginning not the end of the “aggression” on Iraq.


Just imagine what this tragedy has in its wake. Loot, murder, innocent killings are in rampant everywhere throughout the “free land” of Iraq and the coalition forces that went to deliver “peace” to the people of the land are standing as silent spectators. Rather, they are facilitating the street urchins and the vagabonds to plunder the “peace and property” of the vanquished. Subsequently, Iraq is going to be transformed into a police state and no body can stop it. Even the coalition of Bush-Blare, the “creator and sustainer” of the miserable plight of Iraq will succumb to the situation.  


The ”conquest” of Iraq will be followed by a military “Raj” of McCarthy style to be followed by a puppet regime on the pattern of Afghanistan. There are many “Karzais” in Iraq. The Kurdish and Shiite communities are in waiting to fill up this gap and the “efforts” are already on towards installing a “faithful” government in Iraq. It will be named as the “restoration” of democracy. In fact, it is the old game of colonialism that all the European powers, including the Britain, have played in their respective subjugated colonies. They “administered” the so-called “political freedom” to these exploited lands only when they were able to “install” a regime of their own choice to act and behave like “his master’s voice” in their absence.  The “installed” government in Iraq will harp on the tunes of their masters sitting in London, Washington and Tel-Aviv. Can any mockery be greater than this “naked” hypocrisy of the co-called modern democracies of the “enlightened” world? A “garrison” of the so-called allied forces of UK-USA will be stationed permanently in Iraq as “occupied forces” to resist the common outburst or demand for true democracy in Iraq or anywhere in the region, as democracy does not suit the colonial powers. The vested interests of the USA and UK flourish only under undemocratic puppet regimes as we see throughout the Muslim world.


After getting their position “stabilized” in Iraq, the coalition forces will take care of Syria, Iran and Pakistan.  These countries will have no choice but to follow the dictates of Washington-London-Tel-Aviv, (better to be called as: “The Evil-Axis”) or be ready for the “arrogant-preemptive” attack of President Bush. It is now the hanging sword on anyone who dares to see eye to eye to this “trio”. It is the human planning but the planning of the Lord of this universe may be different than what appears and that will be the final destiny, both of the victors and the vanquished.  He may curb the designs of the “evil” forces in the bud.


So let us wait and see, as the Muslims currently have no say in the development of world affairs and its leadership has fallen fast asleep. Can there be any tragedy greater than this? The “homes and hearths” of the Muslim Ummah are again being “usurped” from Jakarta to Casablanca but the Muslim leadership and the people at the helm of its affairs are looking forward to the “usurpers” for help and guidance. It was the situation when Genghis Khan in 1248 C.E. routed out Baghdad and it is the same scenario when the “Halakus” of Twenty first Century have gathered together around the waters of Euphrates and Tigris to share the “booties” of their war spoils. France, Germany and Russia, the champions of the “peaceful process through inspection” are equally murmuring to share the “booty” through the “defunct” UN.


This reminds us a Hadith of Rasulullah (S). It is narrated by Sawban ® and quoted by Abu Dawood and Baihaqi in Shubatul Iman that Rasulullah (S) once said, “The idolaters will invite one and other to fight against you as one invites others on table of food.” Sahabah asked: It would be perhaps due to our numerical shortage. Rasulullah ® said,  “No, you will be in great numbers but you will be like scum of the ocean, the enemies will have no fear of you and your hearts will be filled with “Wahan”. People asked, “O Prophet of Allah, “What is Wahan”? Rasulullah (S) said, “It is he love of this world and the fear of death” [Hadith # 5135: Mishkat Vol. II]


Unfortunately, the Muslim Ummah is passing through that stage and only Allah knows when it will arise from its deep slumber. Equally, it is Allah’s tradition that He abhors transgression in any shape for a longer time. The transgressors of today must start counting their days. Their end is not for off. So, the fall of Baghdad is the beginning not the end of human tragedy, especially of the Muslim world.



Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                                          

April 12, 2003