In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Capitalism accompanied with secularism, nationalism and liberalism as its off-shoots, gradually reached to its zenith in the United States of America in the aftermath of the conquest of Allied forces at the end of the Second Great War of 1938-45. The USA completely established itself as the mega-superpower in the annals of history with the evaporation of Cold War and the collapse of Communist Russia as its challenging contemporary power. In its wake, American liberal culture with its military might, human values and flourishing democratic system of life became the call of the time. These concepts were welcomed every where, especially in the underdeveloped countries and the newly emerging independent nations in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Had the leadership of the USA been wise enough, it should not have disturbed this process of natural “adaptation.” Had America promoted its predominant values with love for justice, concern for human rights and care for suffering humanity, the majority of human race would have “grabbed” it willingly and America would have been recognized by the time as the savior of mankind. But the flow of history was not allowed to proceed in its natural course and the vested interests in this country and abroad robbed the “bloom and glow” by diverting its flow to wrong  channels that human nature always abhors.


The leadership of the USA behaved “closed” mindedly, became “blind” to its “shortsighted” foreign policies that serve only some of its national interests abroad and greatly “protect” the State of Israel. Unfortunately, President Bush, with the help of his Neo-Cons conservative aides both in the Whitehouse and the Pentagon has symbolized himself in twisting the natural flow of history to coercive process of diverting the world to “follow his lines or face the consequences” of preemptive attack. He “spoiled” his first term as the President of the USA in “conquering” Afghanistan and then “occupying” Iraq on flimsy grounds, concocted stories about WMD and a “fake” war against the so-called “terrorism” that neither could he define so far as what “terror” constitutes nor could he defeat it anywhere in the world. Rather, in compliance to his vision, he has “filled” the earth with increased terror activities, bloodiest insurgencies both in Iraq and Afghanistan, hate against the Uncle Sam everywhere and brought the “home-land-security” unguarded  at the enormous cost of danger and damages to our personal freedom and liberties. Americans constitutional guarantees are at stake. So, his philosophy of “preemptive attack” and “war against terrorism” has back fired and he has put the future of America in doldrums and distrust.


However, President Bush got elected for the second term not on account of his declared “war philosophy” and projections both at home and abroad but due to religious affinities and his conservative agenda against gay-marriages. Since his Inauguration Day, he is now presenting himself as an “ideologue” who is bent upon to promote “freedom”, democratic process, involving the people of Muslim lands in power sharing process of their respective countries. He is citing the “successful” elections of Afghanistan, Palestine and January 30th elections of Iraq as “milestones” in that direction. Here he forgets that these elections were held under direct “occupancy” either of the USA or that of Israel. Posterity will never accept them as fair and unfettered verdict of the people. It all tantamount to imposition of the “wishes” of the occupying forces to “install” some kind of “puppet” regimes who will harp on their master’s voice even when they are not there.


In Afghanistan people’s resistance is in progress against the elected regime of Hamid Karzai. There is no peace in the country beyond the outskirts of Kabul. The resurrection of Taliban is “visible” everywhere. In Iraq Shiia and Kurdish who have their meaningful vested interests, participated in Elections briskly but the Sunnis who were scared of the majority rule, mostly kept away from this process. The details that are now coming forward are alarming from American point of view. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran invested in millions and millions of dollars in support of their party or candidates. But even in this situation people of Iraq have given their verdict in favor of religious alliances that are likely to hold power against the wishes of the USA which is extremely allergic to Islamic concept of life and the code of Shariah that is likely to emerge as the paramount foundation of the future constitution of Iraq and its government afterwards. The Congressmen in the Capital have already started raising their voices against the emergence of Islam in Iraq one way or the other.


If President Bush is really sincere and I can “believe” him for sometime, he should then accept the verdict of these elections with open heart and mind. It would bring confidence to the people of the region that he is sincere and there is no game plan behind his advocacy of promoting democracy in the Middle Eastern countries. The matter does not end here. Simultaneously, he has to make his attitude totally democratic in dealing with the dictators and undemocratic regimes of Egypt, Libya, Ali Tunisia, Hassan of Morocco, little Sheikhdoms of Persian Gulf including Saudi Arabia and the most undemocratic regime of Pervaiz Musharraf of Pakistan. The sincerity of President Bush is at test as how far he is willing to bring these countries under the fair game of democracy and how far he is willing to desert the despotic rulers behind with a clear warning: “restore democracy and human rights in full and get out of the people march towards completing the democratic process, I am with them.”


Only then he will be acknowledged as a truthful “ideologue.” Otherwise, his patronage of Hassni Mubarak, appeasement policy to SA and other Sheikhs of ME and the despotic rulers of North Africa will contradict his claim and sincerity that he is advancing towards spreading democracy “to the darkest corner of the world”. President Bush’s contradictions are enormous, if we take his double ended behavior with European countries especially with Putin of Russia, Sharon of Israel, Rulers of India, China, Korea and elsewhere in the world. If he is to be recognized as the “ideologue” of twenty-first century, he has to correct his position before it becomes too late and history brackets him as hypocrite of the first water. I wish him all success to let him emerge as a truthful “ideologue”. The good of the world lies in his success.


Shamim A Siddiqi

February 6, 2005