In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




Judge John Jones III a republican appointed by President Bush has rejected the concept of “Intelligent Design” as it tantamount to the theory of Creation in his ruling on last Tuesday [December 20, 2005] in his judgment in an appeal filed by the Dover school board, Harrisburg, Pa. as it is beyond the scope of science to analyze it scientifically. He asserted that it violates the First amendment of the US Constitution. He opines so much in spite of his acceptance that Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution is imperfect” and cannot explain its every aspect, (but) it should not be used as a pretext to thrust an untenable alternative hypothesis grounded in religion into a science class room to misrepresent well established scientific propositions”


Judge Jones even accepting the imperfectness of the theory of Evolution still insists not to entertain in any way the theory of Creation to be taught in the class room and thus keep the boys and girls of his generation and generations to come blind of the fallacies of one man’s [Darwin’s] imagination or just his guess work about the growth of animate objects in nature or to be more precise the “humans’. His obstinacy and short sightedness about the laws of nature is obvious. He has made the supporters of secular cults happy. Alternatively, he should have been able to explain the “missing link” of the theory of Evolution as when and at what stage of evolution humans became “conscious specie” and how they got the power of thinking and expression, the “Nutq”, the power of Al-Bayan [speaking and expressing his mind to his fellow being]. .Instead of accepting these shortcomings he became adamant in supporting Darwin’s unproven “guess” work till to day. He should have thrown this theory out side the classroom and save millions of students from keeping them in ignorance in the name of science. He abhors the existence of an “Intelligent Design” but could not advance any other thinking process to explain the “missing link”. This is called the rigidity or the “oppressive design” of scientific cruelty.


However, if Judge John had thought over the cosmos, its planning, make up and growth from its inception to this day, he would have definitely concluded that both the theory of Creations and Evolution have been working and contributing together in the development of the universe as we see it today. The universe was created with a great “thud”, a “Big bang” or with a word “Kun” Fayakoon [Be and it is there], by the will of the Creator or the Intelligent Design”. So is the case with humans, the most perfect and the most complicated design in the wilderness of nature. Man descended to earth only when the earth became habitable for human’s living conditions through the evolutionary process that took billions and billions of years to complete. The mortal frame of man and what it contains is so vast, complex and complicated that the modern science in spite of its enormous claims in medicine and technology could hardly decode its ten percent genes so far. The human body and its intellectual frame are still a mystery and a challenge for man’s ingenuity to discover. Only an Intelligent Designer could make it so nice, so perfect and so immaculate that one sustains doubt that would biological science ever be able to span and scan its make up in its entirety? It was not possible through evolutionary process only. Had there been no Intelligent Design behind human creation, man could not have the shape and his inherent qualities of heart and mind as he is today.


Equally, the abode of man, the earth is full of so many wonders that man has yet to reach its depth. In original shape it was like a red hot, molten lava or floating nebula when it started taking into a “designed” shape. The Intelligent Designer had to provide every thing that man would have needed for his urgencies and up-bringing from birth to death, cradle to grave, individual and collective requirements right from primary molecular  age to modern civilized era and beyond till eternity. Only an Intelligent Design could envision human’s growing needs for all times to come and managed them to be available to him as and when its need arises. Thus, the growth of earth was stemmed through evolutionary process and was made fit for man to live and survive on its surface, a joint collaboration both of Creation and Evolution. Only an insane man will deny these hard facts of our existence on earth.


When all was set on earth through evolutionary process and it was habitable for man to live, the “Intelligent Design caused the man to descend on earth in the shape of Adam and Eve. The man was created as he is today as a conscious and accountable human being and maintained in heaven while the earth was made habitable for him through evolutionary process. Darwin failed to go beyond his evolutionary process that he rightly observed in progress in nature all around and hence could not explain the missing link that Judge John Jones is stubbornly denying to accept as the only reality of life on earth. In spite of so many shortcomings in his approach, the Judge himself had “honestly” admitted the shortcomings of Darwin’s Evolutionary theory.


In fact, both the theory of Creation and that of Evolution as observed by Darwin in nature are complimentary and supplementary to each other. One supports the other as I have elaborated above. If teaching about Intelligent Design or the Divine Theory of Creation is disallowed in our educational campuses, our educational system will remain lopsided. The bogy of Evolutionary process will lead us nowhere, creating only bottleneck for our students and teachers alike to explain the “gap” or the “missing Link”: how and where to trace it, leaving the man guessing about his origin, thereby making him to live like an irresponsible creature on earth like animals with no sense of responsibility and accountability as we see around us.


If Judge Jones and persons like him accept the existence of an Intelligent Design, they will have no choice except to act, live and behave like responsible humans on earth and the great powers of the world will have to live within their means. This life pattern will be against their individual desires and instincts and hence they prefer, and like to live like “animals” on earth, rendering the earth into a “pasture-free-for-all”. The theory of Evolution, thus, suits their wild reckless behavior on earth. Hence they reject the theory of Creation as it goes against their political ambitions. So, they don’t want to teach their children what would hamper their universal game of exploitation. “Poor” Judge Jones has served only as a determined tool of this “reckless” phenomenon. 


Shamim Siddiqi                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

December 25, 2005