In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


The Islamic Republic of Iran is consistently and persistently defying the “wishes” of nuclear monopolistic powers to keep away from its ambition to develop the nuclear technology in spite of the fact that it is giving repeated assurance that it would be used only for the peaceful purposes. The issue has become the hot-ball of world politics since its young and energetic President Dr. Ahmadinjad started showing his determination to carry it out and has now removed the seal and locks of the laboratories where the experiment to enrich uranium was stopped some time back after a compromised understanding between Iran and EU countries  - Germany, UK and France. Both sides are adamant and EU countries in collaboration with the USA are planning to bring the issue to the Security Council to impose some sanctions for her defiance against the policy of nuclear nonproliferation. It has made the situation very alarming as well chaotic with so many evil effects in its aftermath. Hence, the issue must be evaluated by peace loving people of the globe in its true perspective. In fact, there are many aspects of this issue and I will, Insha Allah, discuss each in the briefest possible way.


1.  In the world of nationalism and democracy, the rights of a nation howsoever weak or small must be respected by others and the UN. As such, every nation must have the right to develop the nuclear technology for medical and other peaceful purposes like producing cheap energy for its industrial development. Had the case been so, there would have been no row against nuclear ambition of any country at all and the treaty of nuclear proliferation could easily be enforced. But, unfortunately, the fortunate “big-five” have monopolized the nuclear power by “chance” in the wake of Second Great War when the world was in turmoil and their monopolistic “mentality” dictates that none else should have this monstrous power. India, Pakistan  are the other two  fortunate countries that developed it out of their “rivalry” and Israel possesses it in “disguise” as the most favored nation of the “big-five”. The rest of the world, in their estimation, is rouge, if any country slightly expresses her desire to have it even for peaceful purposes. This is totally immoral and world conscience should never allow having it by a few while denying to others. This is injustice and SC must remove this anomalous situation first if it wants to maintain peace on earth.


2.  What is the guarantee that the USA will not use its nuclear power never-ever? Who is going to trust it if it cannot trust two Muslim nations like Iran and Pakistan who not only “Trust in God” but also feel accountable to Him more than the “five” secular nuclear countries plus India. The matter becomes more serious when the USA has already resolved to use it in emergencies. William Rivers Pitt in his recent article: “Attack on Iran: A Looming Folly” writes on January 9, 2006: “In the worst case scenario, the newly-minted American Order of Battle requiring the use of nuclear weapons to rescue a surrounded and imperiled force could come into play, hurling the entire planet into military and diplomatic bedlam”, if the American forces face a serious situation in Iraq [or Afghanistan] and are found surrounded by enemy combatant forces of Iran and Syria.     



3. The “big-five” nuclear powers should have ignored Iran and let it meet its legitimate desire to be the nuclear power as they are “conveniently” ignoring Israel out of their legendary “mockery”. They should have realized that the situation of Iran is quite different than that of South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil or South Africa. They should have realized that Iran is a growing Shiia “super-power” on its own merit. From the oil-rich Eastern Saudi Arabia upto Zahidan bordering Pakistan and from Bahrain to Lebanon, there is a surge of “Shiia-nationalism”. The secular west could check Arab-panism through “enticement and intimidation” but they cannot stop the growing “Shiia – nationalism” form expansion, consolidation and emerging as a block of countries fighting for their supremacy with enormous geopolitical importance, abundance of raw material and energy resources of gas and oil, the dire need of oil-hungry Europe and America. It would be in the better interest of the developed nations of the world to recognize the growing importance of Iran and its dominant role in the Middle East and world politics in very near future. The current leadership in Iran knows its potentials very well and that is why it is facing its adversaries with courage, determination and a bit air of vanity.


4.  The USA and its allied forces jumped into Iraq, after conquering Afghanistan by dint of their arrogance and false “pride” of military might, forgetting altogether that they have entered into a lion’s den.  They even never cared for other religious and ethnic forces in the region to balance their position. The lion is now fully awake and the allied forces are in its “total” grip. “Ideologically”, there is no border between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and beyond. The die-hard opponents of occupied forces come and go from Iraq at will. No military vigilance can catch them. If America or its mercenary forces of Israel attack Iran, the war of insurgency in Iraq will bogged down the American forces in a “cage” and their stay in Afghanistan may become miserable too. Iran can play havoc at both the places. In consequence, the armed men of the USA may face the same situation in Iraq as Pakistani forces encountered in East Pakistan in December 1971. Its further repercussion need not be described but can be well imagined.  The topography of the ME may see another change and America may lose its vital interest in the region along with that of Israel. Its centuries-old game plan of Greater Israel may face a catastrophic end. The change of party by Sharon was not meaningless. In fact, it was the change of his strategy to attain his cherished goal. It is the planning of Allah and you know “He is the best planner.”


5.  Muslim world as it stands today will be just a silent spectator. No King, President or Sheikh will come to the rescue of the USA. In the wake of Shiia “revolution”, Muslim masses elsewhere in the Arab world and North Africa will get impetus to fight against their despotic rulers and try to come out of their tutelage. The rising forces of “pan-Shiiaism” may help the suffocating Muslim population in their fight for “freedom” and in turn, the Muslim Forces may come to help the “Shiia-Panism” in making the region free of foreign influence altogether.


6. Europe and the USA must read these warning signals that are being markedly written on the firmament of the ME and, therefore, they must not be impatient on tall and bold statements of the President of Iran. He is speaking with the force of Iman in his heart, the support of his people and that of the region and the force of favorable circumstances that have surrounded the Middle East out of the follies of Washington, London and Israel. If Bush and Blair really want peace in the world, they should better keep “quite” and let Iran meet its legitimate nucleus ambition “silently” in the better interest of peace and security that is becoming a nightmare of Bush-Blair-Sharon. Even if Iran becomes a nuclear power, heaven will not fall on earth. World will then be a more peaceful place to live without the impending threats that are pouring in day and night unnecessarily from Washington, London, Paris and Bonn.


Shamim Siddiqi

January 15, 2006