[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


After the collapse of the Cold War, the world gradually succumbed to the mono-polarization of the USA. The march from Multipolar to bipolar and then to Monopolar era is very short. It hardly extends over a period of few decades or so. President Bush who now heads that mono-polar state has become its supreme and undisputed leader after capturing both the houses of Congress in recent mid-term elections by capitalizing over two propaganda stunts incessantly and unabatedly with the help of vague exhortations that spell bounded his opponents, the democrats, and dumb-founded American people. The two issues are his own creation by giving ever-growing manifold twists and turns, stretching his imagination, mastery over his art of exhortation, active support from the vested press and the world that has lost morality and foresight at the alter of some material gains and self-seeking interests. The issues that have surmounted and engulfed this globe have been made sentimental, very touchy, highly explosive and put in a holy casket labeling: “touch-me-not.” No one can dare to challenge his often-silly approach, twisted facts, meaningless exhortations and unproven allegations. Everyone listens but keeps quite lest he or she may be labeled as “collaborator”.   These evil designs are:


1.  The war against “terrorism”- a vague, undefined, a super-comprehensive terminology and superstitious in nature. I am sure if Mr. Bush is asked to explain what is terrorism, he will give a thousand explanations in his ambiguous phrases but not its definition. Through his ambiguity he will tell his audience that what is against the USA and Israel, it tantamount to “terrorism”. He is the master of this ambiguity. He torpedoed all the logic of the “poor” democrats from raising a lot of burning domestic issues that have made the life of the poor and needy miserable and rendered them awe-stricken by his ceaseless warnings against “terrorist attacks”. They lost the Elections 2002 to Republicans on the force of his propaganda stunts. President Bush has usurped the power in both the houses at least for the next two years to play his agenda to feed the richest and starve the poorest, appoint conservative judges in Federal Appellate and Supreme Courts that may help to interpret the law of the land in favor of GOP conservative agenda and one day may decide in favor of a GOP candidate to “sit” in the White House. Through the help of this stunt, he managed to capture Afghanistan, destroy its economy and peace, “occupy” Pakistan, infiltrate deep into the hot bed of Central Asia, coerce the Far Eastern Muslim countries to support his anti-terrorism moves, subjugate the entire region of the Muslim countries of the Middle East, giving immoral support to India, China, Israel and Russia to crush the people fighting for their self-determination under their respective domination.  


2. War against Iraq: The other stunt being successfully used by President Bush is his stunt of “preemptive war”, especially against Iraq. It helped him additionally in maneuvering internal forces to defeat the democrats at home and maintain his ratings high in national estimations. But at international front, President Bush hijacked the entire forum of the United Nations to tow down his lines. Saddam Hussain, who is a declared rouge, is friend to none, especially to his people who are his slaves and captives. Here the objective is different. Iraq has the capacity to produce three million barrels of crude oil daily and has reserve only second to Saudi Arabia. That is why President Bush is so impatient and extremely eager to capture Iraq to control the flow of oil at cheapest price at about $10/- per gallon for years or decades to come. The oil-hungry West and Japan are standing at his back. They will all share his “booty” after the capture of Iraq and Israel will inhale a breath of relief if the “super-imaginative” missiles, “fake” nuclear bomb arsenal and “horrible” gas-treasures of Iraq and her “possible technology” are “evaporated” in air. The world will witness this drama on the day Iraq is captured by the USA and its so-called allied forces. It will see that the ground realities are different from what is being propounded or propagated by Bush-Tony-media axis.



In fact, Saddam Hussain is the “product” of USA’s policies in the ME. He is the stooge of the USA in that area. He was left over “intentionally” to survive by the elder Bush during last Gulf War to serve as a permanent cause of tension in the area and keep the Middle East countries terrorized by giving publicity about “imaginative” war arsenals of Iraq. The policy has served the cause well and now President Bush is determined to capitalize the situation to his benefit and complete the subjugation of the Muslim countries one way or the other, helping the undemocratic regimes of the area to perpetuate their illegitimate occupation of the Muslim lands. President Bush and his henchmen have been saying time and again that they are not against Islam. Can anything be more farther than truth that you are occupying Muslim lands and its resources while saying: “I am not against Islam”. World must judge: who is befooling whom? At the end, only the innocent people of America will suffer by a President who is blindly serving the agenda of the Corporate America. 


Some pertinent questions arise for the world conscience [if it has any] to answer: Do the right to possess” the destructive weapons of mass killing is reserved for the developed countries of the world only? Does any other country, especially if it happens to be a Muslim; has any right to own it even for peaceful purposes?  Can the “big” violators of the world peace be trusted but not the small nations that cannot even think to do any harm to others except to themselves? Can any thing be worst than this blatant hypocrisy? Will the champions of world democracy and human rights attend these questions at the altar of the world body that has just passed the resolution against Iraq under open pressure from the White House or will stand with Bush in his continuous efforts to hijack the world, its peace, honor and respectability for a considerable long time? If it does not respond appropriately to Bush’ hijacking of the world peace, the world organization will stand not

for  “world-order” but for “world-disorder”.


Shamim A Siddiqi

Dated November 12, 2002