(I. P. I)

A multipurpose Institution for the Introduction

of Islam to American People/West


Late Dr Jamil A Siddiqi,

MA; Ph D; D Sc., Gold Medalist in Arabic, Master of five European languages;

Ex-Dean of The Faculty of Science, Muslim University, Aligarh, UP, India;

Ex-Professor of Mathematics, Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada]

[1925 – 1997]


[Shamim A Siddiqi]








INTRODUCTION                                                                                                               3

Location                                                                                                                                5

IPI PROJECTS                                                                                                                    5

      A. Operational Projects                                                                                                 5

      B. Coordination & Organizational Structure                                                              10

      C. Funds - For Capital & Recurring Expenditures [Estimated]                                14

      D. Ways And Means to make IPI Self-Sufficient                                                      16













In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Muslims in the west have a great responsibility to introduce Islam as a way of life. The fulfillment of the obligation attains greater magnitude when we observe that the fair name of Islam is abused by the western media for any act of violence which is un-Islamic but committed by Muslims anywhere on the surface of this earth. Islam which could and can deliver the good to mankind is now looked upon as ‘the most orthodox religion’. It is treated as a thing of by-gone days. In the eyes of the West it is a religion of “barbarism” and something of “medieval age”. In their estimation; it is “incompatible” with science and progress with the time.

These misgivings and apprehensions of the West are due to ignorance about Islam. On their part, they never try to discover the Truth Al- Islam. The media, the secular press and the prejudiced Christian missionaries are busy day in and day out in distorting the image of Islam and getting the Western people more and more confused about the Truth. Their main job appears to create hate against Muslims and keep the people away from Islam. In this pursuit, both the Western and “Communist/Socialist”” countries are unanimous in defacing the picture and the teachings of Islam. It looks like a joint venture which truly represents a saying of Prophet Mohammed (S). :

“The disbelievers are one nation (in denying Islam)”

This situation needs immediate correction before it becomes too late. Genuine efforts must be made by the Muslims in the West. It is prescribed on them by their creator and Sustainer, Allah (SWT) to meet this challenge. At one hand, they are required to counter-act the miss-leading anti- Islam propaganda through a flood of literature in the language which is clearly understood by the people of the land. On the other, there is a need and urgency of efficient teams of Da’ees to go in public, meet the common people of the land at the grass-root level and present Islam, on person-to-person basis, in a palatable manner. Simultaneously, our youths are to be inspired to excel in their respective fields of art and science as devoted Muslims and equip themselves and their Millah with the latest technology in every walk of life.

This three-pronged preparation and onslaught by Muslims to eradicate the root cause of their decay and regain the position they have lost in recent centuries is the only way to come out of the existing quagmire of ignominy and indolence. It needs a determined and organized effort and a team of devoted and dedicated brothers and sisters to begin with. The proposed vision to establish the Institute for Promotion of Islam (I.P.I) to counter anti- Islam propaganda, introduce Islam to the American people on positive lines and build the future leadership on Islamic lines is a serious and genuine effort in that direction. The study of this vision in the following pages will unfold the ways and means to fulfill our greatest obligation to Allah (s.w.t) and to this Ummah.

The present state of affairs is a challenge to the Muslims of the world specially that of America who fortunately are in a better position to meet it successfully. It simply needs the sacrifice of some of their resources which Allah (s.w.t) has bestowed upon them in abundance. Alhamdulillah, many of the Muslim brothers are rolling in Millions. They can easily spare a few million for reconstructing the fate of the Muslim community/Ummah and pave their way for a glorious reward in Akhirah. What a Marvelous deal it would be with Allah (s.w.t).

“Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because of the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah (s.w.t.) and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. Who fulfilleth his covenant better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph”.

[Al-Qur'an IX-III]

Now let us see how many brothers and sisters come forward to meet the greatest challenge of time and strike a glorious deal with their creator Allah (s.w.t.) by participating in building the Institute - a source of perpetual righteousness in American perspective for themselves and their progenies till eternity.

May Allah (s.w.t) open our hearts for the generosity that the situation demands! The question is Now or Never. Allah’s blessings are waiting to shower upon those WHO ACT NOW!

Al- Da’ee ELAl-Khair

Shamim A Siddiqi

Rajab 21, 1428 H/September 6, 2007










[A Multipurpose Institution for the Introduction of Islam to American people/West]




A. Operational projects

B. Organizational Structure

C. Fund Raising: For Fixed Capital & Recurring Expenditures [Estimate]

D. Ways & means to make IPI self-sufficient



1. Writers Forum – A publishing House: For * Original writings; *Translation;

* Editing

- Original writings: in English & Spanish - Subjects: Islamic studies:

* Text Books for Students of Grade I to 12 [As per syllabus prepared by Br Baig]

* Life of Prophet Muhammad (S): * For H.S.; * For College/University level

* Life of Prophet’s (S) companions: 100 Sahabah & 50 Sahabiyat – First Phase

Additional: 100 ,, 50 ,, -- Second Phase


- Tawheed; Prophethood, Amanah [Trust] & Akhirah

- Evolutionary aspects of Judaism & Christianity [In comparison to Islam]

- Socio-Economic-Political dimensions of Islam as the only way of life

- Socio-Economic-Political problems of the USA/West & their Islamic solution

- Developing FIQH problems in the context of modern world.


2. TRANSLATIOIN: In American English & Spanish

- Al- Qur’an: With short commentary

- With Comprehensive commentary: Tadabbur-e-Qur’an : A Islahi

- Hadith: The legal Aspect of Sunnah – S A A Maududi (RA)

Tadabbur-e-Hadith Vol. I & II - Amin Ahsan Islahi

- Islamic Literature: Islami Tahzeeb Uskey Usul wa Mubadi – A A Maududi (RA)

Al-Jihad Fi- Al-Islam – A A Maududi (RA)

Fiqh Ala Madahebul Arba’ – A Rahman Al-Juzari

Balooghul Arab - Mahmood Shakri Aloosi

Tafhimul Hadith – S A A Maududi

Tadabbur-e-Hadith – Amin Ahsan Islahi


3. Editing: Editing the current available Islamic Literature in English, rendering it

readable & acceptable to American taste and temperament and

securing publishing rights from authors/publishers for IPI [Its

selection will be made by the Governing Body of IPI



- First Monthly then Weekly in English First Phase

- A Monthly Magazine in Spanish Second Phase

- To be managed and controlled by an Editorial Board to be

appointed by the Governing Body of IPI.

- Addressees – Intelligentsia: Senators, Congressmen, legislatures, teachers,

Bankers, Doctors, Legal professionals, Socio-religious-political

Activists, Student community, Business Executives & Corporate

America, etc.

- Objectives: - To present Islam as Deen [a way of life] as an alternative to secular

systems of life;

- To inspire Muslim youth to undertake R & D as their goal of life


III. A PRINTING PRESS – A Business venture & for printing our own literature

- For Institute’s Publications, Reports & Periodicals; outside commercial jobs etc.

- Managed by competent qualified management personals to be appointed by

the Governing Body of IPI



- Sale Department – A business Venture

* Main Features: Procuring all available Islamic Literature on Islam and allied

Topics and on the contemporary modern world in English, Arabic, Urdu and

other Important languages of the world to the extent possible

- Reference Library: For Writers Forum, Scholars, Da’ees, and Research

Students of

IPI, Intelligentsia & a Reading Room with modern facilities and equipment


V. DAWAH CENTER - For Arranging:

- Lectures, symposium & Seminar etc. on different Islamic topics;

- Inviting guest Speakers/Murabbis from within and outside the country for

Speaking on assigned topics and conducting Da’ees Training Programs on

- Regular and Continuous basis in a continuous process for varying periods:

From three weeks to one year;

- Running Student Hostel/Cafeteria to serve at least 40 Da’ees under training

at a time at the Dawah Center;

- Imparting special training to Da’ees for public speaking, person-to-person

contacts/group discussion [friendly dialogues] in English and Spanish;

- Producing Dawah material: Flyers, Posters, handbills, slogans/catch-words,

stickers and short speeches for corner meetings etc. for spreading Islam in

masses [including Dawah booklets and playcards];

- Developing Model Dawah Workshops, covering different aspects of Dawah

Ilallah: holding corner meetings, arranging Dawah tables at public places and

campuses and “meet-the-people” campaign in pre-determined areas in vicinity;

- Producing Model Da’ees for Dawah in the field, at campuses, public rallies,

house-to-house and person-to-person contacts, addressing meetings at Mosques,

Churches & Synagogues and public places.


VI. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Establishing a Scientific Research Center

& Laboratory for accomplishing the following Objectives:

- Attracting Muslim scholars, talents and students interested in advancement of

Science and Technology to meet the growing challenges of time;

- Creating incentive in Muslim youth to undertake research work in different

fields to compete and excel the contemporary world in science and technology;

- Producing movement-oriented Muslim scholars/doctors/engineers/scientists in

different faculties of science and technology;

- Preparing blue prints and economic feasibility reports for commercial and

industrial projects to attract Muslim finances and transform them into operative

trading/manufacturing units under IPI Management;

- Launching upon pilot projects for Research and Invention under the auspices

of IPI and obtain Patent Rights for Muslims students, scholars and scientists;

- Inviting capital for investment in R & D works and pilot projects of IPI;

- Inviting Muslim community to invest in successful Projects and establish

industries at economically suitable places to compete the modern world in arts,

science and technology;

- Sharing the profit and goodwill by IPI to run its Dawah Projects, publications,

laboratory and Research works, R & D Projects and making IPI a self-

sufficient an self-sustained Islamic Institution for the spread of Islam in the

Western hemisphere.

VIA. Establishing a full time Medical Clinic with qualified Doctors/nurses within

IPI compound for first aid and emergency medical services.




- Coordinating Different Programs within IPI that they are managed and run

efficiently under Islamic discipline and its Code of conduct;

- Controlling the Finances of IPI: Collection, Income & Disbursement, budgeting,

Accounting, Auditing and Acting as Custodian of Liquid and Fixed assets,

Goodwill of its commercial units and properties within and outside IPI;

- Developing Contacts with Muslims and non-Muslim organizations, Institutions,

Masajid within the country and abroad for promoting the cause of Islam and

Muslims in North and South America and the world at large;

- This Department will be known as: “DIRECTORATE OF COORDINATION”



- The Management of IPI will be controlled by:

i. A Board of Promoters – The movement-oriented Founder Members and Promoters of IPI, bearing a dependable trustworthy character, functioning as its entrepreneur will act as Permanent Members of the Institute and constitute its Board of Promoters [BP] in order to protect its ideological character, run its day to day affairs efficiently, maintain, under each and every circumstances, the continuity of its policy, programs and objectives for which the IPI is being established as a Dawah Academy, and appoint their senior most member as its Managing Director [MD].

ia. In case of replacement of any Member of BP due to any reason, the remaining members will, through unanimous consciousness, nominate/select a Muslim bearing the same qualifications and character as mentioned in B(i) above.

ib. The Board of Promoters will constitute a Board of Advisers [BA] consisting of Muslim Scientists, Doctors, Teachers, Engineers, Research/Learned Scholars, Academicians of repute, Donors and Well-wishers of the Institute and it objectives to seek periodically their individual and collective advices to build, develop and run the Academy as a Model Institution of Dawah, Tarbiyah, R & D, Scientific probes and future projections under the management of IPI.

ii. A Board of Management [BM] consisting of Seven permanent members from the Board of Promoters and the Seven members of the Board of Directors to be presided over by the President of the Board of Promoters, the Managing Director and

iii. The Board of Directors [BD] consisting of the Seven Directors to be presided over by the Managing Director to control and run the day to day affairs of each Directorate

iv. Each Project/Department will be called as “DIRECTORATE” and its In-charge as “Director”. Following Directorate will function:

1. Directorate of Dawah & Tarbiyah; [DDT]

2. Directorate of Publication,; [DP]

3. Directorate of Finances; [DF]

4. Directorate of Buildings and Administration; [DBA]

5. Directorate of Science, Research & Development; [DS R & D]

6. Directorate of Economic & Pilot Projects; [DE &PP]

7. Directorate of Public Relations, Health & Environment; [DPRH&E]

v. Qualifications of Directors: All Directors will be positively Movement-oriented, devoted and dedicated Muslims with basic qualifications and experiences suitable to their respective assignment and job specification with only one exception that in technical field if any qualified Muslim is not available, a non-Muslim can be considered to fill that vacancy temporarily on merit.


i. The Board of Promoters, in consultation with the Board of Management, will decide the policies and programs of IPI as “what to do, how to do and who will do”

ii. The Board of Management will run day to day affairs of IPI, manage and control their respective projects, departments or directorates towards the implementation of the policies and programs to be adopted or introduced by the Board of Promoters.

iii. Each Directorate will constitute an Advisory Committee, consisting of five to Seven outside members who will have necessary expertise to manage and run the affairs of its projects efficiently on Islamic lines. Its meetings will be presided over by the Director, In-Charge of the Directorate concerned.

iv. Each Director will get a token honorarium of $ 2,000/- per month plus actual TA, free furnished accommodation with hard furniture and telephone facilities to discharge his or her duties and obligations satisfactorily with maximum sense of accountability to Allah and the Board of Management;

v. The Board of Promoters in consultation with the Board of Management will frame the Constitution of IPI and the Board of Directors will frame the Rules and by-laws for each Directorate to run its affairs smoothly and efficiently with the approval of the Board of Management

vi. The first batch of Directors will be appointed by the Board of Promoters, the Founders of IPI, keeping in view the requisite qualifications of each Director as prescribed at Point # B(v) above;

vii. Subsequent appointment and removal of Directors will be performed by the Board of Management in terms of the procedure to be prescribed in the Constitution of IPI.

viii. Decision at each and every stage will be arrived by general consciousness;

ix. During the foundation period, the affairs of IPI will be controlled and managed by the Board of Promoters constituting its seven members to be responsible:

- to raise funds; to supervise the construction of IPI House and its various projects;

- to be the custodian of fixed and liquid assets of IPI;

- to look after the affairs of each Directorate etc. till the time the management of IPI is transferred to the properly constituted Board of Management.

x. The Board of Promoters will frame an interim constitution, Rules and By-laws for the transitional period in order to control the finances of the Institution and run its affairs smoothly and efficiently under the set rules of procedure;

xi. The Board of Promoters will select from amongst themselves a “President” who is ideally suitable to serve the cause of IPI in all its intents and purposes.

xii. The Introduction and the Basic organizational structure and the qualifications and functions of the Board of Promoters, the Board of Management and the Board of Directors as laid down under this Section “B” and elaborated form Point # B(i) to (xii) are of permanent nature and hence will form the integral part of the Constitution of IPI as it is


1. Dr Omar Afzal

2. Shamim A Siddiqi

3. Shamsheer A Baig

4. Dr Javed Jamil, Delhi

5. Dr Waheeduddin Ahmad, USA

6. Dr. Khurshid Ahmad, Mombai


September 6, 2007/Shaaban 23, 1428 H

NOTE: List of tentative Promoters: Dr Muhammad A Jabbar, Dr Rashid, Br. Amin Awad, + +





FUND RAISING: For Fixed Capital & Recurring Expenditures {Estimated]

I. Fixed Capital Expenditures:


1. IPI House: Land [10 to 100 Acres]: Total Estimated Cost = $35,000,000

For Accommodating:

- Prayer Hall for 1000 people at a time;

- Printing Press with store facilities for stocks;

- A Modern Reference Library with facilities for 50 readers at a time;

- Book Service [Sale Department]] with store facilities for stocks;

- Office Rooms for Writers Forum with specially equipped cabins for each

Writer/Translator/Editor and their staff;

- Office for Periodical: Editorial staff, compositors, and Dispatchers;


- Auditorium for 1,000 people

- Six Lecture rooms with 100 sitting capacity

- Hostel for 40 to 50 Da’ees under Tarbiyah at a time

- Cafeteria/Dining room with kitchen facilities and sitting arrangement for 250

persons at a time;

- Guest House for 8 to 10 persons at a time [For Guest Speakers & Murabbis];

- DIRECTORATE: Offices for Managing Director, Seven Directors, Board’s

Meetings etc.

- Science Research Center and Laboratory

- Care Takers Residence within the premises of IPI

- Parking Area accommodating 250 to 300 cars

- One Apartment Building with 10 studios, 12 one bed room apt's., 12 two bed room

apts., + 16 two/three bed room apartments for Directors & others [Total 50

apartments] furnished with hard furniture and electrical appliances]


2. PRINTING PRESS: Machinery & Estab. Capital Estimated Cost = $500,000

3. COMPUTERS - For all operative functions: Printing jobs, Reference library, Sale

Department, Dawah projects, Accounting & coordinating all IPI operations in a

consolidated form. = $500,000

4. VEHCLES – For transportation needs of different IPI Departments = $300,000

5. REFERENCE LIBRARY – Books, Periodicals, Shelves & computers = $1.200,000

6. A Periodical in English and a monthly Magazine in Spanish = $100,000

7. DAWAH PROJECTS – Dawah literature, Dawah Workshops, Radio/TV

Programs, Mobile Addressing system, Holding seminars/symposiums/conferences,

& Da’ees Training Programs on regular and continuous basis, Inviting

Guest speakers/Murabbis from within and outside the country = $400,000

8. Initial capital for publication of books, reports, flyers to be arranged, written or

Produced by Writers Forum, Translators and Dawah Department = $500,000

9. Video Cassette Equipment, Close Circuit TV, Intercom & other office

equipments [tables, chairs, filing cabinets, typewriters etc. =$500,000

10. Fully Equipped Science & Research Laboratory =$3,000,000




ADDITIONAL PROJECTS - In order to make the Institute self-sufficient and economically independent within five years of its inauguration, Insha Allah, the IPI will establish the following commercial projects:

i. A Medical store, a Departmental store, a Halal meat shop within its premises;

ii. A Gas station, a Repair workshop & a Pizza Hut within the IPI compound


i. Opening Radio and TV stations for promotion/propagation of Islam in

North/South America and Caribbean Islands;

ii. Establishing a model Residential School/College for youth;

iii. Establishing an economically independent Muslim Community to serve as model

of Islamic way of life for non-Muslims to visit, stay as its guest and study Islam in

practice as a boon for human society.


i. Directors Honorarium: 7 x 2,000 X 12 = $168.000 + TA & Phones = $200,000

ii. Writers Forum -Four full time writers = 4x 30,000 = 120,000

Four part time A W = 4x 20,000 = 80,000 = $200,000

iii. Librarian for Reference Library 50,000

iv. Book Service – One full time Manager = 30,000

Two Part time Assistants= 2x 15,000 = 30, 000 = 60,000

v. Periodical – Full time Editor = 50, 000

One Part time assistant 30, 000 = 80,000

vi. Hostel/Cafeteria 4x10=40x 30= 12,000 x 12 = $144,000 or say = 150, 000

vii. Guest Speakers/Murabbis: Passage + token Honorarium, = 5000x12 = 60,000

viii. IPI Establishment cost – a Caretaker, a qualified Accountant, an

Office Manager & four Assistants + some honorarium = 350,000

ix. Building Maintenance – Heat, gas, electricity, normal repair 25,000x 12= 350,000


Total = 1,500,000

x. Research & Pilot Projects 5,500.000


YEALY Estimated Total Running Cost] for Three Years = $7,000,000











Fourth year deficit [EST} $5,000.000 to be raised by Public Donations

Fifth year Deficit ,, 2,500, 000 ,, ,, ,, ,,

Sixth ,, ,, ,, 1, 500,000 ,, ,, ,, ,,

Seventh ,, ,, ,, 500,000 ,, ,, ,, ,,

Eight ,, ,, ,, 100,000 ,, ,, ,, ,,

In Ninth and Tenth year, by the grace of Allah, the Institute will reach its break-even point and stand on its own.


i. Printing press, Publications & Book Service $500,000 per Annum

ii. Rent from apartment Building 250,000 ,,

iii. Gas Stations and Car repair service 150,000 ,,

iv. Departmental Store & Halal meat 500,000 ,,

v. Clinic and Medical store 100,000 ,,

vi. Public Donations 500,000


Total Estimated Income at the end of 10th year $2,000,000


May Allah bless this Project and its promoters & supporters and make it bountiful for the Muslim Ummah in the USA and abroad! Amen!

Shamim A Siddiqi July 3, 2010