& FUTURE PROJECTIONS                       


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]


INTRODUCTION: The National Geographic magazine in October 2002 published a geopolitical map showing Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt [up to the fertile Nile Valley], and North of Saudi Arabia, Southern portion of Turkey and named it as “Heart of the Middle East”. It is a meaningful drawing representing most of the area that constitutes the “would-be map” of Greater Israel. It “tactfully” left the portion of Saudi Arabia that contains Madinah, as it is an integral part of the map that is engraved on the forehead of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. In fact, Middle East covers the entire region from Pakistan to Egypt. It is going to be in turmoil or face disintegration so much so that the entire geo-political situation of the region may end in topsy-turvy, if the “evil axis” of Bush-Blair-Sharon succeeds in its “nefarious” designs to run over Iraq merely by show of their military muscles being concentrated in the heart of the Middle East.    


GLIMPSES OF THE PAST: This map also represents the heart of the Muslim world. It had been the cradle of two pagan civilizations in the Valley of Nile and that of Mesopotamia in Iraq. Equally, all the known Prophets of God who professed monotheism including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (Peace be upon all of them) belonged to this region. The two great empires, the Persian and the Roman were born in these lands that were ultimately superseded by the Islamic Caliphate by the end of seventh century AD. The Islamic Civilization continued to control this region till the year 1923 when the Caliphate was dismantled in the wake of the First Great War of 1914-18 and by abolishing the Institution of Khilafah by the Free-Masonic leadership of Turkey. The region was subsequently divided into many mini national independent states that were given into the protection of UK and France. Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine became the Protectorates of United Kingdom and Syria was handed over to France after its dismemberment into Palestine, Lebanon and Eastern Syria. Palestine ultimately became an Israeli State in 1948, a sword pierced in the heart of Muslim world through the conspiracy hatched by the British, the USA, USSR and international Zionism.           


This region gained enormous significance when the liquid gold, the dire need of the industrialized world, was discovered and flowed to Europe, America and Japan form different countries of the M.E, especially from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and UAE. Since then the entire region attained new dimensions of importance in economic and political fields. Its geopolitical situation became the focus of world powers to dominate it both politically and economically. The tragedy of the region and the countries that it constitutes augmented in extracting, marketing and controlling the flow of oil from this area as a whole and fixing by OPEC the price of the crude oil that flows from the vast desert of the region. In sequence, the Sheikdoms of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE became the hotbed of International politics. These countries are now totally in the pockets of the USA and are the epic center of American military muscles in the ME.


Iraq and Syria were outside this belt of Sheikdom. The socialist Bath Party of Michel Aflaq is governing with iron fists since 1963, in Syria and 1968, in Iraq. Late Hafiz Al-Asad of Syria and Saddam Hussain of Iraq were playing in the hands of Russia throughout the Cold-War era and hence were posed as standing against the dominant interests of the USA and Israel in the region. The military regimes of both the countries are fascist, most undemocratic and ruthless to their own people. They became “nuisance” for the Zionist regime of Israel. Syria occupied Lebanon during its Civil war in the seventies and eighties and stationed about 35,000 of its army in that land. Syria is using its military presence in Lebanon as a balancing force in the fighting feuds of Lebanon and supporting the movement of Hizbullah [the Party of God], in collaboration with Iran, to let loose a war of attrition against Israel. Skirmishes between Israel and Hizbullah go often and on. They are frequently involved in border clashes, a constant source of animosity for the Zionist State.


Israel on its part occupied the West Bank of River Jordan, Golan Heights of Syria and Sinai from Egypt in 1967 war and thereby added fuel to the burning tension of the region. It further “occupied” the entire land of the would-be State of Palestine and gave birth to an unending chain of clashes with the unarmed Palestinian kids with “stones” as weapons and the well-equipped army of Israel. The Prime minister, Sharon is not the least prepared to accept the concept of an independent Palestinian State as it contradicts the concept of the Greater Israel and will be a great impediment in that process. The most unfortunate factor of these developments in the M.E. is that America connives with this process and the oppressions that Israel perpetuates on the innocent Palestinians. Thus, the USA undiplomatically and unwittingly is making the Muslim world, especially that of the Middle East its “undeclared enemy”.


Saddam Hussain of Iraq, a rogue, a tyrant and a dictator for its own people, has been foolishly nurturing the aspiration to be the dominant figure of the area and he tried his best to buildup his armament industry at a very high pitch parallel to the most advanced powers of the world. The sale proceeds of Iraqi oil paved the way for Saddam. America, as a shrewd politician and the emerging mono-superpower of the world, exploited the situation by instigating Saddam to attack Iran in 1980 and assisted him with technology and material help in that pursuit. It was the dual game of America to revenge Iran for her disgraceful ousting form the land of Shah and cripple the power of Iraq at the same time. The decade-long Iran-Iraq war caused unspeakable damage to both the countries in men and material. But Iraq sustained this self-imposed and American-instigated loss and recovered soon, posing again as a “threat” to American-Israeli interest in the region.


The USA exploited the ever-egoistic weakness of Saddam to be the mini-superpower of the area as it is with all the dictators of the world. He was a menacing threat towards the fulfillment of America’s long-drawn out plan to weaken Iraq, subjugate its rich oil resources [second to Saudi Arabia alone] and eliminate the ever-potent danger to the very existence of Israel for good.   America through its ambassador, April Glaspie encouraged Saddam to attack Kuwait and capture it for the royalty of oil that Kuwait was extracting from the territory that Iraq claimed was of its own. Thus, Saddam, with the connivance or tacit approval of the USA, foolishly invaded Kuwait and occupied it forcefully in 1990. The USA got the self-created golden opportunity to mobilize the world opinion against Iraq and attacked the country of Euphrates and Tigris, destroyed its army, land and material resources. It was then the father of the present President Bush who could not kill Saddam either out of a “foul” planning or due to some other “ulterior” motives or “sustaining” him as a continuous threat to the contemporary Arab world, providing a plea for the constant presence of American forces in the region for the “protection” of the Sheikdoms.


Thus, the “dictator of Iraq” was left alone under direct vigilance of the Security Council and International sanctions imposed by UN on Iraq in the wake of First Gulf War to be made the bone of contention at some “appropriate” time. Saddam started playing the game of “hide and seek” with the UN team of Inspectors till he ousted them altogether from Iraq in 1998. Meanwhile, the Iraqi people, men and women, boys and girls, minors and the newborn babies suffered immensely in millions under the tutelage of Saddam, the irony of UN sanctions and the apathy of the “civilized” world. The American-led coalition against Iraq had no interest with these human sufferings. They behaved like the Shylocks of time. They let these indescribable human tragedies occur and waited fore their “pound of flesh”. It is now visible in sight


THE PRESENT SCENARIO: The unfortunate tragedy of September 11, 2001, “unfoundedly” provided this opportunity and President Bush pinpointedly blamed Bin Laden within hours of this mishap without verifying the fact as who did it or holding any judicial enquiry, either by his own Supreme Court Judges or the Judges of the International Court of Justice at Hague. In the illusive name of “terrorism” [that is yet to be defined by President Bush or the world body], Taliban and Mullah Omar were included in that list subsequently. Afghanistan was raised to the ground and thrown into the pre-historic age where there is no peace, no food, no water and the authority of American imposed President Hamid Karzai is even disputed within the four walls of Kabul. The poverty-stricken people of Afghanistan are suffering enormously and America could not ameliorate their condition in spite of its tall promises before the attack on that territory. The USA is thus rendering a situation that is susceptible to be exploited by “nationalists” and anti-American factions of Afghanistan, paving the way for local “resistance” movements to exploit the situation to their favor and may create the conditions that may force the USA to retreat from Afghanistan in utter disillusionment in the manner the “mighty” Russians were forced to leave the country in disarray. It is unfortunate that Iraq is going to meet the same fate at the unimaginative and selfish hands of American-Israeli hawkish leadership.


Both President Bush and Tony Blair of UK are now trying to link the Muslim “fundamentalists” [Al-Qaidah] with socialist Saddam Hussain and giving the impression that he may hand over his so-called weapons of mass destruction to “terrorists” and thus world peace lies in danger. Can anything be more far-fetched than this “assertion”? But they are bent upon to impose their will on world body. Even if they fail to convince the world, they are determined to go alone for their predestined “pre-emptive” attack on Iraq, come what may, to destroy its so-called weapons of mass destruction and dethrone Saddam and thus salvage their “self-styled world peace”. But world is not ready to believe these assertions of Bush-Blair-Sharon and others who are towing their lines. The world opinion, from Sydney to Rome, Madrid, Paris, London, NY, LA and San Francisco stands firm with the inspection process, declaring vociferously on the streets in about 600 cities and towns around the world: “No blood for oil”.  France, Germany, Russia and China plus some more powers are of the opinion that the Inspector’s job must continue when Iraq is “giving” fullest cooperation towards the process of its own disarmament.


Thus, millions and millions of masses around the world have given their verdict. They do not want war on Iraq but Bush-Blair-Sharon axis is not prepared to honor it. It appears to be the wishful thinking of the peace-loving people of the world to avoid the catastrophic end of Iraq through the process of war. The diehard hawkish and warmonger leadership of USA, UK, Israel + has turned a deaf year to these protest marches. The vested interests of the world, the imperialist powers of the past [UK] and present [USA] have been nurturing their own game of world domination by share dint of power, arm twisting, raising a false war on “individual terrorism” while ignoring rather connivance with “state terrorism” of their own friends and allies like India, Israel and Russia. America is offering huge loans and aid package to regional powers like Turkey, 20 billions as loan and 6 billions in aid but Turkey is demanding 32 billions, to open a second war front in North of Iraq. Turkey is not prepared to believe the empty promises of President Bush but wants commitment in writing for covering up the loses that it is likely to sustain in the aftermath of war on Iraq. The condition of Afghanistan is an eye opener for her. The bargaining parleys are in progress. Turkey is bound to yield to the pressure of America as without its active partnership and having its consent to place about 62,000 American forces in the south of Turkey, the USA cannot complete its game of dominance in the ME. [By the latest news, though America has agreed to pay about 15 billion dollars to Turkey forthwith in grants and loans but the Turkish parliament has rejected the government resolution to admit the American forces on its ground] 


However, the unabated concentration of extraordinary military buildup by the USA and UK in the Gulf region and elsewhere in the Middle East indicates that the attack on Iraq is eminent. It might be away by weeks only.  The attack will resemble like, knife through butter. There will be practically no resistance against ruthless and unprecedented American bombing/attack from sea, air and land on Iraq, both from North and South of the country. In its wake, only the Iraqi people will pay the dearest price in blood and flesh in millions more. They will get only death, destruction and a vast devastation of their country as the people of Afghanistan have suffered and are suffering. Saddam will either be killed or captured or may be “allowed” to go in “hide-out” like Mullah Omar for “future game”, if any.


It is not yet clear as in how many parts Iraq will be divided, how it would be run and by whom? What system of government will be introduced? Will democracy be allowed to prevail or the dictatorship of the victorious General like, McCarthy in Japan will be the ruler of the day?  What will be the position of the Kurdish people who are demanding autonomy in their own region? Will their centuries old dream to have a Kurdish state be fulfilled or be left like vagabond wonderers to cry in the wilderness of Neo-American Imperialism? How and by whom the economy of Iraq and that of the region will be reconstructed and who will pay the price? Uncle Sam, as per tradition, will never do it. There appears to be no “Marshal Plan” in the making. All these questions are haunting the peace loving people both of America and the world at large. Even Bush and Blair do not know the answer. However, it is reported in NY Times of February 18, 2003 that Defense Secretary, Rumsfeld has some notes on these issues in his office desk drawers.


THE FUTURE PROJECTIONS: Will this greatest tragedy of 21st century come to an end just after capturing or disarming Saddam only? The answer is a big “No”. The ulterior motives behind this huge concentration of American-British Armed forces in the region are something more than what is apparently visible. The future scenarios that can be envisioned at this stage can be projected as follows:


1.  Iran will be forced to withdraw its support from Hizbullah of Lebanon and “enticed” to be softer in attitude towards emerging liberalism in the body politic of the country, otherwise it will face preemptive attack on its nuclear facilities as was done in the case of Iraq in early eighties of the last century.


2.  Afghanistan will be left bleeding more profusely than in the aftermath of Russian occupation in 1979 both by the occupied forces of America and the “freedom fighters” within the country till the USA may be forced to leave the rugged mountains of Afghanistan as the British and Russian did.


3.  Pakistan will be forced to hold back its nuclear capabilities or “ordered” to keep it under the “supervision” of UN, “compromise” with India on the issue of Kashmir, accept the superiority of India as the super power of the area and forget the concept of “Islamic state”. General Musharraf will tow these lines as the “willing” partner of the USA.


4.  Palestinians will have to remain contented just with some kind of “home rule” and a new leadership will emerge in Palestine to support it as the establishing of an “independent” Palestinian state will negate the concept of the Greater Israel. The Palestinian people will in no way accept this third grade “nationhood” under the cruel predominance of Zionist Israel. It would be a perpetual cause of shedding innocent blood. Both the community will always feel agitated and aggressive against each other.


5.  As per its tradition, America will not withdraw its forces from “occupied” region of the M.E. With the ever-presence American superior might in the area, Syria and the entire Arab world will be “forced” to recognize Israel as the “legitimate” child of Anglo-American-Zionist hegemony, paving the way to accept economic-military-political superiority of Israel in the region. This process will virtually lead to fulfill the centuries old desire of Greater Israel within a decade or so at least in fields of economic and military superiority. The USA will act as the “instrument of accession” for Israel in the region. The Jewish lobby within the USA will be actively working for this destiny, thereby subjugating the “heart” of the Muslim world. The Sheikdoms of Gulf including Saudi Arabia will face ultimate disintegration in its wake.


6.  Israel and its hawkish leadership, drunken with power of “success and achievements” in the economic and political fields, will manipulate the situation to fulfill its long-awaited dream to build the Temple of Solomon on the ruins of the Dome of Rock. One morning the world will listen form Israeli radio and TV that “Masjid Aqsa” has been “demolished” or accidentally “blown away”. It would be on lines the die-hard Hindu radicalists are trying in India to build the temple of Ram in place of the Babri Mosque near Ayodhia, UP. Sharon and his Likud Party have every intention to do it. It is he who created the current Intifada when he visited Masjid Aqsa to lay the foundation of the Temple but the Palestinian “kids” chased him out of Masjid. This latest Intifada is going on unabated, shedding innocent blood both of the Muslims and the Jews.  


7.  Emboldened by the presence of American forces in the region and getting active support of “Zionist Christians” of Europe and America, Israel will invade Syria under the leadership of Imposter [Dajjal] as Jews refused to accept the true Messiah, the Jesus of Nazareth, and wanted to crucify him but failed to do so. God raised him to heavens. The Jews are waiting for that promised Messiah, under whose leadership they are aspiring to capture the land from “Nile to Euphrates” including Madinah. The Jews are living under this illusion for about two thousand years. So when the Imposter, a Jew and one-eyed man, will appear on the scene, they will accept him as their leader and march under his command to capture their “dream-land”, the Greater Israel.   Both Muslims and Christians are waiting too for the second coming of true Jesus.


8.  At this crucial juncture when the Muslim world will be in extreme turmoil at the hands of American-Jewish hegemony towards dominating the heart of the Muslim world, the true Jesus of Nazareth will appear at the Eastern part of Damascus near a white minaret while Muslims will be ready to go for their Fajr [morning] prayers. Jesus will offer his prayers behind the Muslim Imam, take the command of Muslim forces, and chase the Imposter, commanding a Jewish army of 70,000. The Imposter seeing the true Jesus will start melting and retreat towards the valley of Afeeq, now called “Feeq”, the last city at the border of Syria and Israel.  Jesus will continue his chase of the Imposter and kill him near Lod, the international Airport of Israel. All the Jews will be killed and the State of Israel will come to an end along with the end of the Jewish Community. The true Jesus will break the Cross [as he will deny the entire dogma of crucification], kill the pig and the entire humanity will enter into the fold of One God, monotheism, paving the way towards the establishment of the “Kingdom of God” on earth. There will be only one Nation on the surface of the earth and that will be the Nation of Islam, obedient to God alone. [Ref: Prophesies of Prophet Muhammad (S) as quoted by Late S. A. A. Maudoodi in his monumental Tafseer: Tafhimul Qur’an – (Understanding of the Qur’an), Chapter 33, Note # 77]       


9.  Thus the War on Iraq would be a death knell to the State of Israel.   The demolition of Masjid Aqsa will agitate the Muslim world, specially the Arabs to unimaginable and unmanageable dimensions.  There will be unprecedented mass demonstration, turmoil, and destruction in its wake. Hundreds and thousands of Muslims will die as the American “stooges” of the Muslim world, the ruling Junta will jump up to crush these mass movements against American-Israel interests and their own dictatorship. But these mass agitations will continue till the most corrupt regimes of the Middle East will change, may be by democracy or some other form of public representation, paving the way for the Armageddon for which both Christians and Muslims are waiting to happen. That will be the scene when the true Jesus of Nazareth will appear on the scene as detailed above.


10. It appears that the world, especially the Middle East region, is fast heading in that direction. President Bush, Tony Blair and Sharon are inching towards that destination as fait accompli. The Jewish state will come to an end along with its people. The world will then be filled with justice and fair play. The Kingdom of God will be established ultimately on the surface of this earth and the worship of one and only one God, the Almighty, will resonate from each and every home and every corner of this world. Bush-Blair-Sharon axis is piloting the destiny of man in utter ignorance of what they are doing but this is the way the Lord of this cosmos manages the affairs of the world. The enemies of God very often pave the way for the emergence of the inevitable destiny that is always beyond the imagination of human faculties to envision. So the stage is well set for the second coming of Jesus, the Son of Mary, as the savior of mankind. The history and the geopolitical situation of the Middle East will be quite different than what it looks today. The accumulation of American forces in the ME, in fact, is a prelude to a new era of human society that will emerge from the womb of the forthcoming Armageddon. I feel pity for the Jewish people that they are inviting their own destiny of total annihilation through the process of the Greater Israel and building afresh the Temple of Solomon in place of Aqsa Mosque.  




Shamim A Siddiqi                                                                                               

February 23, 2003