In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful




[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


Millions of immigrant Muslims are residing in the USA and many European countries. Their influx took momentum after Second Great War of 1938-45 when there was dearth of skilled labor: doctors, engineers, technicians and accountants in war-torn countries. As a result they eased the immigrant rules and permitted a lot of people from Asia, Africa and Latin American countries to migrate to Europe and America. In its wake, Muslims from Indonesia to Morocco migrated to these countries, got very lucrative jobs and settled down in foreign lands  for good. They became naturalized citizens of their respective countries. They married in these lands, brought their families from native homeland and started to live a “happy and prosperous” life, far better than they could have in their native lands. They have multiplied their numerical strength in millions and now the immigrant elders are gradually  transferring  their “reign” of control to second generation who are mostly born and brought up in these liberal societies and educated in secular educational campuses of Europe and America.


Now there is a clash between the urges of their fathers and forefathers who naturally want to sustain their progenies in an Islamic environment to nurture in them Islamic values and etiquette whereas the younger generation is inclined to live a life with no or little restrictions as they see around  them, an atmosphere that is free for all. This tussle is a silent bone of contention of each Muslim home. The “life style” has become a headache and a cronic cause of dissension more or less in each family. Some families have adjusted to live with both the values in a very “clumsy” way; some  have become modern and some more are becoming “ultra-modern” whereas, in reaction, some are trying to live a life bearing with “orthodox”  practices and still some are planning “unsuccessfully” to go back to their countries of origin. There is a clear urge amongst Muslim brothers and sisters to live in America, enjoy its broad based material bounties and life-pattern but not at the cost of values that Islam promotes. With a few exceptions, here and there, there is a silent clash of civilization that is rampant in every Muslim home of Europe and America, somewhere in low tone  and somewhere encountering an open crisis in the family.


Is there any “balance way” to put restrain to this “free-fall” or any “check” for the Muslim families from being diluted in the melting pot of American culture and civilization within a few decades? It had happened with Kurdish families who came with Mullah Mustafa Berzani in thousands, settled in Younker, NY in mid forties of last century and they have now lost all traces even their Muslim name and nomenclature. At least I was not prepared for this catastrophic end of Muslims in America. I have fought the influence of American culture systematically, Alhamdulillah, in a planned manner and that am sharing with others  as how they can counteract these trends successfully in each home with trust in Allah. My family, sons and daughters, have immensely benefited with these measures and I am sure if we all adopt the same measures in our homes, we can turn the table within a year or so. It will no doubt reduce their concern but we will have to be positive in counteracting the growing infidel influence of this secular and liberal society. We all can still fight it out with the following measures:


1. Clean your house from the distractive objects of this society, making a model house to live in for your children so they have something to compare with from outside, giving always the impression that your sweet home and its environment is the best model for them to live in and feel proud of it.


2. You and your wife  should try your utmost to present your life as models of Islamic character for children to follow and cherish in action, deeds and behavior.


3. Check every day what children are learning in school/colleges and outside and see that nothing goes in their habit, manner or language that Islam does not permit in any way. Try to wash the bad influence out with Sabr, Hikmah and persuasion.


4. Hold  a weekly meetings in your home with wife, children and other inmates if any, at appointed time, day and hour. You preside and teach them Islam in their language from the Qur'an, stories from Prophet's (S) and his beloved companion's life, some Adab [manners] on regular basis and then share with them your house affairs as if your weekend meeting has now become a parliament house with free approach for every one to give in.


Following this process meticulously on regular basis will change the life pattern of each child through, building in him or her a self-reliance independence, Islamically motivated and promising trustworthy character with the growth of time, Insha Allah.


5. Involve yourself actively in Dawah activities and get your outside environment clean and if you do not do this job of cleaning “outside” your home, the dirt of the society will creep into your house. The cleaning job - inside and outside the house, is a simultaneous phenomenon and must be done with joint and concerted efforts on collective basis with like minded brothers and sisters as alone you cannot do it. [My book: “The Commitment” will help you a lot in this respect as how to do it. It is available on my Website: ]


6. Always you and your wife, both pray to Allah (SWT) in the morning hours of night for His help and Nusrah and it will come direct to your family, Insha Allah and you will feel it.


This is the way, Alhamdulillah, I have worked in the USA and Allah (SWT) helped me to build an Islamic family in this country. This is the practical method. You practice it and feel the results soonest, Insha Allah.


I pray to Allah to save all of us from the evil effects of liberal societies and give us Tawfeeq to transform each of our house as “Model Muslim Homes” to serve as beacons of light and guidance to the people of land, the best way to introduce and spread the Deen of Allah in our respective countries. Amen!   



Shamim A Siddiqi

February, 14, 2006