In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


INTRODUCTION: The gulf between the West and the Islamic world is mostly due to two fundamental concepts about the attitude of life on earth and the life after death. Let us elaborate these differences keeping the living condition of the followers of each attitude on earth as how each respectively is acting, living and behaving in its personal, family and socio-economic-political spheres of life both at individual and collective levels. The pattern of life under each thinking process puts a phenomenon difference. For better understanding of the reader I will categorized the two thinking process as:      * the natural process of the Islamic world; * the secular world of the West.    




* God, the Creator and Sustainer, created first man in his most accomplished form, giving him three strong natural urges and one strong free will. He subsequently created the woman out of man;


* He then created this universe and what it contains for man;


* He then harnessed the universe for the exploration and use of human specie for the need and satisfaction of his urges but with one condition that he/she will be accountable in the way the human specie uses His bounties on earth;


* God then asked the angels to bow down before Adam. Everyone did so but not Shaitan [the devil]. Shaitan challenged God to instigate the progenies of Adam to keep them away from the path of righteousness and God declared that whosoever will follow thee [Shaitan] will go to hell.


*Adam was allowed to live in heaven and under only one restriction that he will not go near a particular tree. But Shaitan, under some wrong pretext instigated Adam and his wife to eat it. Adam immediately realized his omission and repented to God who accepted it and pardon both of them.,


* God then descended Adam and Eve on earth with one commitment from His side that as and when your progenies will lose or mutilate the guidance from Me, I will continue to send it again and again to mankind through My appointed Messengers and whosoever will follow him will be rewarded with my eternal pleasure of paradise and whosoever will deny it will be thrown in the hellfire;


* Since then as and when humans lost the guidance from God through their innovation or mutilation, guidance has been coming to humans through His appointed messengers  in a chain: form Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad in  a continuous process [May God be pleased with each of them] to maintain the continuity of the Guidance and that of His Messengers  so that man could not say any time that he/she has no guidance as how to act, live and behave on earth.


* This is in brief the natural process as how the Islamic world lived through ages as responsible citizens, loving men and women in the human society with love for their human specie, obedient to God in every walk of life, feeling always accountable to Him for all their actions an deeds on earth. Thus, the God –conscious Muslims and Muslimah on earth have filled the human abode always with love, affection, care and concern for others with no greed and exploitation but all-service to humans and their have-nots.   


This is a perpetual attitude of life that Islamic society nourishes, promotes and propagates to the secular world to join hands, live in peace and make the abode of man a “loveable and huggable” place both for the affluent, the oppressed and the have-nots.   


The condition of the secular world is, however, is running contrary to this natural process of Islam since the time immemorial.


THE SECULAR WORLD OF THE WEST: The protagonists of the secularism believe that this universe came into existence just by accident through a Big Bang.  Had there been a God, He has nothing to do with our worldly life and here we all free to act, behave and live as free men. This is the only life and there is no life after death and hence no concept of accountability after death. The entire socio-economic-political system of the West is, thus, running on the vagaries of this secular God-less or God-omitted philosophy of life, making man living under this cult, irresponsible, behaving recklessly and busy always to meet the urgencies of his/her natural instincts, exploiting the limited resources of this world with greed and maximizing his profits one way or the other.


The lust for this world and occupying its resources augmented ruthless periods of slave trade, colonial wars, and subjugation of free countries, imperialistic designs, two Great World Wars, destruction and forceful occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan. All are the direct outcomes of the irresponsible concept of life that West nourishes and promotes day in and day out to dominate the world and its resources in the name of diplomacy, free trade or Globalization.


In fact, the West, unfortunately, up till now could not learn as how to live on earth with love, care and concern for others. It could not think appropriately that the Sustainer created the resources of this world for the entire human race and not for the “white supremacy” alone. They have to realize soon that Human race is one. All are the progenies of Adam and all are equal as humans. God created the humanity in different regions for distinction and not for posing excellence over the others. Their attitude of “supremacy” is only creating division, dissension in the human society and makes the world very dangerous place to live now.


THE BRIDGE: This difference of attitude and living or working condition between the West and Islam can be abridged if we all start thinking that:


* Human race is one and none has any distinction over the others on account of race, color, language or geographical bounds except that of God-consciousness and character that it generates.  


* West humbly accepts that nothing happens in this world automatically. The world is running on the principle of “cause and effect”. The cause of this cosmos is the supreme will of the Creator and Sustainer and the universe is the willful expression of His will.  He is Alive, Eternal and Controlling the affairs of this cosmos.


He created us and this universe for us to test who are those individuals who live on earth in total obedience to their Sustainer and entitle themselves to be selected by His supreme authority on the Day of Judgment that who is fit to be the citizens of the next world after death. This is the matter of free choice both to the people of the secular west and the followers of Islam. With a single expression West can give up its obstinacy, repent for all what it is doing to harm the human society, turn its face to its Creator and Sustainer and it would be amazed to find that their Bountiful and Merciful God has pardoned each one who repented and would instantly cover him or her under the canopy of His eternal peace and Mercy.  This bridge is very vast and hanging right before the eyes of the Western civilization. It is up to them to grab it and transform the human abode into an eternal cradle of peace for themselves and for their progenies till the doomsday.


Shamim Siddiqi

November 4, 2008